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Quality Articles

This equipment has been vetted through the Quality Articles process and is suitable for any normal campaign.

Other Equipment

Item Cost Weight


All other equipment pages that do not have maintenance templates. This includes anachronistic equipment (renaissance, modern or futuristic) or other items not suitable for every campaign.

Other Equipment

Item Cost Weight
Adamantine Chain (10 feet) 505 gp
Coffin 100 gp 40 lb.
Collapsible Rowboat 200 gp
En Eftee 0 cp
Harvested Organ 5gp 2 lb
Illusory Entertainment Device varies
Monumental Brass 160 gp
Orantium Sphere rare (560 gp)

Range: your strength score x 5

Rigged Betting Dice 8 sp
Seals varies
Special Cookie 50 gp
The Blood no cost, find it as loot
The Game Hypernium 1 GP to 100 GP depending on quality
Tomb, Gilded Varies (see tables)
Trickster's Salt 15 gp
Valine Oil 5 gp/oz.
Violet Stormbringer's Book of Stupid Puns
Item Cost Weight
Bloodborne Weaponry
Mechanical Calculator 2,000 gp 50 lb.
Item Rarity Weight
Item Rarity Weight
Missile Expansion
Sci-Fi Weapons


Buildings can be constructed using the Building a Stronghold downtime activity (Dungeon Master's Guide p. 128). Each building's description will give the Construction Time and Construction Cost.

Item Cost Weight
Factory 1000 gp and 100gp in monthly expenses
Memorial Chapel 50,000 gp

Alchemical Items

These items can be crafted with alchemist's tools.

Item Rarity Weight

Clockwork Items

Not every campaign has fine complex mechanisms, so these are listed separately. Typically these items can be crafted using tinker's tools.

Item Rarity Weight

Incomplete Other Equipment

Pages with one or more improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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