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6th-Level Spells Summary
Accelerator Speed up time around yourself, causing you to move faster than your foes.
Acid Storm Unleash a brief downpour on your enemies
Add Sending Stone This spell adds a new sending stone to an existing pair of sending stones.
Alpha Demiplane you manifest in the ethereal plane using your soul to create or expand a demiplane of limited space risking your own soul.
Alter Race You attempt to change one target to another race.
Amplify Damage Curse enemies to take additional damage from a specific source.
Animal Mind Switch You touch a creature you can see to alter their mind.
Antimagic Blast A more localized form of antimagic field, which can be cast at a lower level.
Antimagic Blast, Variant You fire a blast of disruptive magic, disabling the Weave for a moment.
Antimodes Greater Fireball You create a blazing purple ball, infused with both freezing cold and sweltering heat.
Apocryphic Zone You and your target's souls enter a necrotic plane where magic is enhanced, leaving vulnerable physical bodies.
Apotheosis You gird someone up with the might of the arcane, becoming great and terrible in aspect and in power.
Armor of Flesh You touch an undead creature at least one size category larger than you and merge into its body for the duration.
Astral Cannon You conjure a beam of energy, blasting enemies in a line.
Aura of Invisibility Magic wraps around you and your surrounding allies, hiding them from the view of others.
Aura of Time Protect yourself and others with time energy.
Aysa's Plasma Cage A cage of plasma erupts from your fingers to encase your target in heat
Bhahoozun's Disintegration Fist disintegrate your enemies with the power of wind
Bloodtap You tap into the latent energy inside every being.
Body Enhancement You enhance the target's body allowing them to perform superhuman feats
Bone Telling Throw bones and see what you get!
Bulletproof For the duration of the spell, the creature you touch has immunity to damage from firearm attacks.
Call Spectator Summon a spectator to guard your loot.
Call to Adventure Conjure a team of adventurers from across the multiverse to perform some service.
Cascade of Thunder You summon a virulent thunderstorm that lasts for the duration, damaging creatures in range with electric shocks.
Chain of Corruption Whip your enemies with a corrupting chain.
Chain Pain A dark lightning bolt leaps from your finger towards the target, inducing pain and leaping towards another nearby creature.
Channel Divinity You become a conduit for divine power, allowing you to perform several miraculous effects.
Conjunctive Gate You weave a gate into reality between planes
Conjure Dragon You summon a dragon of challenge rating 6 or lower.
Dancing Plague You lead a crowd in a frenzied, deadly dance.
Dark World You invoke the powers of darkness to corrupt an area as small as a 30-foot cube or as large as a 100-foot cube.
Death's Touch Drain Life
Demonic Visage Your visage suddenly warps and changes to that of a terrifying demon.
Disassemble Molecules Rend creatures at the atomic level.
Dragon Form You assume the form of a dragon
Dragon's Skin You touch a willing creature, granting it a dragon's near invulnerability to energy and physical blows.
Dredge You resurrect buildings of the long-forgotten past.
Drought Cause the clouds to stop raining on a large area for one month.
Earth Shatter Summon a massive lightning bolt to empower your weapon and shatter the ground in your way.
Eldritch Portent You draw upon the timeless knowledge of an elder ancient in order to see the future.
Elemental Wrath You unleash devastating elemental destruction upon everything in your viscinity
Endless Sleep (5e spell) You put some creatures to sleep until you choose to awake them
Energy Burst You unleash a wave of bright searing energy all around you.
Energy Vortex
Erase History Purge the written word of reference to something.
Essence Siphon You tear a creature's vitality from their body, and use it to bolster your own.
Ether Reforged You weave your own reality into Universe
Extra You act twice on your next turn.
Eyes of Time After requesting assistance from the Lord of Time you temporarily have access to the knowledge of the entire history of this world.
Flesh to Bees You call forth the essence of bees within a target that isn't beehaving.
Flood of Shadow You overlay an area with the arcane energy of the Plane of Shadow, causing spells to react strangely
Flounder Grant a retroactive heal to someone before taking fatal damage.
