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Singer of the frog song[edit]

You hear the song of the elder toad clearly in your ears, and have the unquenchable thirst to share it with others

Prerequisite: Swampel 21st level

At long last the melody of the elder toad is finally complete. You hear it constantly in the depths of your mind, letting it guide you through peril, granting you abilities you never thought were possible. Your croak resonates with a melodic tone to it, and the voice of the elder toad escapes through your lips. The melody you sing has been so far infused with you it seems it's a part of your very being, it is forever attached to you, following you wherever you go. When you sing, the world seems to sit still and listen, and your enemies quake as the unleashing of your awesome power brings them to their knees.


As you complete your final quest, you know it is time to take up your rightful place in carving your name in the eternal song of the elder toad.

One With The Song: Once you have completed your destiny quest, your body transforms into an etheral substance and joins in with the choir of the elder toad in his majesty's court. You spend your days basking in eternal happiness as the song forever fills you with infinite joy, releasing itself from your lips with ease and in perfect harmony with your choir mates. Soon however, your etheral form begins to fade away as your dedication to the song has proven itself beyond all others. You become the song itself, forever being sung by all swampels and have the song named after you.

Singer of the frog song Features[edit]

All Singers of the frog song have the following features.

Melody infused (21st Level): You are now immune to all sound based attacks (thunder keyword)
Eternal Song (24th Level): Once a day when you die, you come back alive with all your hit points regained and all powers regained
Member Of The Choir (30th Level): Choose any encounter or daily swampel racial power with the thunder keyword, you ca now use that power twice rather than once

Singer of the frog song Powers[edit]

Frog Song Swampel Attack 26
This song means death, enough said
Daily Star.gif Implement, Thunder
Standard Action ranged 10
Target: one creature
Attack: dexterity Vs. fortitude
Hit: 3d12 thunder damage target is knocked prone and weakened
Miss: 2d12 thunder damage

Healing Song Swampel Utility 28
You sing a song that heals yourself and your allies
Encounter Star.gif Implement, Thunder
Immediate Reaction ranged
Trigger: you or an ally drops to or below bloodied value
Target: your self and allies
Effect: you and your allies regain hp as if they had spent a healing surge

Forteisisimo Swampel Attack 30
This song is less like a song and more like a big screw you to whoever gets caught in it
Daily Star.gif Implement, Thunder
Standard Action zone 7
Target: each creature caught in zone
Attack: dexterity Vs. fortitude
Hit: 5d10 thunder damage target is slid 5 squares and knocked prone
Miss: targets are knocked prone
Effect: The power creates an area of sound, each creature ending starting its turn in the area takes 1d10 thunder damage

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