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Killoren Avatar[edit]

The world is me. I am the world.

Prerequisite: 21st level; Killoren; any primal class or Ranger

The world is vulnerable. Surrounded on all sides by the machinations of manipulative archfey, scheming darklords, haughty gods, vile demon princes, or the threat of slumbering primordials, you've always felt a need to protect it. Through your travels far and wide, you come to realize that this feeling is more than an emotion. It is your calling.

The world has brought forth the Killoren, gifted them with quickly growing numbers and potentially ancient lifetimes, all to ensure that you were born. You are the destiny of the entire Killoren race. You will be the guardian of the World, either as its stalwart protector, its vengence-taker, its guide, or its mastermind. In either case, you consider the entire world and the natural order your charge.


Once you have attained your final mortal victory, you assume the full mantle of Nature's Might. You become as a god, and the world is your dominion. Your physical form melts away to merge with the world itself, but you remain conscious and ever-vigilant to threats to the natural order. You manifest physically only to fight in the most dire situations, to defend the world from overwhelming invasions and affronts to the world's integrity. Should the unthinkable happen, should you ever be defeated, and every last killoren slain, this is not your end. Your soul will flow into newborn killoren, birthed from the world itself, each of them a sliver of your essence. In time, one of these seeds will grow and realize its destiny. The Killoren will never die.

Killoren Avatar Features[edit]

The Killoren Avatar has the following features.

Awakening Begins (21st Level): A hint of your true destiny is realized, increasing your Wisdom or Constitution score by +2 (your choice), and allowing you to more swiftly change and adapt with situations fate has thrust upon you. From now on, you may chose which aspect of Nature's Might you manifest at the end of every short rest, rather than every extended rest.
Boundless Growth (24th Level): Once per day when you die, your body, including any equipment worn or held, ceases to exist. You cannot be the target of any effect, including those that return you to life, until the end of the encounter. A burst 2 zone of verdant growth springs forth where you fall. The zone is difficult terrain for enemies, and any enemy that moves in the zone without shifting provokes an opportunity attack from the zone. On your initiative count, you may move the zone up to 3 squares, trailing mundane vegitation in its wake (mundane vegitation does not affect terrain conditions), and the zone may make one basic or at-will attack against enemies inside it. The zone attacks as if it were you, including any equipment you wore or weilded at the time of your death. The zone cannot be targeted by any effect.
At the end of the encounter, your body, including your equipment, springs fully formed from the zone, which becomes mundane vegitation. You return at full hit points and any conditions effecting you at the time of your death are removed.
Avatar of Nature's Might (30th Level): Your Awakening Begins epic destiny feature no longer allows you to switch your aspect at every short rest. Instead, you manifest all three aspects of Nature's Might simuntaneously. You are considered to be manifesting all aspects for all purposes, such as feats or paragon paths. You gain all racial abilities from all three aspects and you may use each aspect's racial power once per encounter each.
Your appearance changes to reflect the totality of your new self. You could be constantly shifting between the appearances of the Ancient, the Destroyer, and the Hunter, you might become some sort of alamgamation of all three, or you might take on the appearance of something completely different, but still recognizably Killoren.

Killoren Avatar Power[edit]

Nature's Assurance Killoren Avatar Utility Racial
The world grants you knowledge, steadfastness, and awareness in equal and reliable measure.
No Action Personal
Trigger: You make a Nature, Endurance, or active Perception check and dislike the result.
Effect: Disregard the result of your skill check and determine the outcome as if you had rolled a 10 on the d20.

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