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Master Archer[edit]

No enemy is safe, no target concealed, against your prowess, all your arrows will taste blood.

Prerequisite: 21st level, Ranger, Archer fighting style

Rangers are renown for their ability to deal large amounts of damage to singular targets. Some might scoff at those who stand back and attack at range, perceiving them as nothing as cowards, but they cannot comprehend how wrong they are. Against you, enemies flee for cover as your arrows run through them in a sickening fashion. This is nothing new for you, the art of the archer has always seemed natural for you, a way of life. Pulling the bowstring second nature. The joy you feel when your arrows take flight is indescribable, and you plan to take it further. As the greatest archer of your time your keen eye detects enemies hidden or concealed, confident that they won't be hit. Your arrows fly with a supernatural accuracy, slamming into foes at distances too large for anyone. Marksmen from all over the world and even the planes come to challenge you, hoping to take the title Master Archer, and one by one they admit defeat and can't help but marvel at your superiority.


As you continue as the master archer, your skills grow beyond what is humanly possible, you find yourself bored and go beyond the mortal realms in search of an equal.

Archer Embodied: Once your final quest is completed your skills have become unrivaled, no mortal is better than you with a bow. Feeling your life dull without a challenge you set out to other worlds in search of an equal. As you travel the planes time and time again you feel frustration at the lack of skill your challenges possess. You travel to the bright world of the Feywild and find that Eladrin can only balk at your skill. In the gloom of the Shadowfell Dark Ones and other beasts of shadow cannot match your accuracy. The elemental chaos offers no challenge as Efreets, Giants, and Archons of all kinds fall to your arrows. Eventually you make it to the Astral Sea as a god who notices you allows you to join his ranks, and finally you battle beings of immense power and feel the thrill of a challenge again.

Master Archers Features[edit]

All Master Archers have the following features.

Keen Sight (21st Level): When targeting creatures with powers that have the ranged keyword, you ignore cover and concealment
Painful Arrows (24th Level): When targeting someone with a ranged attack power, you deal ongoing damage equal to your dexterity modifier (save ends)
Back from the Grave (26th Level): Once per day when you die you regain hit points equal to your bloodied value + dexterity modifier and regain use of all ranged attack powers that have been expended.
Unrivaled Archer (30th Level): You deal half damage to all attacks you miss with that have the ranged keyword.

Master Archer Power[edit]

Rapid Shot Ranger Utility 26
With a steely gaze you learn your foes every move to the point where you know what it will do before it does.
Daily Star.gif Ranged
Standard Action 10
Target: one creature
Effect: you can use powers with the ranged keyword as a minor action
Special: If you lose sight of the creature, this effect automatically ends.

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