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Warden of the Forest[edit]

You venture deep into a dark, secluded forest. Through a small crack in the trees you find a single pond from which grows a large oak tree, its branches encompassing the surrounding area. As you approach you are overcome with the urge to drink from its waters. As you sip the clear liquid, your mind is flooded with knowledge: you can feel the entire forest and what lies in it. With this you leave the cave and entirely forget about its location. Despite this erasure you feel as if your life has just now begun and with new vigor set forth into the world seeking to protect its life.

Prerequisite: 21st level, Ranger

With your new-found knowledge you begin to truly understand the world. You can feel its rotation and the smallest form of life crawling on the ground. You have knowledge in your mind that you have yet to even grasp just waiting to be unlocked, but this will drive you to improve your powers to discover who you are. You also feel something dark lurking just in the corner of your mind out of your minds grasp as you grow in power you will uncover what it is that this knowledge has given you.


When you complete your final quest you leave your party to protect the world from dangers unknown. You decide that you cannot leave the world's forests unprotected to the dangers that could destroy them. So you create a school within the world's deepest forest, a wilderness that only the most skilled rangers could traverse. You become a living legend to rangers in all corners of the world - they all know of your deeds and your many accomplishments. You have a fortress in the Forest where you train rangers and send them out into the world.

Over time you become the unseen Headmaster at your school who is only known through rumors. Your trainees will grow up and one day become the teachers for the future generations. Through the years of living in the fortress you become one with the Forest, leaving your mortal body: sleeping, waiting, for a time when the world may need you to protect it from danger.

Forest Warden Features[edit]

All Forest Wardens have the following features.

One with the Forest (21st Level): Squares of trees, undergrowth, plants or other foilage do not block your line of sight and do not grant concealment to your targets. You must still draw line of effect as normal, and targets can still benefit from cover from such squares.
Commune with Animals (24th Level): You gain a +4 bonus to Nature checks made to handle animals.
One with Life (30th Level): You can draw line of effect through squares of trees, undergrowth or plants that would normally obstruct. Targets cannot benefit from cover or superior cover from such squares, or cover from enemy Natural Beasts.

Warden of the Forest Power[edit]

Forest Rebirth Warden of the Forest Utility 26
You press both you palms to the Earth and life sprouts forth from the ground creating a small forest composed of small thin newborn trees ranging in height.
Daily Star.gif Zone
Minor Action Close blast 5
Effect: The blast creates a zone of foilage that lasts until the end of the encounter or until you dismiss it as a Free Action. The zone is difficult terrain. 5 empty squares in the zone of your choice become trees that are grant cover. When you hit a creature in the zone with a Ranger power, you gain a +5 power bonus to the damage roll. Enemies that start their turn next to one of your trees are slowed until the start of their next turn.

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