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For use with the Chozo Power Armor only.

A Missile Expansion is a piece of mysterious, yet very adaptable technology in a compact case. The item itself appears in a sort of glass tank, sealed from both top and bottom by an orange-colored, yet unidentifiable metal. The interior of the casing contains a black, cylindrical object of around 15-20 centimeters in length. The object is tipped with a pink cone of around 2 centimeters, and at its base is four right-angled fins of the same color.

The glass casing can be destroyed with a strong enough impact (Strength/Attack DC 18), but if it is, the missile inside explodes immediately, dealing 3d6 fire damage to any creature within 20 feet of the resulting blast. However, if one equipped with the Power Armor so much as touches the tank, the contents will be absorbed into their suit, permanently increasing the amount of Missile charges the suit can assimilate by 5, unless the suit gets reset.


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