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Rod of Xom[edit]

This a massively unbalanced Rod of Xom random roll chart. This rod has one charge a day. Many believe it to be consuming. Its wielders often become obsessed on the outcome of the daily use. They try to understand the chaos and often go mad. When activated one of the random d100 possibilities happens. This is an item that has a direct link to the god Xom. It is often the end of whoever wields it. It has also been know to bestow its wielder with terrifying power of chance.

1d100 Result
01 Xom Ignores you.
02 Summon Swarm (1.Butterflies ref15 or blinded by swarm 2.Swarm of rats (MM) 3. Swarm of spiders (MM) 4.Swarm of bats (MM)
03 4d6 elemental cone (Ref 1d6+10 for half) Roll on the Element table below
04 Summon (Random dice type) mundane Items (as per DMG)
05 (1.Darkness 30ft 2.Day light 60ft 3. light 20ft 4. deeper darkness 60 ft) centered on the rod for (Random time table and Dice type)
06 (1.Body 2.Hair 3.Eyes 4.all items) permanently change colors to (Random Color chart) 50% wielder
07 1.Positive energy 20ft burst centered on wielder 6d6 will 16 half 2.negative energy burst 6d6 20ft burst centered on wielder will 16 half 3.undeath to death will 18 60 ft radius centered on wielder 4.true resurrection 30ft radius (All dead and undead are resurrected as per true resurrection)
08 +(random Dice type) to (Random Ability) for (random dice type then time type) 50% wielder
09 Summon Random (Roll on the Type table) for (Random Time)
10 1d(Random Dice Resistance to (Random Element) for (Random Time) 1-3 on wielder 4. on target all within 60ft all within 16 miles
11 Plain Shift 1 mile radius to a random plain (Note: a mile radius down and up. also the plain that is shifted to takes the place of the original mile radius on the plain of origin
12 Time travel (1-50% backwards 51-100 forward) random time d100 mile radius
13 13 quasits are summoned and cause chaos for 13rnds
14 next skill check the wielder attempts he will automatically succeed
15 Re-roll the wielder thinks the re-rolled number happend but it surely did not
16 All possessions get sucked into the rod or if this has already happened all of those posessions are shot back out. 50% wielder
17 1.Permanent polymorph no save (roll on the type table) 50% wielder 2.Baleful poly morph (frt1d8+10) 3. polymorph object held into snake 50% wielder (if only object held by wielder is the rod of wonder then the snake becomes a snake of wonder and functions as the rod. However the snake of wonder has free will and unlimited charges a day.) 4.Cookie man (the target needs to make a frt save 15 or be turned into a cookie permanently. This cookie heals 1d8+1 hit points
18 1. Permanent mutation (roll the mutation table) 50% wielder. 2.Temp Mutation last 1d(Random) (Random time) 50% wielder
19 All terrain within 100 sqare feet changes to (roll the Random Terrain)
20 wielders hair grows 1d10 feet (if wielder has no hair then she must make a frt save dc21 or grow thick (random color) hair on her head (or back if has no head)
21 1. reduced 1d4 sizes smaller permantly (frt save 16 for half) 50% 2.increased 1d4 sizes larger (frt save 16 for half) 50% (Note: all equipent and touched living creaters also shrink as per honey i shrunk the kids.
22 Sex Change no save 50% wielder
23 All creatures within 100 feet that have an int score below 5 permanently have 3d6 int and speak common
24 food rains from the sky 1d10 times 100 1.gum drops 2.beef jerky 3.bread 4.goodberrys
25 Rain pours on the wielder for 1d(random time)
26 Slay living (frt 18 or nothing) if failed the rod eats the slayed creatures soul and it can never be resurected.
27 1d(random dice) gallons of water shoot at the target Ref X(x=gallons) or knocked back 1d4 spaces
28 flesh to stone/ stone to flesh (FRT18) 50% wielder
29 The target is covered in fairy fire
