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Avatar of a Fallen God[edit]

The embodiment of a reborn god.

Prerequisite: 21st level, worship a dead god (excluding Io)

You have raised the spirit of your god. As the long dead spirit of your god awakens, brought forth by your power and the end of your quest, it takes the only option available. It claims your body for it's own and rewards you with the blessing of being your god. Let all who dared challenge or mock you cower in fear as you amass your strength to ascend. (Avatar of a Fallen God's name is replaced with Avatar of (your God's name here).)


Body of the God: You are your god. You ascend to the astral realm, full of godly power, and begin your new life. As a avatar of a god with no form but yours, you live forever, watching over the charges of your god.

Avatar on Earth: Your god rose in a form reborn and named you their avatar, their will on earth, their champion. As immortal as your god, you follow their commands, watching and aiding those the call your god their patron.

Avatar of a Fallen God Features[edit]

All Avatars of a Fallen God have the following features.

Divine Power (21st Level): Two stats of player's choice are increased by 2.
Energized Power (24th Level): Once per day, any ability that does damage does twice the damage.
Immortal Might (30th Level): Once per day, all armored enemies in an encounter are treated as if they were AC 10 against any attack from the player.

Avatar of a Fallen God Power[edit]

Godly Aura God Aura Utility 26
Your aura is unstoppable, strengthening your allies and scattering your enemies.
Encounter Star.gif God, Aura
No Action '
Trigger: {{{trigger}}}
Effect: All allies get +3 to hit/damage. All enemies get fear (like a fear wand).

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