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Table: Simple Firearms
Weapon Damage Penetration* Range** Special
Palm Gun 2d4 +0 20ft
Pistol 2d6 +0 30ft
Submachine Gun 2d6 +0 40ft Autofire (5ft x 15ft)
Carbine 2d8 +2 60ft
Sporting Rifle 2d6 +0 100ft
Table: Advanced Firearms
Weapon Damage Penetration Range Special
Assault Rifle 2d8 +2 100ft Autofire (5ft x 20ft)
Sniper Rifle 2d10 +2 150ft
Shotgun 2d12 +0 40ft Point-Blank
Flame Thrower 3d6 +0 15ft (cone) Cone
Table: Heavy Weapons
Weapon Damage Penetration Range Special
Machine Gun 3d8 +2 200ft Autofire (10ft x 30ft)
Anti-Tank Rifle 3d10 +4 300ft
Hand Cannon 3d12 +2 100ft 5ft Burst
Rocket Launcher By Type By Type 250ft By Type
  • Penetration = attack bonus against targets wearing armor.
    • Maximum range is always ten times effective range, except for shotguns which use two times effective range, and cone flamethrowers which are covered under Special Qualities.

Above Stats assume modern lead-projectile firearms. For advanced weapons, some qualities change.

Energy Weapons All energy Weapons are treated as magical weapons for the purpose of overcoming resistances.

Blaster Plasma Blasters increase damage by one die.
Beam Lasers and Particle Beam weapons have Advantage to attack rolls.
Disruptor Disruptor weapons deal double damage to energy shields and robotics, and automatically fry exposed circuitry.

Autofire: Weapon can be fired on fully automatic, each attack consuming 10 shots and taking a penalty to attack as recoil increases. This penalty is -5 unless the weapon is mounted, in which case the penalty is only -2. You always deal at least half damage if you roll 10 or higher, after adding modifiers. Autofire is either spread across an area or focused on a single target. If the former, choose a line of the appropriate length within range; everything within that line is subject to your attack. If fire is focused against a single target, damage dice are doubled.

Burst: Creatures within the area of effect must make a Dex Save (DC 15) or take full damage, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Cone: Any creature within the area must make a Dex Save (DC 15) or take full damage, or half as much damage on a successful one.A flamethrower can instead fire as a line, doubling range to 30 feet.
At the consumption of five shots instead of one, the damage dice and dimensions are doubled (30ft cone or 60ft line). A heavier gas pack can be carried (30 lb), granting a reserve of 200 shots instead of 20; in this case the flamethrower is treated as a heavy weapon.

EM Damage: Weapon deals double damage against shields and droids. Unprotected circuitry is automatically fried.

Heavy Weapon: Heavy Weapons take greater effort to aim and carry. You must have a strength score of at least 13 or treat them as improvised weapons, and taking the attack action consumes half your movement.

High-Penetration: On a direct hit the weapon treats the target's damage reduction as being one quarter as effective.

Fire Damage: Targets hit take one die of damage every round until flames are doused.

Low-Penetration Weapon: Treats damage reduction as being twice as effective.

Mounted: Weapon can only be fired from a tripod or vehicle mount. Setting up a Heavy Weapon Tripod takes four actions.

Overcharge Overcharging a weapon takes an action. An overcharged Arc Caster deals 3d8 damage on its next attack, and all adjacent creatures must make a Dex Save (DC 15) or take 1d8 damage. An overcharged Hand Cannon doubles the damage dice of its next attack. An overcharged attack consumes 10 shots.

Point Blank: Weapon doubles damage dice at targets within 15 feet.

Table: Rocket Type
Rocket Type Damage Weight Special
Armour Piercing 8d12 6lb High-Penetration, 10ft Burst
Incendiary 6d12 6lb Fire Damage, 30ft Burst
EMP 6d12 6lb EM Damage, 10ft Burst
Mini-Mine 4d12 6lb Low-Penetration, 60ft Burst


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