Orantium Sphere (5e Equipment)

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Cost: rare (560 gp) Range: your strength score x 5

A glass sphere about the size of a baseball. A tiny white crystal the size of a small pebble is in the center. Upon impact with a surface hard enough to break the glass shell, it explodes violently with a radius of 15 feet. All creatures in the blast zone must make a dexterity saving throw against your dexterity score. On a failed save, the blast deals 10 D10 radiant damage, dealing half as much damage on a successful one. It destroys everything within a 10 foot radius and scorches everything for 5 more feet. Everyone within 30 feet of the blast must make a constitution saving throw with a DC of 15. On a failed save the light blinds you for 1 hour, and does not have an effect on a successful one. The crystal will only explode if it makes contact with air or water; if the sphere is crushed in a substance lacking oxygen it will not explode. (Vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, etc.)


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