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About The Setting[edit]

Grisaire is a place to placate tastes of both technology and magic to a degree. While magic remains the prevalent one, steampunk-style technology does exist and is being improved upon. Please keep in mind this does not mean modern technology like electric holograms or computers are possible. Steampunk, for the most part, still relies on things like dials and non-automatic weapons. The advent of an electric grid has yet to be publicized around the world, with only few special places having access. Most of these advances still go hand in hand with magic, which remains a stable source of power. Because they are heavily intertwined, the sciences, or knowledge centers, still deal with both technology and magic closely without differentiation.

Adding to Grisaire[edit]

For the most part, I don't think there is much that is crucial to add more of, save things like races, equipment, and classes. The world itself was relatively completed in my head when I made this setting. If you want to add your own cities, that'd fine, so long as they adhere to the general nation's culture and rules, or else have a reason why they would be so different.

Author's Note[edit]

Grisaire is a mix of about 3 campaign worlds I had played and planned over 2 years. It has elements of each, along with planned lore and cities that I used in my own games. As usual, I like things to focus more on the world story, and the players are the characters within the story. But the world moves on even if the players remain rooted. Even if they don't do anything, the will of Primus will continue and eventually destroy them all. It's not a player-centric world, and yet the players can influence it immensely.

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