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Cost: varies

Taking the appearance of elaborately designed markings and circles, a seal is an indestructible symbol tattooed into the skin using magical inks. A seal allows the user to cast a cantrip or spell of 1st to 5th level without the expenditure of a spell slot. If the user is able to cast magic and have a spell save DC and spell attack modifier they may use it, otherwise they may use the listed Save DC and Attack Bonus. To create a seal, it requires a number of work weeks to make equal to the amount shown in the Work Weeks column. A seal can cast its spell once, and the seal regains use of this effect at dawn. A seal's costs varies based on region, availability of materials used, the spell being tattooed, and many other factors up to the DM. The magic of the seal cannot be changed once it has been made. Finally, you may only have two seals at any one time and a user may remove a seal by casting dispel magic on it once a day for a week at a spell level equal to or greater than the seal's spell level.

Spell Level Approximate Cost Random Cost Work Weeks Save DC Attack Bonus
Cantrip ~100 gp 75 + 5d10 1 week 13 +5
1st 150~200 gp 140 + (5d6 x 2) 2 weeks 13 +5
2nd 200~500 gp 100 + (4d4 x 25) 3 weeks 13 +5
3rd 500~1,000 gp 350 + (6d4 x 25) 6 weeks 15 +7
4th 1,000~5,000 gp 200 + (8d6 x 100) 10 weeks 15 +7
5th 5,000~10,000 gp 3500 + (6d4 x 250) 16 weeks 17 +9

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