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Cost: 1000 gp and 500 gp monthly expenses

The laboratory is a business that a player can build and own, the main mechanic of the laboratory is scientific breakthroughs which allows a player and a DM to work together to make a new item or technology, at the end of every day you may make a roll d20 + your intelligence + laboratory level the DC being chosen from the table by the DM to see if you or your staff make a breakthrough allowing you to make a new item or technology available to you. This roll cannot be crit failed or succeeded. Upgrades and additional labs can help by increasing your laboratory level

  • Breakthrough table
  1. Technology type * DC
  2. Basic (example, Creating gunpowder or basic flintlocks) * 15
  3. Advanced (example, Creating the radio and television) * 20
  4. Expert (example, Curing cancer or inventing computers and the internet) * 25
  5. Futuristic (example, learning how to create new alloys like nanocarbon or nanite compounds) * 30
  6. Space Age (example, non-magical constructs like robots and clones or spaceships) * 35
  7. Arcane (example, creating non-magical liminal spaces like the backrooms or antimatter weapons) * 40
  8. Eldritch (example discovering non-magical planar travel or creating magitech) * 45
  • Upgrades/Additional laboratories

General sciences lab: Costs 1000 gp, this is a basic beginning lab that studies the general concepts of life that not many people put thought into in a general day like "why is the sky blue? what is the sun? and how much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?". +5 to your laboratory level.

Physical Sciences wing: Costs 3000 gp, this lab studies the material world and things like metal density and liquid viscosity. +5 to your laboratory level.

Medical Sciences wing: Costs 3000 gp, this wing is dedicated to discovering and curing all the ailments that curse the world and understanding how the world works. +5 to your laboratory level.

Theoretical Sciences wing: Costs 3000 gp, this wing is dedicated to understanding possibilities and how to make those possibilities become reality in theory of course. +5 to your laboratory level.

Organic Sciences lab: Costs 4000 gp, this lab is focused on the idea of making the world better by breaking the building blocks of life. +5 to your laboratory level.

Metalurgical Sciences lab: Costs 5000 gp, and increase monthly costs by 500 gp, this lab mainly focuses on the idea discovering space age metals and creating unknown alloys. If you own a Factory (5e Equipment) and a Ore Mine Variant (5e Equipment) negate the monthly cost of the lab and gain a +500 gp per month. +5 to laboratory level.

Arcane Theoretics wing: Costs 10000 gp, this wing is dedicated to understanding the magical and phenomenal, the things that one could only dream of is what is studied here. +5 to your laboratory level.

Personal lab: Costs 1000 gp, this is your personal laboratory where you work with others to bring tomorrows future today. + your prof bonus to laboratory level.

Patent Office: Costs 5000 gp, this building basically keeps all the patents for your breakthroughs safe from public and prosecutes anyone who dares steal it. Your breakthroughs can't be stolen or recreated.


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