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Going back a bit to older editions, many of the classes for this setting are chosen for fitting into certain lore and organizations, rather than being a separate piece. Some have baked in lore to help integrate characters better. Others are more generic homebrew classes for the sake of showcasing homebrew. You can still use official classes if you wish. The list of comprehensive information on official classes and their roles in Grisaire can be found here.

Grisaire Classes[edit]

As the list here is homebrew, please use the classes featured with a grain of salt.


At around 7,130AP, a prophecy known as Death Pride foretold of horrible things to come with the withdrawal of the divine from the world. The Oracle Ulissia believed that the gods left Grisaire due to the sins of mortals. In the prophecy, it is said that four horsemen embodying pestilence, famine, war, and death would trample the earth if people did not repent and bring back the favor of the gods. As people did not heed this warning at first, the Oracle established the Four Riders organization to show the true terror of her prophecy. Select members were trained to become the apocalypto. They would ride the land and spread their infamy to cause fear and force people to turn towards faith. This power came with corruption, however, and many of the apocalypto who ride the land do so for their own desires.


The battlemage is the mix between battle-ready fighters and spell casters. They were commonly employed in the magic-rich regions of the world, like the former members of the Crescent Chance Alliance, to combat the March of Gears. They have spread throughout the world as an efficient way of using magic and weapons, especially for one who does not have full mastery of either. Like a wizard, a battlemage relies on studying and practice to hone their skill.


The power of Gier is believed to come from the latent desires of Primus, which are supposedly drifting around within the Veil of his dreams and imagination. It is utilized and refined by Igu-Rab-Ichi to spur desire in the hearts of men. This force is worshiped by those of the Gilt Society as a power that finds the greediest worthy. Those who are able to wield it are called gier. They are commonly people who specialize in unsavory lines of work, taking from others their valuables and their lives.


The Mortal Masons are people disillusioned with the do-nothing divine who want to take the thrones from them. Godslayers are their most prominent members. They are feared for committing violence in the name of anti-divinity. Because their sentiments are very fringe, godslayers are usually monitored by law enforcement after being spotted. Godslayers in general are associated with the Mortal Masons, but not all of them are members.

Grave Knight[edit]

Utilizing strange and powerful energies, grave knights are people who push the boundaries of life and death. They are known to originate from projects conducted by the White Tree organization that eventually yielded a tough and hard-to-kill sort of soldier. Being a grave knight often changes a person to have the aura like that of the undead, so they are not well received in many places.

Half Shade[edit]

Half shades in Grisaire are usually people who have been infected with the essence of The Uncreated. Their bodies have been changed to host an eldritch parasite which grants them power in exchange for gnawing away at their body. Many were victims of the horrid rituals conducted by the Ashen Face, where people are offered as sacrifices to the Uncreated, their bodies to become vessels for the trapped eldritch beings in the City of Ashes. An incomplete possession creates a half shade.

Ink Master[edit]

In the nations of Hagai, Lozor, and Zesh, there are traditions kept within the art of skin-inking. These arts range from summoning creatures to bolstering one's body using the tattoos infused with the power of the Veil. At its base core, the art of the ink is arcane, with traces of primal infusion. The greatest practitioners, sometimes called "Tat Warriors," seamlessly call upon the powers written on their skin to their advantage in battle.


A general group of magical practitioners, functional and basic in every way, is that of the mages. They encompass a wide range of the largest number of casters in Grisaire, though they are primarily found on Endix. Their craft differs only based on the spells and tricks they pick up, as their practice is not so rooted in theory as it is practice, making them different from wizards. At the same time, they are people who can learn more magic powers without having been born into one of blood, meaning they are not like sorcerers. They are also much more free flowing, using magic not bound by pacts or an innate font, differing from warlocks and bards.


The muqatil are spiritual fighters based primarily in the sandy terrain of Edim and the bustling cities of Kalim. They cover a variety of occupations, from guards, to prize fighters, dancers, and magicians. They follow a very mixed lifestyle based on mental focus and discipline, but without the overly ascetic aspects that would make them monkish.


Nomads are people who populate pretty much any world where living still all the time is not fashionable or desired. Nomads are very commonplace and many of them simply have wanderlust. Regardless of race or origin, this desire to travel and see the world is present within many sapients.


The heartland of the Endix continent has a great deal of reverence for nature. During the March of Gears, the spread of anti-environmentalism ravaged much of Zesh, Aerzale, and Adum's natural beauty. Those who fight to protect nature were the first plantaemancers, who utilize the influence of the Veil seeped into nature, specifically that of the verdant. Now that the March has ended, plantaemancers continue to be avid watchers of the modern world as they protect nature. Many of the cijelese community are of this class. It is said the art may have originated from them.


The language of the gods is believed to have been inscribed onto their thrones in a language of runes. These runes differ from that used by any other race and were said to be true symbols of power. Language was created by Orshidii for mortals, woven from these runes of Tribore. Thus, the tongues spoken are usually lacking in the original power of the deity language. Usage of this true language in its entirety is impossible for mortals. Enter the runepriest, a learned individual who can harness a small fraction of the runic language of gods to use their powers and accomplish amazing feats. Because these runes encompass the essence in the world, divine runes are the setting equivalent of onomancy.

Sacred Artist[edit]

Using the universal Veil as a "paint" of sorts, sacred artists can manipulate reality like an artist with a work of art. Sacred artists are particularly drawn to using forces of life, like emotions and life energy to draw their magical pieces into reality. They call this "essence" and many sacred artists learned their craft from within the circle of Essence Scholars. Utilizing this pure form, they can use ideal to create many forms, making them a versatile and entertaining person in general to the public.



Vorpal Follower[edit]

Dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the void, vorpal followers are largely members or acolytes within the Void Society. The void refers to the empty chasm within Tribore's chest, which is believed to house a special power, known as What Dwells Between Spaces. Due to the esoteric nature of their powers and the extent of training needed, vorpal followers are fairly rare. Only people who have the lifespan and the money to study the mysterious rules of nil can become vorpal followers, making it typically a choice only of those who come from rich or learned backgrounds.

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