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Your martial prowess is unmatched in all the world, and your army is without peer.

Prerequisites: 21st level, Charisma 21, Mounted Combat, Armor Proficiency: Hide

After many adventures, you at last grow tired of walking through a world that does not bend knee to you. As a Conqueror, you stand at the head of an army, and no foe can match you in war. Whether or not you are a ruler, you are a leader, and if another mortal commands your allegiance, they will not continue to for long.

You are a peerless warrior on the battlefield, and a leader as well. It is not often that you need to do something yourself, as you now command sufficient forces to delegate all but the most vital tasks to subordinates. Only a great threat to your empire can demand your attention.

When at last your empire is established, your name carved in fire across the firmament of heaven, what will people say of the one who gave them dominion over the earth?


As you live by the blade, so will you die by the blade. Such is inevitable. What truly matters is what happens after.

Honorable Death: On the field of the greatest battle of your life, and indeed in all of recent history, you meet your greatest foes and do battle with them. You may slay them on the field and die of your wounds. Your blow may end their life at the same instant theirs ends yours. Or victory could elude you, and you fight to the last, dead before you hit the ground. Whatever your end, your death spurs your people on to new heights. Your enemies will be utterly crushed by the will of your army, of your empire. The land that now counts you among its greatest heroes (more often than not, as its greatest hero) becomes a mighty empire known the world over. It endures for a thousand years, and shapes the world for five thousand more after its fall. Children are named for you for hundreds of years. Cities bear your name, statues and temples are erected in your honor. The days of your birth and death become holy days, marked with great festivals. Whatever god you follow takes you into their realm as a saint and a champion. If you follow no god, then you are soon worshiped as one.

Where Angels Fear To Tread: After you have fought all the battles needed, your empire flourishes with your hand on the rudder. Peace and prosperity reign, and a new age dawns. But soon you grow tired of peace, and you begin to feel unease. Small things come to your attention, small things that hint at a great problem. You discover some great threat to your realm and to the world at large, be it a god with a grudge or an ancient race of terrible beings whose bonds are loosening. Gathering a core of your most loyal followers, you depart your palace and your capital city, and vanish from the eyes of the world. Perhaps you continue to fight the good fight, anonymously and surreptitiously. Perhaps you have left your home plane altogether, to carry the war to your enemy on their home ground. Whatever your eventual fate, it becomes known to all your subjects that you still fight on...somewhere.

Conqueror Features[edit]

All Conquerors have the following features.

Supreme Commander (21st Level): When you take a second wind, allies adjacent to you may make a basic attack.
Never Give Up (24th Level): The first time each day you are reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, you and all allies who can see or hear you regain hit points equal to your Charisma score, up to their maximum hit points.
Perfect Warrior (30th Level): You are considered to be proficient with all weapons, armor, and shields. Gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls while using any weapon.

Conqueror Power[edit]

Unconquerable Self Conqueror Utility 28
Your iron determination renders all attempts to inflict maladies upon you futile.
Daily Star.gif Stance
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the stance ends, any saving throw you make with a result of 9 or less is treated as a 10.

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