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Moblins are an abundantly common race of monsters in Hyrule. However, different tribes of moblins can take starkly differing forms and abilities. In all cases, they are bulky humanoids covered in thick boar-like flesh. Their faces resemble those of either bull dogs or swine. Although they are capable of speech and sentience, most varieties of moblin are remarkably stupid, and rarely even learn to read or write their own language—with the notable exception of the relatively cunning bulblin variety.

Heartless Brutes. Moblins are inherently malicious, gluttonous, greedy, and violent. Rarely is one not evil. They generally seek to take or destroy anything which is not already theirs. The race’s undesirable habits and unsightly appearances render them detested by most other races of Hyrule, despite the race's long history and abundance. Hylians in particular believe these creatures are utterly incapable of compassion, and the slaughter of them is widely seen as a righteous act. Other monstrous races, such as lizalfos or lynels, usually only ally with moblins when both fall under the influence of Ganon or another great evil.

Ancient Ancestry. Despite their reputation, moblins are one of the oldest races in the world of Hyrule, predating even hylians and gorons. Although they originally evolved without the aid of magic, they have become closely associated with the supernatural powers of the evil beast that is Ganon, and as a result many moblin bloodlines linger with traces of the supernatural.

Reverence of Ganon. In his true form, Ganon himself resembles a particularly large and powerful moblin. With every resurgence Ganon has made, he has historically composed his army of numerous moblins, usually alongside other monsters. It is believed Ganon has the ability to conjure and even resurrect moblins, though his forces also comprise moblins who willingly enlist. Indeed, many moblins worship Ganon himself as the patron deity of their race, which only causes further ire among hylians.

Moblins come in four distinct subraces:

  • Big moblins are a Large, hardy subrace known for its brutality. It is the most common variety, after bokoblins.
    • Black moblins are abnormally powerful, unusually intelligent big moblins blessed by evil magic
    • Electric moblin, an elementally powered form of moblin, gifted with the power of lightning
    • Forest moblins are highly evolved big moblins that tower over most of their kin, visibly bulging with muscle
    • Fat moblins are an extremely stocky and heavy subrace, this variety is known to eat beyond the point of obesity, and uses its bulk to squash smaller foes
    • Fire moblin, an elementally powered form of moblin, gifted with the power of fire
    • Ice moblin, an elementally powered form of moblin, gifted with the power of ice
    • Silver moblins are said to be blessed by the direct touch of Ganon, this potent variety tends to be found only deep in the territory of monsters
    • Golden moblins are exceptionally rare, exceptionally powerful moblins that may be worshiped or revered
  • Bokoblins are physically weaker and duller than most moblins, but remain the most numerous subrace due to their rapid reproductive rate and low nutritional needs.
    • Cursed bokoblins are animated corpses; these mindless husks attack all that lives, even including bokoblins
    • Golden bokoblins unusually potent and intelligent bokoblins, identifiable by their unusual coloration
  • Bulblins are the most intelligent of moblins, known to raid villages on the backs of their bullbo mounts.
    • Bulblin captain, a physically strong, elite warrior among bulblins
    • Bulblin summoners wield conjuration magic, and is one of few moblins capable of casting spells
    • King Bulblin, the strongest and most commanding of a bulblin tribe
  • Miniblins are the tiniest of moblins; these Small sneaks have the uncanny ability to traverse walls with ease.
    • Aquatic miniblins excel at living on coasts or in sea-faring ships, and are more physically hardened than their more common kin
    • Miniblin captains are the rare miniblins of a serious disposition; this is the result of one that has been indoctrinated and trained to be a capable soldier, usually by larger moblins

As a Player Character. See Exotic Races (Hyrule Supplement) for race statistics usable by a player character.

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