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Cost: varies

A small, coin shaped object made from metal, stone, and/or ivory. On the center of the Heads side, there is a tiny glyph. On the center of the Tails side, there is an engraving of an eye or spiral, acting as a camera. As a bonus action, a humanoid with an intelligence score of 10 or higher can activate the glyph and create an illusory touchscreen. Various things can be done with and added to this touchscreen depending on the DM, however there are 3 main apps that all IEDs are included with.

News: Gives the user access to information on current events. If they use this app, they have to make a DC 13 wisdom saving throw or be given false/deceptive information. If the user fails the save, they can make a DC 14 Insight check to reveal it as false.

Chatrooms: Gives the user access to rumors, gossip, and long range communication with various other Humanoids on the same plane as the user. Insight checks made towards revealing the validity of another user are often made with Disadvantage, as most users keep a large sense of anonymity.

Camera: Once per day, the user can take a picture of their current situation using the engraving on the back of the item. This picture can be used to add Advantage to Persuasion checks related to that situation, as well as restore certain memories related to that situation that have been destroyed or modified via means such as modify memory.

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