Flux Wall Create a time-bending force field
Force Lightning UNLIMITED POWER!!
Forget Cause someone to forget about something.
Form Contract Bind a fiend within a weapon, armor, or jewelry.
Gather Instantly bring selected creatures to you.
General Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
Grand Alchemy Craft your masterpiece within your mind, and bring it into reality.
Gravity Sphere You create a sphere of damaging force which attracts things to it.
Greater Blade of Grass
Greater Zone of Euphemisms At your word, reality is purged of all rudeness and negativity
Guardian of the Living A creature of your choice that you can see within range and that took damage during this turn regains hit points equal to 5d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
Ijuyr's Symphony A rousing song that heals and invigorates allies.
Interference Field Project a field of disruptive magic that hinders spellcasting in a large area.
Internal Incineration The bones of a creature start to burn like hot iron, and the target is incinerated from the Inside out.
Investiture of Acid Gaining the abilities of a liquid that eats through anything it touches? Neat!!
Investiture of Darkness Darkness Rises up from around you, and covers you
Investiture of Green You call upon the power of plants to protect yourself from harm and attack your enemies.
Investiture of Light You wreathe yourself in shining, yellow-white light.
Investiture of Lightning
Investiture of Poison Your body is surrounded by a cloud noxious gas, may others breathe at their own risk
Investiture of Sand You call upon the power of sand to protect yourself from harm and attack your enemies.
Investiture of Sand, Variant You call upon the power of sand to protect yourself from harm and attack your enemies.
Investiture of Water You call upon the power of water to protect yourself from harm and attack your enemies.
Irascible Spear You pull shadows together and create a polearm wreathed in the darkness.
Ironwood Ironwood is a spell used to created a magical metal like substance from normal wood.
King Crimson The power that obliterates time itself: KING CRIMSON!
Landscape of Fear The terrain around the targets appear to be made of its worst nightmares.
Life Transfer Takes health from a willing creature and transfers it to another creature.
Light of Courage Inflict extra radiant damage on undead affected by turn undead
Limb Growth You sculpt additional body parts onto a creature.
Lindwurm Conflagration Summon a great fiery serpent to immolate your foes.
Lion Elemenacy: Holy The sound of singing from a heavenly choir erupts from the area as the spell takes hold. The sky darkens as if it suddenly became night, as the stars dance across the heavens.
Liveoak This spell turns an oak or similar tree into a protector or guardian. The spell can be cast on only a single tree at a time; while liveoak is in effect, you can't cast it again on another tree.
Locate Remains You sense the direction to the remains of a creature, as long as some portion of the remains is within 1 mile of you.
Lucky Charm Choose up to six creatures that you can see within range to bestow incredible luck upon.
Magic (Mobius)
Magic Staff You touch a nonmagical staff. Until the spell ends, that staff becomes a magic weapon which is able to cast spells.
Magic Talisman You turn a piece of jewelry into a protective magical item.
Magma Storm Create a cylinder of storming magma and flames that traps creatures inside and deals continous damage.
Magnetic Field For the duration, you can manipulate nearby magnetic fields to create a variety of powerful effects.
Major Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
Major Polymorph
Mass Exsanguination
Mass Mind Wipe
Mind Kill Scrambles minds.
Mind Swap You swap the minds of two creatures you are touching between bodies.
Mind Switch You attempt to take control of a nearby living creature, forcing your mind and soul into its body, and its into yours.
Misty Gate
Nyan's Investiture of Lightning A different take on the Investiture of Lightning spell that already exists on this wiki.
Oblivion Wave
OGC:Conjure Deep Abomination
Part Water Thrust your staff into the edge of a body of water and that body of water parts so land creatures can cross it.
Phantasmal Ship You enchant a ship, turning it into a powerful undead vehicle.
Prismatic Circle cast a potent ward of protection around yourself or any ally
Purge You strain a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
Raddik’s Focusing Blast Conjure a weak blast of plasma, which shrinks in size and grows in power.
Reaping Gaze A deadly spell that rots flesh and chills souls.
Rebirth You are able to de-age a creature back to the moment of its birth.
