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Author's Note[edit]

I originally made many 5e world campaigns that sort of remained unfinished throughout the course of many campaigns. Grisaire is the culmination of all of those broken pieces put together into one world. I wanted something smaller to manage than my grand 4e setting with two time eras, so this one is much more set, with simpler countries, themes, and a less doom-and-gloom world overall.

Concept and Themes[edit]

The idea is that the number 12 was appealing. There are 12 core classes, 12 months, 12 nations, etc. It combines the number 3 (Judeo Christian trinity) with 4 (number of death). So there are 12 gods. There were also 12 gods in Greek myth, which also subliminally inspired this. The idea of very human and flawed gods is very present in Grisaire, where they constantly screw up and don't seem to do what their worshipers want.
Since Forgotten Realms for 5e largely threw out Kara-Tur and stuff like the Calimshite empire, I added in those sort of cultures myself to more accurately present a very diverse world.
It's sort of a mirror to the Victorian Era, when technology is a growing trend. There was some inspiration I took from The Jungle to show the hardships of a rapidly developing world, where the environment and fellow people are sacrificed in the name of curiosity and progress. This also allows for better integration of the non-core artificer class, which some of my players wanted.

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