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A book of abominations, it is believed to be from the goddess Resoolt, the Spire Queen. Scientist Griks Zalow is believed to be obsessed with the contents. It supposedly contains a record of abominable monstrosities, as well as recipes on how to make and control them. The primary focus is on arachnid creatures of often foul origins. The ones in this book are said to only be of myth, but have powers of titanic proportions. It is said that these were Resoolt's plans for her own order of Old Ones. However, her plans were revealed to the other gods and she was forced to discard them. She supposedly awaits for one brazen and mad enough to do her dirty work for her. The entire book is written in the Spydric language.

The book has contents on the following creatures:

  • Arachnarok is an entry on enormous monstrosities that have the capability to dissolve flesh and bone. They are said to be powerful enough to destroy villages alone and are maneating creatures that only goblins in the ancient forest ruins of Zesh supposedly know of.
  • Arachnaphants are thundering monstrosities of evil. They are a cross between an elephant and a spider being.
  • Venos Arachna is a creature written to be a large serpent-spider chimera.
  • Spydragon is a horrific monstrosity that Resoolt intended to rival the creations of Tarekaya.
  • Arachemon is a fiendish monstrosity that requires the use of forbidden materials from the City of Ashes to create.

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