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Campaign Setting: Hyrule
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Common: deku scrubs, gerudo, gorons, hylians, and zora
Uncommon: anouki, kokiri, koroks, rito, skull kids, and tokay
Rare: lanayru desert robots, cobbles, kikwis, maiamai, minish, mogma, weapon spirits.
Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic, hatamoto
Opportunist: assassin, garo, mystic, skirmisher, instrumentalist, picaroon
Hunter: shaman, shifter, slayer, trickster, mercenary, sylvan
Researcher: occultist, technomancer, witch, wizzrobe
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Also known as the forest province, Faron is dense with numerous trees and other plant life. The density of the flora is exceeded by the Great Hyrule Forest.

Castor Wilds[edit]

To the southwest, bordering the mountain range that separates Faron from the Gerudo Province, lies an endless expanse of marshlands and swamps collectively referred to as Castor Wilds—or simply the Great Swamp. With the exception of sparse deku scrubs, few civilized creatures ever enter this untamed wilderness anymore. It become overrun with all variety of monsters from ropes to lizalfos. Ruins stand of an ancient people, however. There are yet traces of the race of hylians known as the Wind Tribe, who centuries ago ascended to dwell within the Cloud Tops high in the sky.

Faron Woods[edit]

Forests span most of the province in endless tangling masses sparse with paths or roads. This collective wilderness is often referred to simply as Faron Woods. Although large settlements of deku scrubs are rare in Hyrule, more of them originate from sparse families in these woods than anywhere else on the continent.

Lake Floria[edit]

It is a large underground lake located south of Faron Woods, it has a large waterfall located towards the back.

Ordon Village[edit]

A village comprised entirely of hylian farmers and ranchers, the numerous goods produced by this modest settlement are ported all across Hyrule—from Kakariko Village to Gerudo Town. This humble town sits cozily among woodlands and prairies, lending little for one to believe its as prosperous and influential as it is.

Temple of Time[edit]

The sacred Temple of Time is said to be the oldest structure in all of Hyrule, predating even Hyrule Castle Town and Goron City. Its stone walls are covered with the vines of Faron Woods, but it stands strong even today. According to legend, those who prove themselves can use this temple as a portal to the distant past or the far future. Regardless of whether or not this is true, the famous "Gate of Time" at the temple's center seals a chamber that—supposedly—no force of might or magic has ever been able to penetrate. Many sages make pilgrimages to this remote location, but few if any entities permanently dwell nearby or within.

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