30 1.Invisibility covers the wielder 2.greater invisibility covers the wielder 3. mislead on the target 4.the wielder thinks he is invisible
31 All creatures within one square mile must make a will save 15 or fall asleep for 1d(randomtime)
32 Wielder and target learn each others languages automatically
33 Alignment changes(random Alignment) permanently 50%
34 Dosnt need to eat for 1drandom days 50% wielder
35 Ray of random element 1d6 per wielders hit dice
36 Teleport 1drandom miles north 50%
37 Weilder gains DR10/epic for Random Time
38 Tasha's Hideous laughter will13
39 Barrel of supplies appears next to wielder 1.gun powder 2.jerky 3.water 5.ale 6.50,000gp 7.600 gems 8.monkeys 10.carrots and cabbage
40 Fire ball goes out a mile radius (ref13 for half) that deals 1d6dmg per wielder hit dice
41 Capture/release a long ray of what looks like electricity tangles the target. The target gets and apposed grapple or it is sucked into the rod until number is rolled again. (the rod gets a +40 grapple check)
42 Wielder transported to patron deity. If has no patron deity then to a random deity
43 Raise dead mass 60ft radius. all dead creatures are raised as 1.zombies 2.skeletons 3.vampires 4.lichs and must help wielder of the rod until they are destroyed. However they are the same alignment and their int and cha will not go below 6
44 A building is summoned in front of wielder the building is 1.A fully furnished 3 story mansion 2. number 1 but a bordello with 1d6+1 whores of the opposite sex of the wielder but the same race of the wielder. 3.a small shanty 4.a 6 story tower 5. a war boat 6. a tent
45 1 herd of (1.unicorns 2.Pegasus 3.worgs 4.rhinos 5.elephants 6.deer) charges toward the target trampling anything in between him. once past him they dissipate.
46 wielder summons a permanent familiar as per a sorcerer Roll random animal to determine the familiar
47 frt 19 or become a child 50%
48 (frt 16 for half) age 1d100 years
49 1.the target and the wielder swap bodies permanently (no save). Int,Wis,Cha all remain the same. 2.the target and wielder swap races (permanent)
50 Flip a coin if heads wielder is turned into a copper. if tails target is turned into a copper. no save.
51 as though this isn't bad enough the deck of many things appears in the wielders pocket
52 60ft radius anti magic field centered 5 feet under wielder (permanent)
53 True strike on wielder.
54 most recently deceased part member appears next to the target and is brought back to life
55 Arcanis Extinguished target must make a will save 19 or permanently can no longer cast or use any sort of spell like ability beyond a magic item
56 Flesh to (1.Gold 2.Sand 3.water 4.bread 5.Silver 6.Brass) (frt 18)
57 1d10 times 100 feet of (1.Hemp 2.Silk 3.vine 4.wire) rope fall 5 feet in front of target
58 A loud Strange noise erupts from the rod... but nothing appears to happen.
59 The target is "cloned" but the clone immediately comes into consciousness not realizing its the clone 50% wielder (Note: Equipment is not cloned)
60 A permanent image of the target appears next to the caster as per permanent image. (Note: the image is permanently acting out the round before. this cannot be dispelled)
61 Wielder can now play the (1.Violin 2.Tuba 3.Flute 4.Guitar 5.Tribal drum 6.Bagpipe). The Preform skill is now considered a class skill. Also a MW instrument is summoned.
62 Target and wielder are magically forced into a stare. During this stare they share a special moment and an understanding. (If opposite sexes they fall in love permanently)
63 Every one in a 60ft radius of the target are taken to a magical plane where they are forced to sit and eat supper for one hour. in this hour no one can stand from their chair nor can they make anyu sort of attack against one another. the meal is (1.Roast beef sandwiches with chips 2.A turkey dinner 3.vegan Burritos 4.a traditional farm breakfast
64 Temporary regeneration 5 lasts Random Time
