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A being who has seen death, and does not fear it. Soon death itself will fear this being.

Prerequisite: Level 21

"Death- A weak thing, really. I may now choose to live or to die. When I get tired of one, I shall go to the other. I may be dead in the realm of the living, or alive in the realm of the dead or even the reverse."


The destiny of the Deadwalker is depending on what path he treads. Shall he join the void of death, or shall he forsake it?

A Looping Path: Finally, the end has come. Although death is now coming to you, you still keep your distance. Death has touched you, but not grasped you. You may now walk between the path of the living, or of the dead. You live in thousands of eras, though only meant to live in one.

Deadwalker Features[edit]

All deadwalkers have the following features.

You cannot control me (21st Level): The first time you fall to 0 hitpoints in an encounter, you can spend a healing surge.
Not even a chance (24th Level): The first time you are bloodied during an encounter, you may restore your hitpoints to full at the cost of 3 healing surges.
Time for a change (27th Level): Change between a state of living or death at the cost of all of your healing surges.
Death is dainty (30th Level): When you die in a battle, you may restore your health to full at the cost of all of your healing surges.

Deadwalker Powers[edit]

Taking a Walk Deadwalker Utility 26
Death? I know of such a helpful thing.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Personal
Effect: For 3 rounds, treat this character as dead. After 3 rounds, restore the creature's health and that of its allies to maximum.

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