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Lizalfos are a broad and varied race of reptilian humanoids, all of whom are notorious for their cruel barbarism and esoteric ways. Although they are practically as intelligent as hylians, they are callously heartless, and come off as alien and uncanny to outsiders. Lizalfos consider all races other than their own—and occasionally moblins—to be either their natural enemies, or resources to be exploited.

The five subraces of lizalfos each correlate to a specific bodily shape, which often resembles a more familiar reptilian beast.

  • Aeralfos (flying lizalfos), a lightweight variety with functioning wings
    • Fiery aeralfos, a red-scaled flying lizalfos that visibly glows with magical flame
    • Super aeralfos, an aeralfos that mutated to obtain enhanced physical strength from a partially draconic heritage
  • Chameleon lizalfos, a unique breed of lizalfos that blends into its environment
    • Acid lizalfos, a variant adapted to humid climates that coats its weapons in acid
    • Fire lizalfos, a variant adapted to volcanic climates that wields a fiery breath weapon
    • Ice lizalfos, a variant adapted to frigid climates that spits balls of magical frost
    • Electric lizalfos, a variant adapted to dry climates that can create a field of electricity around itself
    • Silver lizalfos, a form of chameleon lizalfos that combines several strengths of the subrace's elemental forms
    • Golden lizalfos, a gold-colored form of chameleon lizalfos a step above its kin in strength and cunning
  • Daira (crocodile lizalfos), a variety with powerful jaws and armored scales
  • Dinolfos (spined lizalfos), a particularly aggressive and physically strong subrace
    • Dark dinolfos, a variant that embodies necrotic energy and even exhales it as a breath weapon
  • Geru (gecko lizalfos), the most abundant of lizalfos, which breeds swiftly but lacks particularly extraordinary capabilities

Within some subraces are additional variants, often varying by the climate of a particular tribe. Chameleon lizalfos in particular can adapt to particularly dry, humid, hot, or cold environments in a way that fundamentally alters their physiology over the course of only a few generations.

As a Player-Character. See Exotic Races (Hyrule Supplement) for race statistics usable by a player-character.

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