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There are collections of people in the world who are as influential as the players can be, with their own stakes in the way of things. Enemy or friend, make your choice!

Dramatis Personnae[edit]

These are the prominent people of the world, with positions of power and stories about them. They serve for world-building in addition to potential landmark characters for interaction.

79 Blades

79 Blades, or "The" 79 Blades, is a somewhat celebrated, somewhat notorious entity in the lands between Aerzale and Edim. Little is known explicitly, save that he has a gang with him that runs along the roads. Some say he ambushes passing caravans as a highwayman. Others say he functions as a guardian of the tribes there. He gained his name from the 80 tribes that occupy the uneven and arid land there between the crags and stretches of desert. Each tribe had a special blade which was their ancestral birthright. He supposedly, along with his gang, conquered all of them except one, which was his own.

Aechaton Don Etalius

Emperor Aechaton is the current ruler of Premius

Griks Zalow
By Yanied

A goblin alchemist known for his mad inventions. Griks resides in the upper echelons of Premius' research societies. He is known for being rather obsessed with monstrosities and creatures that he believes are within the famed Arachnomicron of the goddess Resoolt. He created a number of abominations like the spider pig and the spiger race in reverence and zeal. His goal is to find the Arachnomicron for his own twisted desires. Having joined the Premius scientific research force in 9960 AP, he has since contributed a voluminous body to the world of Grisaire's science and technology, branding him perhaps one of the most influential figures. In addition to his obsession with arachnids, he is also known for having designed and led the project that transformed Maqi Rex into a mobile city, made to look like a massive spider. Due to his lack of regard for ethics, which has allowed him to experiment even on his own kind, he is a reviled name in goblinoid society.

For the most part, Griks doesn't care about fame or fortune. He cared originally to show his critics a thing or two. However, at some point, he only became obsessed with the Arachnomicron. While he remains an esteemed member of the Premius science society, he has made less notable creations over the years and become more isolated in his work. Much of his research grants are spent on adventurers to help him either gather alchemical materials to create new arachnid horrors or to find the forbidden book he craves.

King Mamjumdar

Mamjumdar is the current monarch of the nation of Kalim.

The Shotgun Princess

A wild warrior, the Shotgun Princess is a title given to a mysterious female humanoid who runs about the woodlands of Zesh which borders Premius. She is perceived as a reigning guardian of the border, but she is not beneath using firearms from the industrialized enemy to defend her home. Her true identity is a human named Lina.

Ellié D'Auringtun

A rags-to-riches man, Ellié started out as a trash collector in Premius, where he found many magical bits of trash that he repurposed into toys for secondhand stores. Eventually, his work earned him enough to buy a shop, named El's Magic Shoppe. Keeping true to his idea that magic should be fun and available to the masses, Ellié produced many innovative and creative magic trinkets for anyone's use, rather than esoteric magic items. The business took off since his creations often delighted children from richer clientele, and he soon was the proud owner of a successful franchise with many magic trinket stores across Grisaire.

Empress Lakambi

The empress Lakambi was a ruler of Khaire, known for being a powerful sorceress who maintained her nation's borders and her reign (6,892-6,940 AP) through many controversial means. She was a human obsessed with maintaining her visage of beauty and power at the end of her days, eventually abdicating the throne to her nephew, who would be emperor Olukun. Her obsession was supposedly in vain, as she passed of old age at 6,951 AP. However, this is untrue. Upon death, her body was reanimated incomplete, leaving her body in perfect condition, as though in stasis, for several centuries. Her corpse slowly reversed its aging, and people realized the corpse in the tomb was suddenly that of Lakambi in her prime years, as opposed to the state she had died in. At around 8,864 AP, her corpse was one of the many that arose during the Serpent's Loop event of Khaire, and she arose as an undead, with the same amount of power as she had wielded in her prime. Her attempts to retake the throne were thwarted by legendary hero Gunan Sy and she was driven to the Serpent's Maw, where she bides her time and amasses an undead following to retake her self-perceived rightful place.

Important Dead People[edit]


These are optional characters premade for character exploration. They lack the powers and positions of the previous list, but they add flavor more than anything else.

Blithering Chickenman

This person is believed to have once been an amazing and powerful hero. He was powerful enough to sunder great hordes of corruption by the Uncreated. However, he was not very bright. When M'iaq's dais was infected with corruption, it was he who shattered it to prevent the entire artifact from being corrupted. In a fit of rage, M'iaq cursed him and changed him into a werecockerel. He has since lost all memories of his previous feats and spends his days wandering around, pecking and burbling nonsense.

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Scientist Griks Zalow, Premius Research Convention

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