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Is this better Marasmusine?--The Necromancer, Excille (talk) 01:32, 21 February 2015 (MST)

The thing is, it duplicates the function of a ring of spell storing, except it's cheaper by an order of magnitude and doesn't require recharging. Okay, so now you can use the tattoo only once per day. What value would you put on a 9th-level spell scroll that never runs out that you can use once per day? Marasmusine (talk) 02:07, 22 February 2015 (MST)
My intention was to develop a system to give a player access to a spell that they could use as an ace in the hole or what have you. Considering your information, however ,I feel as though that there should be a limit to the spell level. As far as duplicating the effects of spell storing any one Seal can only have one spell, it can't be changed as with a ring of spell storing. Finally, I must not be reading something right where did you find the information for spell scroll.--The Necromancer, Excille (talk) 08:42, 22 February 2015 (MST)
Scrolls are in the DMG, since they are one-shot spells I was comparing them with the seal as though they could be re-used like the seal.
When you decide on the spell level cap, I would use the spell scroll table to determine the price (i.e. 5000 gp for 4th-5th, 1000 gp for 2nd-3rd, 100 gp for cantrip-1st.) if not outright treat it as a magic item.
The seal also has the advantage of not requiring attunement. Marasmusine (talk) 10:02, 22 February 2015 (MST)
I felt that it wouldn't make since for the seal to have a required attunement because it can't be seperated from the target and is literally on them at all times so focusing on it during a short rest or what have you would not present any challenge or issues. If you feel as though it should be made a magical item I'm not against the idea, I am ultimately just trying to make a balanced item.-The Necromancer, Excille (talk) 14:05, 22 February 2015 (MST)

Prices not adequately balanced, Should be comparable to magic items.[edit]

Since they do not require attunement and can be bestowed more quickly than Magic Items can be created and are available to order prices must be higher to show what the actually cost should be for the services. Here would be a eddit that I think brings it more in line with 5e Item balance, and put it in line to cost to craft/commission a magical item. Overall I like the Idea though. Also consider the intricate detail and magic that goes into crafting that requires siginificant amounts of time and skill, reflected in the time cost required to be patiently waiting for the boon as the tattooist works(optional)

Cantrips: uncommon= 100+(1d4-1)*100- (10 hours)

Lvl 1: uncommon= 200 + 1d4*100-(2 days)

Lvl 2: rare= 600 + 3d6*100 -(5 days)-can be repaired by the original tattooist with a successful check or by use of Heal or regenerate spells.

Lvl 3: rare= 2,000 +5d10*100 -(2 workweeks REQ)-Heals skin underneath with mild effort with a successful check on the part of a healer or tattooist in 1d4 days or by use of Heal or regenerate spells.

Lvl 4: Very Rare= 10,000 +10d12*100 -(1 month REQ)- Heals the skin underneath defaced Tattoo in 1d4 rounds requiring no effort by the caster, and is restored with a Resurrection, Reincarnation, or Clone spells.

Lvl 5: Very Rare= 20,000 + 20d20*100 -(2 months REQ)- Can never be marred or defaced, becomes part of your essence and is restored with a Reincarnation, Resurrection, or Clone spells. Can be programmed every full moon as if it had the Contingency spell with the inscribed spell, changing optional condition during the full moon. Additional minor beneficial property would be considered/ or have it also include a free Lvl spell tattoo (also programmable) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by 2600:1702:1e10:59f0:b946:cc95:72de:f260 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

The rarity and costs of the listed seals you have stated above do not seem to correlate with how much seals should cost or their appropriate rarity (they should cost similar to how much a regular magic item of corresponding rarity should cost or double the amount of a consumable item like a spell scroll costs or else no one would want seals, they would just get regular magic items). As such, I ended up using close to the regular costs of magical items of their appropriate rarities.--Blobby383b (talk) 17:46, 2 February 2020 (MST)
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