65 a child is made directly in between the target and the wielder. The child is a baby version of the two combined.
66 Roll on the rod of chance table
67 Roll on the classic rod of wonder
68 The rod grants you a wish which you must use within the round. (DM counts to 6 mudpuppies aloud)
69 Fort save 16 or become a sentient item. (Note: random roll from the items on person. then randomly select one of their Spell like abilities or Special qualities)
70 The taste of fresh grapes reaches all taste buds within 20 ft radius
71 Roll Rod of Wonder -II-
72 Roll rod of wonder
73 Everyone dances uncontrollably for 1drandom rounds (like tasha's hideous laughter. no save.)
74 The targets weapon is melded to its body making it a natural weapon (Frt 13 negates)
75 1drandom buzz saw blades shoot from the rod each one does 1d6 (Slashing,piercing) damage to the target
76 Centered below targets feet. (1.Hallow ground 2.unhallow ground 3.permanent circle of protection from evil 4. permanent circle of protection from good)
77 The PC character sitting furthest from the DM gains a random template for 24hrs 20% permanent
78 A permanent portal is opened up that will magically transport any one who goes through it to 1-50% the Wielders place of birth 51-100% the targets place of birth
79 Every one in a 30 ft radius rolls a d12 the highest roller finds a magical carrot in his/her pocket. This carrot will heal 150hp upon being eaten
80 Summon futuristic weapon (1.9mm pistol 2.Grenade 3.Cannon 4.laser gun 5.Light saber 6.Robot) Note:Dm has final call on ammunition, damage, and fuel.
81 Wielder and target trade one of their SQ/Spell like abilities at random permanently
82 every one within 30ft of the target randomly trade places
83 Nothing appears to happen... however if the wielder survives he will have a vision of the future in his dreams that night.
84 1.All plant life in 60ft goes wild and entangles any one near as per entangle. 2.all plant life in 60ft dies 3.all plant life in 60ft can speak the main language of the wielder 4.1d6 apple trees shoot up out of the ground around the target. the target takes 3d6 per tree (Ref 13 half)
85 one of the wielders skills gets a +10 modifier for one hour. (skill randomly selected)
86 Every one within a 60ft radius centered on target can only do sub dual damage for 1drandom rounds
87 The wielder's shadow becomes sentient and runs away. (He/She no longer have a shadow of any sort)Note: the Shadow is now an NPC in the world
88 An egg appears on the ground if taken care of a (1.Unicorn 2.Pegasus 3.Dragon jay 5.Balor 6.Hound archon 7.Platypus 8.Giant Owl) is born as a baby with no alignment. This egg takes 2 months to hatch. If opened before it hatches the egg explodes dealing 6d6 hell fire (Ref19 half)
89 Xom Laughs at you (frt18 or permanently deafened)
90 People in the closest town think that The wielder the son of Xom and begin to worship you. Also the target believes this.
91 the rod shoots backwards re roll and the wielder is now the target. the target the wielder.
92 The Rod Disowns the wielder. it will no longer work in his hands
93 The target is sent away to the corn fields...(target sent to a random plain)
94 Xom is pleased The target and wielder gain +1d4 to a random ability score permanently
95 Every one in a 60ft radius gains a random Greater bloodline).
96 Every one in a 60ft radius (centered on target) becomes a human. all equipment adjusts to the new form.
97 Toy models of every one in 60ft radius appear in wielders pocket or bag.
98 The rod turns into a mundane item (Note: it still has the same effect it just becomes the ______of Xom.
99 two effects. roll from the table twice
100 The rod and wielder become one. the rod disappears and the wielder can now use the rod as a spell like ability 2/day. (Note: if this is rolled again the "wielder becomes the rod" and for all intents and purposes is dead to the world."

