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Grisaire is a world inextricably tied with magic. However, as people have lived alongside magic, a lot of problems have been fleshed out and laws have been put in place to minimize their use. While Grisaire is a high-fantasy setting, a lot of the world mirrors earth's history and politics, as well as ideas and philosophies on magic and the nature of this inexplicable force. Magic itself originates from the supposed death of Primus. As his consciousness was torn apart, his imagination and dreams, raw and unformed, were used by the Twelve Thrones to construct the magical network generally called the Veil which envelops the world of Grisaire. This power, which supposedly created the gods themselves, is incredibly potent and impossible for mortals to harness entirely.

As the Veil existed through the years, the power which it has provided has changed as well. Over time, as the world underwent its course, the Veil's embrace suffused into many things in the world, living and not, creating the potential for magic in creatures as well as objects that usually become sacred and sought after. In nature, the Veil manifests as primal energy, drawn upon by nature spirits, fey creatures, and the like. When exerted by living beings, psionic powers of the mind and arcane formulas are expressed through their bodies. Magic is considered the blanket mother for these powers: primal, arcane and psionic.

Normally, such powers would make it so the non-magical were at a disadvantage. However, as technology advanced, magic came to be required only in smaller amounts to have greater efficiency. The use of such technology has greatly altered the world. People have used magic and technology for unspeakable things that eventually became outlawed as incorrigible. Due to the non-intervention of the gods, few hard limits have been enforced on magic, and man resorts to law to rectify his mistakes. Magic remains an important part of most of life on Grisaire one way or another, whether in the earth, the tools, or the fauna.

The Veil[edit]

This omnipresent force weaves through all existence. It is said to have been the raw imagination of Primus. Tribore seized it and grappled it to fit his uses, creating the first uses of intentional magic. Non-intentional effects include the infusion of the Veil into other things, changing lifeforms and objects. The Veil is thus the source of all fantastic things in Grisaire. Those are sensitive to it are the ones who can use magic, though this sensitivity comes in a variety of degrees. Even those not sensitive to the Veil know of it and can used objects which have imbued properties from it.


Magic is a general term for special phenomena. It is divided into three categories in Grisaire: Arcane, Primal, and Psionic. The term magic extends beyond the use of spells and encompasses also the mental powers typically called ESP, which can be found in people like monks, and any supernatural innate power. People can acquire the use of magic through a variety of ways, even if they are not initially sensitive to the Veil.


Arcane magic primarily deals with what is associated with traditional magic archetypes. There is a great emphasis on theory in the arcane, as well as secrets. People focus on scrolls and learning arcane magic through studying and practice, usually. The use of theory extends to practical applications, like using arcane formula to power a cannon. Most practitioners of arcane magic are wizards, warlocks, and artificers. Sorcerers are considered a special case, being viewed as living arcane formulae. Some argue that sorcerers are manifestations of primal powers, even.


The use of spells is sanctioned by the god Tribore, who casted the first spell after wrestling the Veil into a form which could be twisted according to one's mental fortitude. It requires knowledge or at least the acknowledgement of formulae to give shape to the limitless powers of the Veil. This creates spontaneous effects that would otherwise be improbable, like making a fireball in the middle of nowhere, or lightning from a sunny sky.

  • Conjuration.
  • Necromancy.
  • Evocation.
  • Abjuration.
  • Transmutation.
  • Divination.
  • Enchantment.
  • Illusion.


Wild Magic
Ley Lines


Supernatural Powers

Restrictions on Magic[edit]

The school of dunamancy, with spells in chronurgy and graviturgy, is absent in Grisaire. These spells may be used by gods, but not by others. However, there are supposedly artifacts and secrets hidden in the world which can impart this power.

Magical Taboos[edit]

Divine Power[edit]

Divine Language

While onomancy is commonly considered arcane, it is a divine power in Grisaire. The use of onomancy requires usage of the divine language devised by Tribore, which cannot be used as a whole by mortals. Only runepriests are known to safely use even a minuscule fraction of the deified runes as a whole; most others are unable to wield them at all. The runes of the gods are said to contain a meaning for everyone and everything and so their usage can manipulate the essence of that which exists as well as that which is metaphysical.

Divine Taboos[edit]


Special spells, particularly homebrew, are listed here to be allowed in the campaign or were made with lore tied to the campaign setting.

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