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"Doc" Sy Monsoon (3.5e NPC) to 3.5e Generic NPCs ECL 20
3.5e Generic NPCs ECL 21 to 4e Creatures Level 31+
4e Creatures Level 4 to AEXIII's Weapon Master (3.5e Prestige Class)
AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun (D20 Modern Equipment) to Add New DnD Character Option
Add New DnD Class to Alastor (3.5e Deity)
Albaric Berenthar (3.5e NPC) to Ancestral Speaker (4e Class)
Ancestrial War-Spirit (4e Power) to Ar'ath-Zilth (3.5e Deity)
Ar'ath-Zilth (DnD Deity) to Armor, Weapons, and Technology (800 CE Supplement)
Armor, Weapons, and Technology (800 CE Supplment) to Atonement
Atonement (SRD Spell) to Baleful Shadowport (Shadow Power)
Baleful polymorph to Bear Bee (4e Creature)
Bear Claw (3.5e Equipment) to Black Cloud of Vengeance (3.5e Creature)
Black Cloud of Vengeance (5e Creature) to Blood Magic School
Blood Maiden Warrior (3.5e Creature) to Bormas
Bormas (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement) to Burning Hands, Greater(3.5e Spell)
Burning Hands, Greater (3.5e Spell) to Cat and Mouse (4e Power)
Catacombs of the Cold Legion (5e Quest) to Changeling Warrior (DnD Creature)
Changeling blood (3.5e Feat) to Chocobo Breeding Alternative (3.5e Variant Rule)
Chocobo Breeding Alternative (DnD Variant Rule) to Cloth Cleaver
Cloth Grab (4e Feat) to Cone of cold
Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress to Create Food (3.5e Spell)
Create Food and Water to Curled Backbone (DnD Feat)
Currency (Elder Scrolls Supplement) to Dagger of Piercing (5e Equipment)
Dagger of the Gods (4e Equipment) to Dead March (Patronage Supplement)
Dead Mountains (Pandlechron Supplement) to Demolitions (MSRD Skill)
Demon to Digestive Versatility (3.5e Trait)
Diirinka's Hideous Laughter (4e Feat) to Divine Soul (DnD Class)
Divine Spear (3.5e Monk Fighting Style) to Dodge (SRD Feat)
Dodge bonus to Dragonbound rider (3.5e Class)
Dragonbreath Coating (4e Feat) to Duel of the Titans (4e Power)
Dueling (3.5e Variant Rule) to EasyFRPG/Actions and Skills/General
EasyFRPG/Actions and Skills/General Skills to Elite Character Preload
Elite Characters (4e Variant Rule) to Energy push
Energy ray to Ettekin (4e Creature)
Ettercap (4e Creature) to Extraplanar Subtype (SRD Creature Subtype)
Extrasensory Strike to Fawn (3.5e Race)
Fear to Fiendish Telepathy (DnD Feat)
Fiendish Tiger (3.5e Creature) to Flaming Elimination (4e Power)
Flaming Lantern (3.5e Equipment) to Forgotten Realms Dungeon Master's Screen
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide to Gain (Wisdom) (Fallout Supplement)
Gain Combat Style (3.5e Feat) to Ghost touch
Ghostcap Poison (4e Equipment) to Gods (Endhaven Supplement)
Gods (Gods and Men Supplement) to Great Purple Chocobo (3.5e Creature)
Great Red Chocobo (3.5e Creature) to Ground Swallow (4e Power)
Ground Tornado (Martial Arts Maneuver) to Half-Zombie Powers (4e Power List)
Half-celestial to Healing hand
HealthTank (3.5e Prestige Class) to High Elf (Racial Trait Variants)
High Elves (3.5e Race) to How do deities aquire more divine ranks
How do you create a class page to Igniting Sand (3.5e Spell)
Ignition fighter (3.5e Class) to Improved Quick Doom (3.5e Feat)