Reflection Warding yourself with powerful defensive magic, you gain the ability to reflect spells back at attackers.
Reflection of Magic You bring forth volatile magical energy from the Plane of Shadows.
Regeneration You infuse a creature with positive energy, granting it the ability to rapidly regenerate from damage.
Resist Annihilation You prevent a creature or corpse from becoming disintegrated.
Risen Life Service Bring a dead creature back to life as a potential life long servant.
Rockform Encase yourself in solid earth, giving you a rock-hard shell.
Screen Stride You gain the ability to enter an electronic visual display (screen) and exit from another screen within 500 feet of you.
Shadow Axe You conjure in your hand a battleaxe made of shadow.
Shadow Investiture The subjects shadow grows, enveloping it.
Shadow Storm You tear a rift into the Plane of Shadow, and draw your hand out holding black lightning which you hurl forth
Solar/Lunar Blast You summon the power of the sun or moon to obliterate your enemies.
Sorcerous Possession Caster attempts to possess creatures, similar to Magic Jar
Sorrel's Battering Javelins Sorrel Glintwing just really wanted to get rid of that pesky castle wall.
Sorrel's Burst Missile Sorrel Glintwing's Enhanced magic missile spell that explodes in a 10 ft radius on impact.
Soul Bind You target the soul of one or two enemies and bind them to each other. If there is only one enemy target-able, the first enemy to come within 60 feet of the targeted creature is then bound to the first targeted creature.
Soul Restoration You create the soul of a dead creature that has its soul fragmented or destroyed, or you release a soul that has been imprisoned from control.
Soul Stream Fire the high megalazor!
Spell Capture Captures any spell cast by a creature within range.
Spell Twine Create an arcane bond that distributes your magic to another.
Sphere of Awareness Project your awareness into the space around you.
Sphere of Warded Repulsion You create a magical sphere of energy around you that protects you against large amounts of damage.
Spiritual Transcendence
Steelskin You touch a willing creature and give its skin the ability to deflect glancing blows.
Suffocate You lift the mote and the air swirls out of it as it teleports the air from a creature's lungs into the Plane of Air and forces them empty.
Summon Exotic Humanoid Call forth an exotic champion to your aid.
Summon Hutijin Summon the mighty archdevil Hutijin. He does not take nicely to being interrupted by mortals.
Sympathetic Vibrations By attuning yourself to a freestanding structure such as a building, bridge, or dam, you create a damaging vibration within it.
Talisman of Summoning You touch a nonmagical piece of jewelry, and enchant it with the power to summon yourself.
To Ashes Closing your eyes and reaching a hand forward towards a target within range you mutter the Astral words for Time, Accelerate, and End as dark blue light beams out of your hand towards the target
Transport Via Shadows For the duration, any creature can step into the target shadow and exit from the destination shadow by using 5 feet of movement.
Tri-Enchant Weapon The Elements come to aid you in battle by swirling around your weapon.
Twisting Tendril You create a twisting wreathing tendril of necrotic energy.
Undeath to Death Destroy the undead hoards by unmaking the magic animating them
Unholy Flame, Variant Flame-like malevolence engulfs a 15 foot area around you.
Unveil You open a conduit to the Plane of Shadows, draining away harmful effects from the target
Vampiric Aura Life-draining energy radiates from you in an aura.
Viktor's Brand Of Undeath Become undead and....
Voyage into Shadow You and your allies meld with the border between the Material Plane and the Plane of Shadows to travel faster
Wall of Adaption A wizard says the magic words with a piece of wood, steel, brick or adamantine in hand. The piece disintegrates as a wall of force as strong as the piece appears.
Wall of Wonder You create a wall of chaotically shifting colors. No-one knows exactly what happens to the poor sap who tries to pass through it.
Water Sucker Drain water from a creature or object you can touch.
Woeful Stab A dagger in the back might hurt for some time, but the pain of a woeful dagger never ends.
Zone of Power You create a zone of slightly bluish energy that suffuses an area you can see.
Zuzar's Flaming Laser Sword You invoke the ancient power of dragon breath and a single blue laser fires from your fingertip.
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