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In Hyrule, downtime activities are an optional guideline used to facilitate what player-characters can accomplish between encounters and adventures.

The amount of time that passes between adventures is completely up to the DM of your campaign, but depending on the party's intentions more or less time may be allotted. The shortest considerable downtime might be a single day, but the activities below can allow for full years of time passing. As a rough guideline, a DM may want to afford a month of downtime for each completed adventure; or a week for every significant encounter.

During this downtime, your DM may afford various options for what you can do as the days pass, either selected from those below or engineered for your specific location and campaign. Of course, new options can be discussed between players as well.

As a general rule, each day of downtime that passes encompasses 8 hours dedicated to the downtime activity, 8 hours dedicated to rest, and 8 hours dedicated to other needs. The options below are meant for day-to-day passage of time, but summaries for a week (7 days), month (31 days) and a year (52 weeks) are summarized as well.

The options below all assume you are spending most of your downtime in a village or city with a population of at least a few hundred non-hostile individuals.

Carouse and socialize[edit]

You may spend downtime to find allies, make friends or build a reputation in a certain region. This can be portrayed by a skill challenge based around Charisma checks with a difficulty according to the goal one attempts to reach. If your efforts include the high society, news outlets or paid influencers you may have to spend an amount of rubies appropriate for the situation between 100 rubies to pay a bard to 5000 rubies to buy a fake title, attire and temporary servants to make yourself known as a young nobleman or Lady.

Construct a ship or structure[edit]

The Construction of a ship requieres a few things

  • -Skilled work force: [Number of Workers(N) x Complexity of Ship = W]
  • -Material: [Size of Ship x Complexity of Ship = M]
  • -Place of Construction: [Size of the Ship x T = P]

and costst an amount of

  • -Time: [M / N = T]
  • -Money: [(W + M + P) X100 = Cost in Rubies]

to preform.

Example Ships:

Ship Complexity Size Speed AC HP Damage Threshold Cargo/Crew
Raft 1 1 5 ft. 9 30 - 200 lbs./ 1
Rowboat 2 1 10 ft. 11 50 - 350 lbs./ 2
Sailboat 3 2 15 ft. 12 70 - 800 lbs./ 4
Rowing Ship 4 15 15 ft. 15 400 15 40.000 lbs./ 150
Sailing Ship 6 10 20-25 ft. 14 300 10 30.000 lbs./ 40
Galley 7 30 15-20 ft. 15 450 15 100.000 lbs./ 120
Warship 8 25 20- 25 ft. 17 600 20 60.000 lbs./ 80
Airship 9 6 40-50 ft. 14 200 10 5000 lbs./ 25
Flying Fortress 10 50 5-15 ft. 20 1000 25 250.000/ 1000

The same formula can also be used to build other structures from a small hut to a large fortress.


Gather information[edit]

You may gather information by utilizing a combination of a charisma/Knowledge based skill check + an Investigation Check, the DC for these checks is dependent on how much time and money you are willing to spend on your project and what information your surroundings are able to provide as well as the obscurity of the piece of information you seek.

For example, you may go to the library of a large city to learn about the construction of its sewer system, therefore you roll History + Investigation, you spend a day and pay about 20 rubies for some snacks and parchment to make notes.

Or you don't want to do the work yourself, so you roll Deception + Investigation to find an underground information trader you pay him 500 rubys, and he tells you that the local lord is having an affair.


Magic items[edit]

Buy a magic item[edit]

Craft a magic item[edit]

Crafting a magic item requires you to spend an amount of money equal to the normal cost of the item and about one day worth of work per 1000 rubies it costs. You also need to be proficient in the arcana skill and provide extra material components for the medium which shall carry the magic like a suit of armor worth 15.000 rubies or just a hourglass worth 10 rubies depending on the item. To craft a magic item of a certain rarity you require a certain max. spell level.

Rearety Max. Spell level
Common 1st lv.
Uncommon 3rd lv.
Rare 5th lv.
Very Rare 7th lv.
Legendary 9th lv.
Artifact -

Sell a magic item[edit]

You can try to find a buyer for a magical item you have obtained by makeing either an investiagtion check or a persuasion check which DC is modifyed in the following way:

Circumstance Check DC:20
per 10% Discount -1
Shady Buyer -3
amount of time (1 week +0) +3/-3
Common Item -3
Uncommon Item +0
Rare +3
Very Rare +6
Legendary +12
Large prosperous City -3
Small/ Poor City +6
Usefull for the common man -2
Combat Item +3
Sell to Organisation -2
Renowned Item -2
Devine Item -2
Suspicious Item +3
Cursed Item +6

Make a living[edit]

Prepare for an encounter[edit]

Run a business[edit]

Sell goods[edit]

Study a language or tool[edit]

Sow rumors[edit]

Train an animal[edit]

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