Random Alignment[edit]

1d8 Result
1 True neutral
2 Chaotic good
3 Law full good
4 neutral good
5 Neutral Evil
6 Chaotic Neutral
7 Chaotic Evil
8 Law full Evil


1d12 Result
1 Black
2 White
3 Blue (1.Dark 2.Baby 3.Sky 4.Ocean 5.indigo 6.neon)
4 Red (1.Dark 2.Crimson 3.Maroon 4.Rust 5.Blood
5 Green (1.dark 2.neon 3.Forest 4.Lime 5.light 6.moss)
6 Yellow (1.Light 2.Mustard 3.Neon 4.Big bird 5.lemon 6.custard)
7 purple/Pinks (1.Dark purple 2.Bruise 3. dark pink 4.Neon pink 5.Pastel purple 6.Violet)
8 Brown (1.Light 2.Dark 3.Mud 4.Mahogany 5.Hazel 6.oak)
9 orange (1.Light 2.Dark 3.Neon 4.sherbet)
10 metallic(1.Gold 2.Silver 3.copper 4.mithril 5.platinum 6.metallic color)
11 Other (1.Glow in the dark 2.rainbow 3.glowing re roll color 4.gray 5.clear 6.denim)
12 roll Pattern


1d6 Result
1 stripes
2 polka dots
3 zig zags
4 Hounds tooth
5 checkers
6 plaid


1d8 Result
1 Fire
2 Cold/Frost
3 Sonic
4 Electricity
5 Negative energy
6 Positive energy
7 Hell fire
8 Shadow


1d100 Result
1-11 D4
12-45 D6
46-69 D8
70-89 D10
90-94 D12
95-99 D20
100 D100


1d100 Result
1-11 secs
12-60 Min
61-81 Hrs
82-92 days
93-96 weeks
97-99 Months
100 Years


1d12 Result
01 Celestial
02 Fiendish
03 Ghost
04 Half-celestial
05 Half-Dragon
06 Half-fiend
07 Lich
08 zombie
09 Skeleton
10 Vampire
11 Zombie
12 Lycanthrope (1.Wolf 2.rat 3.Bear 4.tiger)


1d6 Result
1 Animal
2 Beast
3 Outsider
4 Construct/Undead
5 Abjuration
6 Humanoid


1d100 Result
1-2 .Andosphinx
3-4 .Ankheg
5-6 .Arena
7-8 .Basilisk
9-10 .Behir
11-15 .Blinkdog
16-17 .Bulette
18-19 .Chimera
20-21 Cockatrice
22-23 Criosphinx
24-25 Darkmantle
26-27 Digester
28-29 Dragonne
30 Eight headed hydra
31-33 11 headed hydra
34-35 ethereal marauder
36-37 Five headed hydra
38-39 Frost worm
40-42 Giant eagle
43-44 Giant owl
45-46 Girallon
47-48 Gorgon
49-50 Gray render
51-53 Griffon
54-55 Gynosphinx
56-58 Hippogriff
59-60 Hydra
61 Kraken
62-65 Krenshar
66-68 Lamia
69-70 Manticore
71-73 Owlbear
74-80 Pegasus
81-84 Phase spider
85 Purple worm
86 Remorhaz
87-90 Roper
91-92 Seacat
93-94 Shocker lizard
95 Stirge
96 Spider eater
97 Tarrasque
98 Unicorn
99 Winter wolf
100 Worg


1d100 Result
01-03 Inevitable
04-06 Animated Object
07-10 Kolyarut
11-15 Marut
16-20 Warforged
21-25 Retriever
26-30 Stone Golem
31-35 Clay Golem
36-40 Zelekhut
41-45 Iron Golem
46-50 Flesh Golem
51-55 Allip
56-60 Bodak
61-65 Caller In Darkness
66 Bugbear Zombie
67 Ettin Skeleton
68-72 Devourer
73-75 Dread Wraith
76-80 Ghoul
81-82 Ghost
83-85 Mummy
86 Mummy Lord
87 Kobold Zombie
88 Minotaur Zombie
89-90 Mohrg
91 nightshade
92 Troll Skeleton
93-95 wraith
96-99 vampire Spawn
100 Vampire


1d100 Result
01 Aboleth
02-08 Athach
09-11 Choker
12-16 Chull
16-20 Cloaker
21-24 Dark Naga
24-26 Delver
27-29 Drider
30-35 Elan
36 Ethereal Filcher
37-40 Ettercap
41-42 Foulgub
43-44 Gibbering Mouther
45-50 Grick
54-53 Gibbering Orb
55-56 Guardian Naga
57-60 Mimic
61-63 Otyugh
64-67 Mindflayer
68 Beholder
69-70 Phasm
71-75 Rust Monster
76-80 Skum
81-82 Spirit Naga
83-84 Temporal Filcher
85-86 Will-O'-Wisp
87 Black Pudding
88 Gelatinous Cube
89 Gray Ooze
90 Ochre Jelly
91 Air Elemental
92 Earth Elemental
93 Fire Elemental
94 Water Elemental
95 Invisible Stalker
96-99 Magmin
100 Belker


