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Bile Archalchemist[edit]

You become one who can alter the bodies of others easily, much like a god who builds and destroys creations, and enshrines others in eternity with him.

Prerequisite: Alchemical Weaponmaster

Like the Bile Spider King Ziguarz, you have harnessed alchemical power to such an extent that you can permanently alter living creatures, twisting them to alchemically altered forms for battle. But unlike the foul king, you can use these powers for good as well as evil. What you touch can break or mend, based on what alchemy you use. What is decent can be made better or worse with your extensive knowledge of formulae. A fortress for a city can be equipped to automatically grow spikes, or a suit of trap armor can be manipulated to spike its wearer to death. The extent to which your powers to influence other beings' potential is limited only by your imagination. No longer do rules, arcane or mundane, bind your powers of creation and revision.


When you complete your final quest, you can sit back and ease into the life of a true scientist. You cannot retreat to some convenient sanctum like an archmage, but you do have a holding where you can study and practice in peace, perhaps in the unforgiving areas of cold, or within the dungeons as a kingdom's minister of alchemy. Often you may retreat to your laboratory where you are in the process of making new life. You may concoct many new substances that will carry your name as their use spreads throughout the world. In your search for perfection, you may even make the prized Philosopher's Stone, granting you immortality.

Nicholas Flamel: You become a famed figure in history as one who defied death and now is safe from it forever. Your name is plastered on a variety of books, from chemistry to adventure. You now work in an esteemed position of the world at your leisure, now free to experiment as you please.

Bile Archalchemist Features[edit]

All Bile Archalchemist have the following features.

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Bile Archalchemist Power[edit]

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