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Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Avatar of a Fallen God 21st level, worship a dead god The embodiment of a reborn god.
Conqueror 21st level, Charisma 21, Mounted Combat, Armor Proficiency: Hide Your martial prowess is unmatched in all the world, and your army is without peer.
Couch Potato 21st level Sit down, relax, and let the other guys kill the dragon.
Deadwalker Level 21 A being who has seen death, and does not fear it. Soon death itself will fear this being.
Everlasting Bulwark 21st level, 20 CON, any defender class The pinnacle of durability and longevity.
Killoren Avatar 21st level; Killoren; any primal class or Ranger The world is me. I am the world.
Master Archer Ranger, Archer fighting style Unrivaled marksman of the wild
Singer of the Frog Song Swampel 21st level You are the singer of the frog song, messenger of the elder toad
Sorrowsworn Acolyte 21st level Shadar-Kai The chosen of the Raven Queen
Warden of the Forest 21st level, Ranger With your newfound knowledge you slowly begin to understand the world. You can feel its rotation and the smallest form of life crawling on the ground.
Weaponmaster Any martial class; Dexterity 21 or Strength 21 Masters of one type of weapon
Wildborn 21st Level, Fenirborn <!-Insert a short (25 words or so) advertising description of your class here. This will not be displayed on this page.->

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