Gallery of Notable People (Endhaven Supplement)

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Gallery of Notable People[edit]

Elemental Lords[edit]

The Great Dragons[edit]

There are very few great wyrm dragons in the Endhavens. These are the dragons who are in and among the territories of the Charystan Empires.

The Metallic Great Wyrms
Color Name Organization Location
Bronze Tritium Oceanus Pacifica
Brass Parthenon Order of the Darkwood Forest Darkwood Forest
Copper Malachar The Border League Fort Resolute
Gold Aurum The Teachers and
Ascetic Order of the Dragon
Dragon Imperial Palace
Silver Cirrus Alliance of the Sun Unknown
The Chromatics
Color Name Organization Location
Black The Dread Captain Savage Sea Pirates Dead Man's Island
Blue Bellicos Mage's Cooperative Rhakotis
Green Parsifax Far Plane Trading Company Tasa Kora Island
Red Infernace Transgressors Schanderna
White ? ? ?
The Dragon King

This is the legendary god of the dragons.

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