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Don't Do It, It's Been Done to Death (Dreadfully)[edit]

  • A race made out of... ethereal/magic/shadow! Spoooky.
  • A spellcaster that uses... get this... blood for their spells!
  • A race that's... like... a wolf person with CLAWS!
  • My class can copy the abilities of monsters, or even the features of my fellow adventurers to make them feel less special.
  • TWO BIG SWORDS. in each hand SWORDS EVERYWHERE only swords. Or blades.
  • I just saw Avatar and I think that a bender or an elemental monk or something would be a good idea, no I haven't read the Player's Handbook yet.
  • One of your parents was a devil! You're a half-alu-fiend-devilkin-born.
  • One of your parents was a vampire! You're a vrylokapyre-bloodling-dhampirekin.
  • A huge sword, bigger than a person! Like in that anime.
  • Cat people.
  • A magic sword that does MOAR DAMAGE.
  • Demon-vampire bloodmage who can wield dual shadowblades. and has wiiiinnnggggssss.
  • CamelCase, because medieval fantasy names are so much like 21st century marketing-speak or programming variables.
  • I don't think anyone has done an assassin class yet. Oh, there's already a few? Mine's different, it's going to be a SHADOW assassin! It uses STEALTH and instakills with ARCANE GRIM DARKNESS.
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