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Campaign Setting: Hyrule
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Common: deku scrubs, gerudo, gorons, hylians, and zora
Uncommon: anouki, kokiri, koroks, rito, skull kids, and tokay
Rare: lanayru desert robots, cobbles, kikwis, maiamai, minish, mogma, weapon spirits.
Fighter: brute, darknut, spellsword, sword savage, archer, tunic, hatamoto
Oathsworn: champion, conqueror, druidic, knight, forsworn
Opportunist: assassin, garo, mystic, skirmisher, instrumentalist, picaroon, survivor
Hunter: shaman, shifter, slayer, trickster, mercenary, sylvan
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The continents of Hyrule, Termina, Holodrum, and Labrynna are each surrounded on all sides by a massive ocean referred to as the Great Sea. The Great Sea contains innumerable islands of varying size, including some tiny isles populated by lone individuals, and mountainous islands inhabited by entire races of people.

In this great expanse, there are a few exceeding large islands that are of particular note, detailed below. Aside from these there are hundreds if not thousands of smaller isles, archipelagos, and other significant features spread throughout the Great Sea which have yet to be charted.

Crescent Island[edit]

This large island is known for being the only known habitat of the reptilian race of tokay. Less than a century has passed since Hyrulean explorers first made contact. Although tokay know of the greater world and this island has become common knowledge in Hyrule, cultures remains distant and exotic from one another. Tokay are a relatively peaceful tribe devoid of technological or magical advancement, and their island lacks any significant resources governmental powers might seek to exploit.

Dragon Roost Island[edit]

One of the largest islands not considered a continent in its own right, Dragon Roost is dominated by the gigantic volcano which serves as the literal roost of the dragon god, Valoo. This island is inhabited almost entirely by coastal rito, and is the largest gathering of the entire avian race in the Light World by a considerable margin. Most of the mountainous island consists of caverns and roosts specifically designed for coastal rito, making it somewhat difficult to traverse for terrestrial humanoids.

Goron Island[edit]

Several small volcanoes dot this island, and its caverns are filled with unending magma flows. The constant volcanic activity of this isle keeps it dry and preventing much vegetation from flourishing upon it. As its name implies, this island is inhabited almost exclusively by a somewhat xenophobic tribe of gorons. The lack of flora or fauna makes it virtually uninhabitable for most other creatures.

Koholint Island[edit]

Animal Village[edit]

In the southeast corner of Koholint Island, is a small village inhabited almost entirely by animals.

Mabe Village[edit]

The largest town on Koholint Island, Mabe Village is home to a few families and a couple shops.

Tal Tal Heights[edit]

Land of Frost[edit]

In terms of geographic size, this massive sheet of ice is the fifth largest landmass in the Great Sea. Its residents usually consider it a continent in its own right. Despite its sheer size, the Land of Frost is sparsely populated.

Located near the northernmost point of the Light World, no portion of the land warms above freezing temperatures in anything but the most abnormal conditions. Perpetually covered in ice and snow, the region supports only a small array of flora and fauna.

This land is sometimes referred to simply as Anook, which is the primary language spoken here. The vast majority of anouki live in this region, with the majority found in the appropriately named Anouki Village. A smaller population of yook dwell here as well. Despite speaking similar dialects of the same language, yook and anouki segregate themselves from each other, and rarely interact.

Anouki Village[edit]

The largest settlement in the Land of Frost, this port city serves as the de facto governmental body in the land. The once accurate title of 'village' has become a misnomer, as in the modern day it is home to literally thousands of anouki. Denizens of other races can be found here as extreme minorities, usually as temporary residents.

Most anouki ascribe to the laws of this village, despite minimal policing and enforcement of these laws, and regardless of where the anouki actually lives. The law of the land is technically in the sole hands of the current Chief, which is a title earned primarily through hereditary right. Despite this, each Chief in recent history has ascribed strongly to the will of the people, and most denizens consider their government to be more akin to a democracy than an oligarchy.

Hyruleans, Terminans, Labrynnans, and Holodrumites conduct formal trade through this village. The village in turn has trade routes to various smaller inland towns. Exports primarily include oil and rare minerals, while imports favor linens and herbs.

Great Ice Field[edit]

This frozen steppe is the closest thing yook have to an aggregated settlement. Consisting of nomadic hunter-gatherers, tribes yook primarily dwell in scattered caves ir snow burrows which change from month to month. Due to the abundant fauna in this field, however, at least one tribe of them can usually be found here.

Historically, this field is most significant for being an informal treaty between anouki and yook centuries ago. Due to previous conflicts, anouki agreed not to enter or pass through the eastern portion of the continent in exchange for yooks doing the same for the western portion. There is no militaristic enforcement of this treaty, but the agreement has been honored almost universally by every generation since.

Outset Island[edit]

Windfall Island[edit]

Forsaken Fortress[edit]

Mother and Child Isles[edit]



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