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Weight: unknown
Speed: Varies
Carrying Capacity: 50 Medium creatures

Description This vehicle was built as a weapon of war by the dwarves in time long forgotten when they were waging a war that they lost with the elves; and ever since then, this weapon has been sitting and waiting for someone to take command.
The advanced dwarven mechanical tank is a huge vehicle about the size of a small fortress. It is longer than it is wide and has a v shaped front. A singular, solid cockpit is at the top, with holes provided for the pilot to see through. Two spot lights are on the front and there is one on the back. Two devastator canons are mounted on the front and six 20 pound cannons line each side, along with archer slots to deter enemies climbing up.
It is powered by batteries that consist of large vats of acid and metal rods. A chemist is required to maintain the stability of the six batteries powering the machinery, otherwise the vehicle will slow down. At full power, the tank’s movement is 120 feet. For every battery that loses power, 20 movement is lost. The fortress was built to expel water and other various liquids and as such, has a movement of 50 feet while on any liquid surface. However, when the batteries lose all power, the tank simply drifts unless it becomes anchored. In addition to losing all movement when there’s no power, the lights stop working.
Crew The minimum crew needed to work this is: five mechanics, two navigators, one chemist, and one pilot. Each day without a chemist, a battery loses power. Anyone with proficiency with alchemist's supplies can be a chemist. Navigators need proficiency with cartographer's tools and need to be proficient in the Survival skill. Pilots need proficiency in the Perception skill. Mechanics must have proficiency with carpenter’s or blacksmith’s tools in order to make repairs.
Weaponry Despite everything failing when the power goes out, the weapon are still functional, and deadly. The nature of the cannons require anyone manning them to have a Strength score of at least 9. The cannons have a +11 bonus to attack rolls, deal 2d20+10 bludgeoning damage, and take an action to fire. The tank manufactures the ammo itself so long as it has a metal reserve readily available. If it ever runs out, it holds 100,000 gp worth of scrap metal.
Defenses As with all vehicles of war, there are protections in place. The blessings granted by the gods that gave life to this machine cannot be cancelled by any anti-magic fields or dispel magic. It is immune to effects of shatter armor or similar spells, features, and traits.
Myths Stories passed down through generations tell of an ancient treasure left in the cockpit. A Staff of Summoning, otherwise known as the Staff of Cogs, was highly sought after by certain dwarf clans.

note the 6 cannons can rotate on swivel mounts along with the devastator cannons they deal 3d20+10 bludgeoning/fire damage In a 30ft radius of impact 10 ft from that it knocks prone any thing large down to Medium and anything small or smaller is obliterated

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