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Other Equipment

These are items that do not fall under the other categories.

Item Cost
Adamas uncommon
Apurture Science Dual Portal Device 3,250 gp
Battery 10g (pack of 5)
Bloodborne Weaponry
Collapsible Rowboat 200 gp
En Eftee 0 cp
Factory 1000 gp and 100gp in monthly expenses
Fireberry ale 1sp per mug, 3sp per pint, and 5sp per gallon.
Harvested Organ 5gp
Illusory Entertainment Device varies
Impure Terrigen Crystals N/A
Laboratory 1000 gp and 500 gp monthly expenses
Memorial Chapel 50,000 gp
Mill varies
Missile Expansion
Monumental Brass 160 gp
Orantium Sphere rare (560 gp)

Range: your strength score x 5

Ore Mine 500 gp
Ore Mine Variant 200 gp
Rigged Betting Dice 8 sp
Sci-Fi Weapons
Seals varies
Special Cookie 50 gp
Terrigen Crystals N/A
The Game Hypernium 1 GP to 100 GP depending on quality
Tomb, Gilded 8000 gp
Trickster's Salt 15 gp
Violet Stormbringer's Book of Stupid Puns

Other Equipment with Maintenance Templates

These are items that do not fall under the other categories that have maintenance templates.

Item Cost
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