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The world of Grisaire, with its many connections, creates more backgrounds that are tied to specific organizations not present in core material. There are a lot of backgrounds that are still generic enough, however, to be used in this setting. You can use any core material backgrounds from the PHB in addition to these options. Generic backgrounds do not necessarily have any special flavor, and can belong in a setting outside of Grisaire easily. They also are not heavily constrained to a very niche idea or profession. Specific backgrounds might have ties to elements unique to Grisaire, or be more exclusive and narrow in concept.

Generic Backgrounds
Monster Hunter
Royal Cavalry for members of organizations like the Crownsguard or other royal guards
Specific Backgrounds
Archivist and Chronicler - possible links to Essence Scholars and Secret Keepers
Executioner and Torturer
Mage Hunter - In cahoots with the AML
Shadow Bringer - In cahoots with the Ashen Face
Shadow-Taken - People corrupted by the Uncreated who live to tell the tale


Ultimately, this aspect of most games will be merely background. The usual Common is prevalent throughout Grisaire, though there are different dialects. These dialects are not always the result of different languages mixing in, as sometimes they result from the culture around. They still use the same Common script. The table below shows the most prevalent Common dialect varieties.

Common Dialects
Region/Area Dialect Description
Gigan Gigan Common is common in south Edim, much of Adum, northwest Zesh, and east Premius. It is a dialect influenced by the language of giants and disseminated further by populations like the goliaths and giant descendants.
Sampfan Sampfan Common was once mistaken to be derived from fey creatures. It is actually a dialect unique to those who are versed in the druidic arts and language of nature. This is the primary dialect of Cijel, though it is also found in Adum, Igribus, and Zesh.
Arcoran Arcoran Common, also known as High Common, is the "standard" of Common which is held to be the original. It can be found in pretty much all parts of Grisaire. This is the Common that is taught in most universities and used in most scholarly writings.
Lunan Lunan Common is primarily found in the populations living in the south (Edim, Kalim, Doru Islands, Khaire). The dialect is coupled with a script which reads from right to left instead of left to right.

The following are the most common languages in Grisaire, barring Common. Their speakers are generalized in a nation where they have large numbers, but they are not limited to these populations. While the spoken portion is often the most unique, written scripts may overlap in many aspects and thus be legible to someone who does not speak the language. However, the mix of characters will usually prevent complete understanding. For example, while Goblin uses a script alphabet similar to Common, their words remain different. So the word "tree" is written as "reyzak," which only someone who knows Goblin would be able to translate. That is not to say there are not cognates, of course, but the sharing of alphabet should not be assumed to be any ease of communication. A real life example would be how languages like Vietnamese and Polish use largely the same alphabet as English, barring accents, but the words and structures are completely distinct.

Common Languages
Language Found In Script
Shou Lozorians Shou Pictography
Giant Hagai Dwarvish
Draconic Khaire, Lozor, Aerzale Draconic
Dwarvish Engal, Premius Dwarvish
Gnomish Engal, Aerzale Dwarvish
Elvish Adum, Zesh Elvish
Orc Adum, Edim Dwarvish
Goblin Doru Islands, Zesh, Adum, Hagai Common
Halfling Premius, Aerzale, Engal Common

Uncommon, or exotic, languages are usually known only via association or culture. Outsiders may know them if they are well-read and traveled. However, they do not serve as much purpose as the more common tongues for daily use. Their speakers are restricted here to just groups which speak them. Some of these languages may just exist but are not used at all, or at least barred from players as an option. Spydric, in particular, is an extremely obscure language in which the texts of Resoolt are written. Celestial, Infernal, and Primordial are often the languages among gods and their representatives, though they also speak a tongue unknown to mortals that uses powerful runes even runepriests know only a little of. The Uncreated do not speak a language, instead communicating entirely via telepathy usually. There is a cultish language that supposedly comes from the depths of the planet which some of the Ashen Face have used in ceremony, which is a relative of Deep Speech.

Uncommon Languages
Language Speakers Script
Shou Lozorians Shou Pictography
Abyssal Demons Infernal
Celestial Celestials Celestial
Deep Speech Aberrations Qualith
Infernal Devils Infernal
Primordial Elementals Giant, Dwarvish
Sylvan Fey Elvish
Undercommon Criminals Thieves Cant
Spydric Resoolt Priests and fanatics ???
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