1d100 Result
01-2 Bugbear
3-4 Drow
5-6 Duergar
7-8 Mountain Dwarf
9-10 Dwarf,Hill
11-12 Dwarf,Deep
13-14 Elf, High
15-16 Elf, Aquatic
17-18 Elf, Wood
19-20 Elf, Wild
21-22 Gnoll
24-25 Gnome
26-27 Gnome, Deep
28-29 Gnome,Forest
30-31 Gnome,Rock
32-33 Goblin
34-35 Half-elf
36-37 Half-Orc
38-39 Halfling
40-41 Halfling,Deep
42-43 Halfling,Lightfoot
44-45 Hobgoblins
46-47 Human
48-49 Kobold
50-51 Lizardfolk
52-53 Locathah
54-55 Merfolk
56 -57.Orc
58-59 Troglodyte
60-61 Cloud Giant
62-63 Fire giant
64-65 Frost giant
66-67 Ogre
68-69 Ogre mage
70-71 Stone giant
72-73 Troll
74-75 Storm Giant
76-77 Grig
78-79 Dryad
80-81 Nixie
82-83 Nymph
84-85 Pixie
86-87 Satyr
88-89 Doppelganger
90-91 Gargoyle
92-93 Grimlock
94-95 Harpy
96-97 Medusa
98-99 Minotaur
100 Ooloi



1d100 Result
01 Rabbit
02 Dog
03 Cat
04 Horse
05 Deer
06 Bear
07 Elk
08 Lemur
09 Spider Monkey
10 Squirrels
11 Fox
12 Beaver
13 Ground Hog
14 Hedge hog
15 Weasel
16 Rat
17 OX
18 Pig
19 Cow
20 Gazelle
21 Zebra
22 Elephant
23 Hippopotamus
24 Donkey
25 Goat
26 Sheep
27 Tiger
28 Panther
29 Lion
30 Liger
31 Gorrilla
32 Chimpanzee
33 Orangutan
34 Wolf
35 Dugong
36 Seals
37 Moles
38 Mouse
39 Aardvark
40 Camel
41 Rhinoceros
42 Boar
43 Dolphin
44 Whale
45 Chipmunk
46 Bat
47 Hare
48 Chinchilla
49 Gopher
50 Giraffes
51 Tapir
52 Martens
53 Badgers
54 Wolverines
55 otters
56 Panda
57 Skunks
58 Hyena
59 Dingo
60 Mink
61 racoon
62 Red Panda
63 Walrus
64 meerkat
65 Cheetah
66 Fossa
67 Ocelot
68 Mongoose
69 Anteater
70 baboon
71 Sloth
72 kangaroo
73 koala
74 Riding Dog
75 possum
76 porpoise
77 Wallaby
78 Wallaroo
79 Tasmanian devil
80 Rataroo
81 echidna
82 black bear
83 polar bear
84 brown bear
85 sun bear
86 Kodiak bear
87 Lynx
88 Nutria
89 Armadillo
90 llama
91 pony
92 Macaque
93 pika
94 porcupine
95 Buffalo
96 warthog
97 Gerbil/hamster
98 Guinea pig
99 Pegasus
100 Unicorn


1d100 Result
01 Ostrich
02 Emu
03 Kiwi
04 Do do
05 Swan
06 Goose
07 Ducks
08 Quail
09 guinea fowl
10 pheasant
11 turkeys
12 grouse
13 chicken/rooster
14 puffins
15 seagull
16 Snipe
17 loon
18 Grebe
19 Albatross
20 petrel
21 Crow
22 pidgeon
23 King penguin
24 Emperor Penguin
25 Yellow eyed penguin
26 Royal Penguin
27 Rock hopper penguin
28 Pelican
29 Tropic Bird
30 White Stork
31 Wood Stork
32 Turkey Vulture
33 California Condor
34 King Vulture
35 American Black Vulture
36 Flamingo
37 Crested Eagle
38 Mountain hawk-eagle
39 Martial Eagle
40 Bald Eagle
41 Tawny Eagle
42 Golden Eagle
43 Short-toothed eagle
44 Swamp Harrier
45 Pallid Harrier
46 Hawk
47 Black-Winged Kite
48 Bat Hawk
49 Red Kite
50 osprey
51 Saker Falcon
52 Prairie Falcon
53 New Zealand Falcon
54 Gyrfalcon
55 Crane
56 Sand grouse
57 Dove
58 Cockatoo
59 True Parrot
60 Macaw
61 Cukoo
62 Turacos
63 Northern spotted Owl
64 Eagle Owl
65 Masked Owl
66 Hoatzin
67 White Owl
68 Oilbird
69 Night jar
70 Tawney Frogmouth
71 Hummingbird
72 King fisher
73 Roller
74 White-Whiskered Puff bird
75 Rufous-Tailed Jacamar
76 Double toothed Barbet
77 Keel-Billed Toucan
78 Toucan-Barbet
79 Ochre-Collard Piculet
80 Ivory Billed Woodpecker
81 Yellow shafted Flicker
82 Eurasian Wryneck
83 Black Woodpecker
84 HoneyGuide
85 Blue jay
86 Robin
87 Oriole
88 Bobwhite
89 Titmouse
90 Finch
91 Trogon
92 Mousebird
93 House Sparrow
94 Golden Headed Manakin
95 Hawaiian Crow
96 Gonolek
97 Raven
98 Shrike
99 Drongo
100 Blue tit


