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The moon is out, let us hunt
—Erlking, Book of Wilds

Prerequisite: 21st Level, Fenirborn

Not only does the spirit of Fenir flow through you, but also the spirit of the wild. Your beast form is even more dangerous, and your human side is even more versatile. When the calls of battle are blown you will answer, and fight with tooth and claw...


While not actually immortal, Wildborn are for ever remembered and can manifest them selves despite their flesh and bones decaying. One of the most common forms of manifestation is reincarnation into other great heroes. The greatest heroes and Jarls were Wildborn, and will still assist the generations that still live. Fearless in battle, because they know that the side favored by nature will win, and the weak will die off. If a Wildborn sounds the trumpets of advance, their enemies will fall back into a safer location, such as between two feuding red dragons.

Found Something Else: After an extensive career of fighting monsters and what not, you decided to do something completely different. You have established a name for yourself and are respected by all of the Fenirborn and hated by Orcs. Your new job is that of Jarl, leading all of the Fenirborn in even bigger campaigns against the Orcs, and Gnolls, maybe even Dwarves if you feel lucky. When you feel like you've had enough with the fighting and the killing, you build a large tomb and make a shrine to Fenir hoping that your soul will not go to a far away paradise, but stay and start a new cycle of wild destruction, once you can find a suitable new body...

Wildborn Features[edit]

All Wildborn have the following features.

Dire Wolf Blood (21st Level): You can use your Lycanthropy power up to three times each day.
Wild Regeneration (24th Level): You regain half your constitution modifier hit points at the start of every turn. If you take Acid, Fire, Lightning, or Thunder damage, you loose this ability until you regenerate health without using this skill
Pack Hunter (30th Level): When you are adjacent to an ally or flanking a target, you gain half of your wisdom modifier bonus to attack rolls and deal an extra 1d 10 damage

Wildborn Power[edit]

Wild Hunt Wildborn Utility 26
You call upon the Erlking and wreak havoc and destruction upon your foes
Daily Star.gif Beast Form
Minor Action Close Burst 10
Target: All allies in burst
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, all allies in burst gain a bonus of +2 to their attack rolls and deal an extra 1d10 damage. This increases to 2d6 damage against bloodied foes. This effect ends if an ally fail to attack a foe during their turn.

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