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Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic, hatamoto
Oathsworn: champion, conqueror, druidic, knight, forsworn
Opportunist: assassin, garo, mystic, skirmisher, instrumentalist, picaroon, survivor
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Region of Subrosia[edit]

Due to it being deep underground, Subrosia is very hot and volcanic, containing many volcanoes and rivers and oceans of lava. However, despite this, it is still able to support plant life such as trees and grass. Interestingly, Subrosia is also geographically similar to Holodrum, with a mountain range to the north as well as a coastline to the south.

Subrosia Village[edit]

The village's large area constitutes a significant portion of the land of Subrosia. The Subrosian homes, as well as the Subrosian Smithy, are found on the western side. The Subrosian Dance Hall is in the northern part of the village. One home stands on a separate island in the lava, connected to the rest of the village by two bridges. The houses do not appear to be built on land; they all stand out in the lava. The homes in the area, as well as the Subrosian Smithy, are hut-like. An exception is the Strange Brothers' home, which is a proper house like those seen in Holodrum. It is built out on the lava like the other Subrosian homes, however. The house has a wing on its western side that leads out to the Treasure Grove. Near the center of the village is the Subrosian Market, where Link can barter for items with Ore and Mystical Seeds. The Subrosian Great Furnace is built in the side of a rocky plateau on the east end of the village. To the southwest of the village is the Subrosian Cemetery, and within it is the Subrosian House of Pirates.

To the north and south of Subrosia Village, stairs lead up to the Subrosian Volcanoes and down to the Subrosia Seaside, respectively. A nearby path east of the seaside down leads to Lava Lake. To the northeast, stairs lead down to the sunken Temple of Seasons. The village is divided by rivers of lava flowing from the Subrosian Volcanoes. To the west of Subrosia Village is the Subrosian Wilds. A cluster of pitfalls and trees isolate the plateau from the rest of the village.

Temple of Seasons[edit]

The Temple of Seasons was once located in the north-northwestern part of Holodrum. A villain submerged it into a molten underworld known as Subrosia after taking the Oracle of Seasons captive to his castle on Northern Peak, which lies west of the Temple, disrupting Holodrum's seasons. Though some minor parts of the temple were destroyed in the process, all four Towers managed to stay intact. Some parts of the Temple remained on the surface.

Each corner of the Temple has a tower with one of the Season Spirits inside; the Winter Tower holds the Winter Spirit, and the setup repeats for the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Towers. After a hero traveled to Subrosia in the past to find the submerged Temple of Seasons, the Season Spirits granted him the Rod of Seasons, which could be used to change the current season to any other season he has power over. Each newly-met spirit offered the hero power over their season. Said hero could not reach all four spirits immediately, as different towers of the temple required individual tools to gain access.

When the hero tried to enter the Winter Tower, he found that his way was blocked by a lava pit. A bridge could be created across this pit if the hero could find a way to hit the crystal switch which is out of his reach. The necessary item seemed to be the boomerang, which can be obtained from the Subrosian Dance Hall. However, a bomb can also be thrown across the pit.

When the hero tried to reach the Tower of Summer, the hero had to arrange a date with a certain woman, using the key around her neck to unlock the door. Once inside, he had to blow his way through the rubble with his bombs to the staircase where he meets the Spirit of Summer. She then powered up the Rod of Seasons with the second season, Summer.

The Tower of Spring could not be reached from the temple courtyard; instead the hero had to follow a tunnel from Subrosia Village. This process was complicated somewhat by the fact that as soon as he entered Subrosia with the Roc's Feather, individuals known as the Strange Brothers took it from him, and retrieving it was no small feat. Once the Roc's Feather was back in the hero's possession, he reached the tunnel and hence the Tower of Spring.

In the past, the Tower of Autumn was blocked by rubble. The Furnace Chief told the hero that a Bomb Flower is needed to clear the rubble. Once Link finds the Bomb Flower in the Lava Lake and brings it back to the Furnace Chief, the way was cleared, and the hero made his way to the Spirit of Autumn who infused the Rod of Seasons with the fourth and final season.

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