1d100 Result
01 Common Chameleon
02 Helmet Iguana
03 Common Basilisk
04 Helmeted iguana
05 Green Iguana
06 Texas horned lizard
07 Green anole
08 Rock agama
09 Komodo Dragon
10 Thorny Devil
11 Gila Monster
12 Gecko
13 Cobra
14 Tree Python
15 Rattle Snake
16 Garter Snake
17 Copper head
18 King snake
19 Anaconda
20 Coral snake
21 Viper
22 Box Turtle
23 Snapping turtle
24 Sea turtle
25 Helmeted turtle
26 Terrapin
27 Tiger shark
28 Whale Shark
29 Great shark
30 Sea horse
31 Sword fish
32 Tree Frog
33 Poison dart frog
34 Common Toad
35 Red eyed tree frog
36 Golden Toad
37 Leopard Frog
38 Olm
39 Hell bender
40 Red back salamander
41 Marbled salamander
42 Piranha
43 gold fish
44 Salmon
45 Alpine Newt
46 Honey bee
47 Grass hopper
48 Butterfly
49 Lunar Moth
50 horsefly
51 dragon fly
52 praying mantis
53 Wasp
54 Yellow jacket
55 Killer bee
56 Hornet
57 Bull ant
58 Fire ant
59 Sugar ant
60 Scarab
61 Flower beetle
62 Lady bug
63 Daddy long leg
64 Flea
65 Tick
66 Tarantula
67 Jumping spider
68 Wolf spider
69 Black widow
70 Goliath Bird eater
71 Forest scorpion
72 Desert scorpion
73 Skink
74 Clown Fish
75 Mite
76 Herring
77 Jelly fish
78 Lobster
79 Crab
80 Shrimp
81 Eel
82 Electric Eel
83 Ra y
84 Giant squid
85 Reef squid
86 Common Octopus
87 Blue ringed octopus
88 Star fish
89 Clam
90 Muscle
91 Bow mouth Guitar fish
92 Skate
93 Angler fish
94 Vampire squid
95 lion fish
96 cockroach
97 angle fish
98 crayfish
99 hermit crab
100 beta fish


1d100 Result
01-2 Aasimar
3-4 Abysal Greater Basilisk
5-6 Achaierai
6-7 Arrowhawk
7-8 Tojanida
8-9 Mephit
9-10 Archon, Hound
11-12 Astral Deva
13-14 Xorn
15-16 Azer
17-18 Avoral
19-20 Babau
21-22 Mercane
23-24 Barbed Devil
25-26 Barghest
27-28 Bearded Devil
29-30 Bebilith
31-32 Bone Devil
33-34 cerebrilith
35-36 Chain Devil
37-38 Chaos Beast
39-40 Couatl
41-42 Chichimec
43-44 Djinni
45-46 Dretch
47-48 Efreeti
49-50 Titan
51-52 Erinyes
53-54 Formian Queen
55-56 Formian Taskmaster
57-58 Formian Warrior
59-60 Formian Worker
61-62 Jann
63-64 Glabrezu
65-66 Ghaele
67-68 Hell Hound
69-70 Hellcat
71-72 Hezrou
73-74 Horned Devil
75-76 Howler
77-78 Ice Devil
79-80 Imp
81-82 Leonal
83-84 Lillend
85-86 Marilith
87-88 xill
89-90 Yeth Hound
91-93 Tiefling
94-99 Quasit
100 Balor


