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The Twelve Divine Arms[edit]

Made from the bones and spirit of Primus, these twelve McGuffins are used by the maker gods themselves. They are called arms, but they can take the form of things other than weapons.

Tome of Trinity[edit]

Tribore's book

Cape of Piercing[edit]

Spire Queen's robe

Cauldrons of Nether[edit]

Survelem's cookery

Dais of Despair[edit]

M'iaq's lectern

Armis Deus[edit]

The three pieces of this armor were created as keys to the seal which keeps Primus' Id from escaping from the core of the world.

Chassis of Bones[edit]

Impregnable Shackles[edit]

Immortal Helm[edit]

Other Treasures[edit]


A book of abominations, it is believed to be created by the goddess Resoolt, the Spire Queen.

Iron Rice Bowl[edit]

This is a bit of a storied item in Lozor. It is the original iron rice bowl, or 铁饭碗. It looks like a fairly innocuous bowl made of metal. According to legend, Orshiidi witnessed horrific famine in Lozor during the conquests of Sukan to unite the islands. Out of pity, he created this rice bowl that would never run out of fresh rice and gave it to Sukan as both a condition and a blessing for her endeavor. She was required to feed not only her troops, but everyone she came across. Sukan held up her end of the deal, and this was one of the crucial elements as to why she was successful, some believe. This side campaign via food became a linguistic idiom in Shou. Someone who has an "iron rice bowl" means that they have a stable livelihood and will not go hungry, foreseeably.

The original magic rice bowl is enshrined in the town of Tuoshu, where it was originally given to Sukan, allegedly. It is not known if the magic faded entirely once Sukan's conquests were complete, as the bowl has remained empty since Sukan's death. Some prophesize that great calamity and hunger will spur the rice bowl's magic once more. The bowl's magical abilities allowed it to always fill to the brim with hot, fresh white rice at the end of every hour. This rice will never go cold.

Infinity Blade[edit]

Endless Strength[edit]

Draconic Fury[edit]

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