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Couch Potato[edit]

Sit down, relax, and let the other guys kill the dragon.

Prerequisite: 21st level

While adventuring, you finally realized that you're not cut out for slaying monsters or anything. You just want to spend the rest of your adventuring career pondering the facts of life, reading books and never doing anything involving physical labor. You are lazy, but you are happy... but your party members may think otherwise...


A couch potato will settle down in a house at the end of his career and will not achieve Immortality.

Couch Potato Features[edit]

All couch potatoes have the following features.

"I'm rooting for ya!" (21st Level): You have grown accustomed to watching a fight. All party members get plus 10 bonus to all of their attack rolls and defenses as long as you don't attack ANYTHING! IF you attack something this feature is forgotten unless you don't attack next turn.
"I know what happens next!" (24th Level): You know what happens next. Plus 20 to your Insight, perception, and Dungeoneering Skills, and all Party Members gain a plus 5 bonus to their Reflex.
"This will freak you out..." (30th Level): After all of your time being lazy, you finally understand the meaning of life. You realize what must be done. Whenever you attack, you use your words and share your secret. If the target can understand common, they are double Dazed, double Prone, double slowed, and double Stunned Until the end of your next turn (individual save required for each) and take an extra 1d20 damage from all attacks from party members for every point of the coach potatoes charisma modifier.

Couch Potato Power[edit]

"Meep..." Couch Potato Utility 26
"He's getting close...AHHHHHH!!!"
At-Will Star.gif Teleport
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: A creature moves within 2 squares of you.
Effect: You may teleport 3 squares.

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