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Various factions exist across nation lines in the world. Many of them are tied to races and classes, granting an extra bit of dimension to characters, particularly those with backgrounds that relate to such organizations.

Anti-Magic League[edit]

The AML was established during the March of Gears as a counterposition to the rising presence of arcane technicians, that is, artificers, in the empire. They were strongly opposed to the use of magic, claiming that their ingenuity in technology surpassed all need of it. Mage hunters are commonly a part of their party, which has dwindled in numbers but remains active today. Their rhetoric has changed a bit. Now, they see magic as over-reliance on vestiges left by gods, who had turned their backs on man. They float about the rumors of how the Veil will one day collapse, thus requiring that humanity stay their reliance on magic.

Crescent Chance Alliance/Everford Nations[edit]

Initially founded as a series of treaties to combat the rise of the Premier Force, the Crescent Chance Alliance consisted of nations that surrounded the east of the Premier Force's advance in the shape of a crescent, hence their name. The original member nations were Doru, Kalim, Edim, and Lozor. After the Premier Force's disbandment, the Alliance rebranded itself as watchers of the new rising global order. The name Everford hearkens back to the family of diplomats which made the Crescent Chance possible in the first place. This organization today includes most of the world's nations, including Premius.

Void Society[edit]

In their study of matter, the Void Society came across the realization that emptiness prevailed over existence. As such, they learn to harness this power, dubbed What Dwells Between Spaces. Those who master this craft ascend from mere acolytes to become vorpal followers.

White Tree[edit]

Unlike the Four Riders who are obsessed with a definitive end, the White Tree is an organization fascinated with death and the beyond. They are known to be split into two branches, the Branch of Ikthar, and the Branch of Harkos. Ikthar and Harkos were the organization's founders, magic users who were interested in the undead and afterlife. Ikthar had a more religious background and focused on the philosophical side of death, as well as necromancy school magic. Harkos was more shrewd and looked at how to utilize the powers of undeath to make the living stronger, much like a scientist. While at times the two branches find the other abhorrent, they are nonetheless intertwined on a similar subject. They are known to have been responsible for the creation of grave knights and are believed to be remotely related to the origins of the drekolac and lichkin.

Four Riders[edit]

Being obsessed with a prophecy of the end, the Four Riders are a fringe organization believed to have hosted the apocalypto.

Gilt Society[edit]

Of all organizations, none perhaps are more wealthy and materialistic than the Gilt Society. They are heavily tied to the power of gier. They are known underlings of their patron god Igu-Rab-Ichi, who is god of war as well as wealth.

Essence Scholars[edit]

Essence Scholars are believers in a primary, indivisible substance called "essence" which is in all things. Utilizing this essence, many in society strive to become its master. In addition to the more conventional professions like alchemists, there are sacred artists and ink masters.

Secret Keepers[edit]

Supposedly found by Plegothos, the secret keepers are devoted to gnostic and esoteric stories and secrets around the world. Their sects are highly secretive and hidden from the public. Usually, they are connected to conspiracy theories, but they also host a variety of interests in scholarship. They have extensive knowledge of the runic language of the gods. Those who are considered true scholars of this area can become runepriests.

Mortal Masons[edit]

The Mortal Masons organization commonly collaborates with the AML. Where the AML is primarily opposed to arcane influence, the Mortal Masons are a fringe group that despises the gods for having left the world. They claim that the gods cannot be rulers any longer, having left their throne. Being heavily and violently opposed to religion, the Mortal Masons are known for having committed acts of terror on churches and centers of institutional faith. Their most fervent members are known as godslayers.

Ashen Face[edit]

This reclusive and secretive group is said to consist of cults spread across all of Grisaire. They are rumored and spoken of, sometimes heard, but rarely seen. They are practitioners of eldritch rituals and grotesque acts of debauchery and murder, leading to their persecution by most orders of law enforcement. They are persistent in their reverence of the The Uncreated, believing them to be the true gods. Their members largely vary on the spectrum of insane to insidious. It is believed their leading members are under the influence of the Uncreated titans themselves. There are whispers that those who escaped their rituals were tainted, creating the half shades.

Jade Dragon Syndicate[edit]

This shady group of underworld dealings is a powerful syndicate with roots all over Lozor. They were created by a group of panda dragons who lived below the cloud layer from their typical home high up in the Bamboo Mountains. While they are known for running drug cartels and maintaining shady businesses involving unsavory assassins and prostitution, they also have a legitimate front as a trading company with contacts on the east coast of the Endix continent.

Lorien Guild[edit]

The people of this guild are spread throughout the world as protectors of nature, though their primary order of operations lies within the nation of Zesh. They are guardians of a magical tree, believed to be a remnant of one of the sacred trees now long gone, which produces weapons as its leaves. As a symbol of their association, their members carry leaf blades on their person. The guild has roots within the cijelese community, with the organization founders having been one of their race. As expected, the Lorien Guild is highly suspicious of industrial advancements that threaten the world balance with nature.

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