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A prodigious start rightfully ends with a greater end.

Prerequisite: Alchemical Weaponmaster

Those who say "jack of all trades, master of none" are wrong. Not only are you a master of all arms, but you are also a whiz with how to use them with alchemy. You may have polished your skills to their zenith, having slaughtered all who stand in your way. But there remains still more for you to do, or so you can feel. Even as a master, you continue to polish your skills, perhaps becoming a wanderer across other realms to fight new foes and forge new frontiers. Maybe you found a school for warriors to train the next generation even.


Your name may go down in history due to the whispers of your feats. After your final quest, people will speak of you as a great warrior, but for what cause? Did you fight and use your powers for justice or evil? Depending on what you do, deities may invite you to spend the rest of your days in a Valhalla to battle out the rest of your days alongside other greats. Others may see you as an eternal enemy to be hunted to dust.

Hero's Eternity: You may grow old with age or die to a worthy foe at last in battle. Valia welcomes you with open arms to her isles of Elysium, where you are enshrined as a warrior among men, and a champion among all. There, you can greet new challengers and fight for eternity to your heart's content.

Jackmaster Features[edit]

All jackmasters have the following features.

Arsenal Carrier (21st Level): By spending 1 hour of inner discipline, you can mark up to 5 weapons in your possession by forging a bond with them through this hour. As a minor action, you can call your bonded weapon to your hand as long as it is within 10 squares of you. You can also use a free action to swap a bonded weapon to your hand with another bonded weapon. If you bond with a weapon with the "load minor" property, you can instead treat it as a "load free."
Mighty Wielder (24th Level): Using weapons in new ways is not lost to you, and you can do so in a way that makes you more powerful. You now treat two-handed weapons as one-handed. Additionally, your bonded weapons land a critical hit on a 19-20 roll.
Weaponsmaster (30th Level): You gain proficiency in all weapons and their proficiency bonus doubles if they are bonded to you.

Jackmaster Power[edit]

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