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History is made every day, but not all people care to remember it. People write stuff down, but it is not always preserved as it should be. People scoff at its value and call it junk, relics of the past to be forgotten. They are wrong. You are one of the few who stand against that ignorance. You keep those records and artifacts. You see the value of them, as well as what history and significance they possess. You may even know their value where others sneer at a bit of wear and tear. Time destroys, but it makes things all the more valuable to have and remember. Perhaps you are called a packrat, but let them. You have to yourself a trove of treasures from times when no one remembers.

Meticulousness runs in their profession, though some are more slovenly in their upkeep while others are very pristine. Usually, they are aware of everything in their archives and are very knowledgeable in their area of archiving. They are not totally driven to adventure, but some who have an eye for value will be willing to bargain anything to obtain a certain entry for their archives. Some do answer the call to travel to pursue long-lost treasures that resurface in alluring legends. Those who are passionate, and even some not, can spin alluring tales of history, hoping to instill their zeal in others.

When making a character of this background, consider their motivation for entering this odd hobby. Is it even a hobby? Perhaps it is your life's work and passion. Are you hired by a kingdom to work and maintain royal archives? Do you enjoy showing off these timeless collections, or do you prefer to be miserly and keep everything to yourself? Are you intent in inspiring others with your knowledge? Or perhaps are you more content to bury your nose in your studies? Archivists tend to be mainly lawful or neutral, bound by some sense of self-duty or their job. However, there are many undertones to their work which can take even sinister forms.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Performance

Tool Proficiencies: A musical instrument of your choice

Languages: One exotic language of your choice

Equipment: A musical instrument of your choice, traveler's clothes, a leather-bound journal in which you record the events you witness, an inkwell, a pen and a coin-purse containing 5 gp

Archivist Type

Archivists are overseers of troves of historical objects, chock full of great value. What troves do you specialize in?

d6 Specialization
1 Ancient Scripture
2 Art
3 Geological Discovery
4 Biographical Recreation
5 National Treasure
6 Historical Trinkets

Feature: Historical Value

Since you are so well-versed in monitoring the artifacts and such of great value, you are able to plainly see value across time. You know a roughly accurate estimate of an object at any point of its existence. For example, you may look at a rusty sword and deduce what it was worth before it had been rusted.

Suggested Characteristics

Archivists are very... well, varied! This bunch can sport all sorts of traits!

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am better with stories of the past than those I meet in the present.
2 I am quiet and reserved. I will not take the spotlight from the real heroes.
3 I do not admire the famous, I find them fascinating.
4 History's well and good, but I am excited to write the stories of tomorrow!
5 I will ensure that my companions are remembered for their great deeds!
6 Living in the shadow of these social figureheads makes a quiet life very difficult...
7 Fame does not suit me, but I won't deny the luxuries that come with...
8 Sure, I could sit back and watch history be made, but I could also make it myself!
d6 Ideal
1 Preservation. I preserve the past for future's study. (Lawful)
2 Observer. Heroes rise and fall. It is simply the way of things. (Chaotic)
3 Inspiration. The tales I tell may inspire the next generation of heroes. (Good)
4 Amusement. The world will fall and crumble, but it is amusing to observe the desperate "heroes" scrambling. (Evil)
5 Fame. Fame is all there is in the end. If I can't get famous on my own, I'll just ride the coattails of another. (Any)
6 Knowledge. Learn from past legends' downfalls. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I value my companions, and the opportunity they have given me.
2 My observations mean nothing if their are none to hear of them.
3 Youth is precious, and the young tell the best stories.
4 My studies come before all else.
5 I let my voice and song carry my tales.
6 I must carry on with my predecessor's work.
d6 Flaw
1 I can't leave well enough alone, and must meddle in the history I observe.
2 I am too quiet for the tales I have recorded to be shared.
3 I tend towards the romantic, and embellish my stories. Be it historical, or personal.
4 I am amazed by the on-goings of my companions' lives, and am often overbearing.
5 My obsession with my stories has left me quite inapt at interacting with others.
6 I am engrossed in the lives of others. I desperately seek to live vicariously through others.

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