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Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic, hatamoto
Oathsworn: champion, conqueror, druidic, knight, forsworn
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Also known as the desert province, the desert of doubt, or the desert of mystery, this province dominates the southwest of the Hyrulean continent. Despite being the third largest province, the arid climate and desolate prevents it from being heavily populated or very influential. As its name implies, this province is the land gerudo have historically called home.

Arbiter's Grounds[edit]

Deep within the desert lies the Arbiter's Grounds, a large colosseum-like building made from the Kingdom of Hyrule, but it wasn't used for fights. Once, it was a prison, built to hold Hyrule's most dangerous criminals. Some say they were executed; others say they were sent to another realm, a realm in deep twilight. Nowadays, it remains abandoned, only filled with prisoners, now apart of the undead, still roaming the halls seeking to find more to join their cold grasp.

Desert Colossus[edit]

Gerudo Desert[edit]

Dry sand dunes dominate the vast majority of the province—unbearably hot at day, and unbearably cold at night. These endless sprawling dunes are collectively referred to as Gerudo Desert, though to most outsiders it is known as the Desert at the End of the World. Rarely does a sane person stay within them for long. Even if the weather wasn't bad enough, the dunes are almost featureless save for the countless monsters that dwell within—from leevers and moldugas laying in wait beneath the surface, to stalfos and electric keese wandering the wastes above.

Gerudo Fortress[edit]

Hidden amid the dunes of the desert is a gigantic fortress built of wood and stone, which has supposedly stood for centuries. It is a city in of itself—the second-largest settlement in the province—but infamously houses nothing but thieves, murderers, and criminals. Anyone without "membership" to the fortress who wanders too close is captured, and either imprisoned or enslaved. As its name implies, it is populated mostly by members of the gerudo race, all of whom are trained to be cutthroat warrior-bandits.

Gerudo Highlands[edit]

A dry and cold series of wintery plateaus that cross the northern end of the province. Bordering the desert on the south and the even colder Hebra province to the north, few things dwell here other than monsters and recluses. Snow covers these hills most of the year.

Gerudo Town[edit]

A stone-walled city built in the depths of the desert, Gerudo Town is by far the largest settlement in the region. This is considered by many to be the more noble counterpart to the Gerudo Fortress of the province, though its gates are still closed to some. It is built upon a colossal underground aquifer that seems to flow without end. Infamously, males—or "voe"—are banned from entering the town, and are violently thrown out if caught within. As its name implies, the town is populated mostly by gerudo, though many born within the walls later leave to make a homestead elsewhere in Hyrule. Numerous females of other races and members of monogendered races call this their home as well.

Haunted Wasteland[edit]

A mysterious canyon to the west of the province, the wasteland is so named for its seemingly eternal sandstorms. Those who lose themselves and die within these wastes are said to arise as poes cursed to forever wander in unending storms.

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