1d100 Result
1-2 weak bones:-1d4 con
3-4 Thick skin:+1d(random dice) natural armor
5-6 4 eyes : +1d10 perception
7-8 Regeneration: regeneration 1d4
9-10 adamantine bones: DR 1d4/ (vulnerable to electric)
11-12 4 arms : +1d10 on climb checks
13-14 gills : ability to breath under water
15-16 Grow horns from head (1.small devil horns(1d2) 2.dear like horns(1d8) 3.ram like horns(1d6) 4.moose horns(1d6)): Head butt attack.
17-18 Freakishly large (Random Body Part): one body part is considered one size category larger.
19-20 no eyes: Blind
21-22 extra mouth on (Random Body part): the other mouth has the same bite attack as the original
23-24 freakishly large brain: +1d4 on all class knowledge checks
25-26 two left legs:-1d4 Dex
27-28 Small brain: -1d4 int
29-30 Grow wings 1.bat 2.feathered 3.demon 4.insect: Fly poor 20ft
31-32 Big nose: Gain Scent
33-34 kangaroo legs: +1d6 on all jump checks
35-36 elemental abilities: gain the ability to shoot 1d(random dice) (random element) as ranged attacks 10/day
37-38 Elemental resistance: gain resistance 1d10 (Random element)
39-40 eye lasers: ability to shoot a scorching ray from eyes that does 1d(random) per level.
41-42 grow a small plant from head: a plant grows from head that provides 1.cannabis 2.apples 3.goodberrys 3.drow knockout poison
43-44 grow hair all over body: -1d6 movement when untrimmed
46-47 Skin glows: 20ft light glows off of skin at all times
48-49 Big Boy: One size larger than normal for race and +2 con
50-51 Fanged: grows fangs that deal 1d4 lethal damage (if already has fangs the damage goes up a dice
52-53 missing body part: Random body part fell off and doesn't come back (cannot be regenerated)
54-55 no Mouth: unable to speak
56-57 no ears: unable to hear
58-59 Orc eyes:dark vision 60ft
60-61 Elf eyes: low light vision
62-63 invisibility: can go invisible at will
64-65 Claws: hands turn into lobster claws (unable to hold most weapons)
66-67 Animal Ass: lower torso becomes like that of a random animal and subject becomes tauric
68-69 goat legs: Hoofed and hairy legs like a goat
70-71 can cover body in (Random element): Body can become encased in element and the subject gains full immunity to element and DR 5/magic
72-73 Aura of beauty: +1d4 Cha
74-75 2.eyes turns a different color (roll random color)
76-77 Teleporter: able to dimension door at will
78-79 super strength:+1d10+5 to STR
80-81 Exoskeleton: ability to cast stone skin on self once a day
82-83 Psionics: has 7pts of psionics to use a day
84-85 extraordinary hearing and sight: +1d4 Wis and dark vision 120ft
86-87 Tail: Subject has a fully functional tail of his Dm's choice
88-89 vampiric: subject must drink one cup of fresh blood daily for sustenance(cannot eat food)
90-91 Speedster: 1-90% double normal movement and actions 91-99% 4 times normal movement 100% 10 times normal movement.
92-93 Slug legs: movement reduced to 10ft
94-95 Grow random colored feathers all over body
96-97 a random body part changes colors.
98-99 Head looks like that of an random animals
100 Re roll twice

Body Parts[edit]

1d20 Result
1 Head
2 chest
3 left arm
4 right arm
5 left leg
6 right leg
7 groin
8 stomach
9 hand right
10 Feet right
11 Back
12 Eyes
13 Ears
14 foot left
15 hand left
16 nose
17 butt
18 neck
19 jaw
20 hips


1d12 Result
1 Thick Woods
2 Desert
3 Arctic woods
4 Jungle
5 Swamp
6 Wheat field
7 Toxic Wastes
8 Mountainous
9 ocean
10 oasis
11 volcanic wastes
12 Urban City

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