Improved Quick Doom (DnD Feat) to Inspiring Leader, Variant (3.5e Feat)
Inspiring Leader (3.5e Feat) to James McKnight (3.5e NPC)
Jammominoth, Ring (3.5e Equipment) to Kaylik (3.5e Race)
Kaz the Minotaur (novel) to Knight of the Wild (3.5e Class)
Knightly Charger (3.5e Optimized Character Build) to Large Player Characters (5e Variant Rule)
Large Scale Battles to Life Drain (DnD Skill)
Life Extension (3.5e Variant Rule) to Lolth's Boon (4e Feat)
Lolth's Caress (4e Feat) to M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher (D20 Modern Equipment)
M4A4 Sherman Tank (Fallout Supplement) to Magma Pit (3.5e Spell)
Magmoblin (3.5e Creature) to Masks of the Hunter-Lords (3.5e Equipment)
Masochist (3.5e Trait) to Melee weapon
Melf's Acid Arrow to Mind fog (4e Power)
Mind of Power (3.5e Feat) to Monster Manual Deluxe Edition (4e)
Monster Manual II to MyCampaignSetting (4e Campaign Setting)
MyCampaignSetting (5e Campaign Setting) to Natural Evader (3.5 Prestige Class)
Natural Evoker (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) to Ninja of the Hidden Waters (3.5e Class)
Ninja of the hidden waters throwing needles (3.5e Equipment) to Oms (DnD Race)
On Fire to Overpull (DnD Feat)
Overresearched, Condensed (3.5e Trait) to Pearl Shape (DnD Spell)
Pearl Walker (3.5e Creature) to Pistolero (D20 Modern feat)
Pistolier to Portal Gun (DnD Equipment)
Portals & Planes to Profane Death Blow (DnD Feat)
Profane Ghoul Strike to Psychism (3.5e Disease)
Psycho (D20 Modern Race) to Races (Lands of the Twin Gods Supplement)
Races (Mantáer Supplement) to Ray of Gawkiness (DnD Power)
Ray of Heat (3.5e Spell) to Rending Touch Elemental Focus, Improved (3.5e Feat)
Rending Touch Elemental Focus, Improved (DnD Feat) to Rillkin (3.5e Race)
Rillkin (DnD Race) to Rope, Silk (SRD Equipment)
Rope Axe (3.5e Equipment) to Sacred Dwarven Spirit (3.5e Feat)
Sacred Dwarven Spirit (DnD Feat) to Schanderna (Wikiworld)
Schemer (3.5e Feat) to Ses'Rin (3.5e Creature)
Ses'Rin (DnD Monster) to Sharp-Eyed (DnD Feat)
Sharp Claws (4e Feat) to Sidriel
Sidriel (3.5e Deity) to Slasher (D20 Modern Creature)
Slashing Fury (TWF Scimitar Build) (3.5e Optimized Character Build) to Sonn-Sabrak (3.5e Equipment)
Sonoren (3.5e Deity) to Speed of Thought
Speed of the Zephyr (4e Power) to Spirit of Diligence (3.5e Prestige Class)
Spirit of Fury (3.5e Feat) to Steel Skeleton (3.5e Feat)
Steel Skeleton (DnD Feat) to Summon Ethereal Dragon (4e Ritual)
Summon Fire Creature (3.5e Power) to Switch (DnD Boost)
Switch Axe (3.5e Equipment) to Tasa Kora (Endhaven Supplement)
Tasa Kora Island (Wikiworld) to The Catfolk of Nazca (The Golden Tower Supplement)
The Cave of Krilos (The Test of Time Supplement) to The Orc Flu
The Orc King (novel) to Thoon (3.5e Race)
Thoon (DnD Race) to Tome of Fiends (3.5e Sourcebook)/Gaining Influence in the Lower Planes
Tome of Fiends (3.5e Sourcebook)/Morality and Fiends to Trigon (3.5e Deity)
Trild (3.5e Creature) to UMD
UNSC Vehicles (Halo Supplement) to Urgoth (DnD Race)
Urgrosh, Dwarven (SRD Weapon) to Vampire Paragon (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)
Vampire Trinity (3.5e Prestige Class) to Voice of Madness (3.5 Prestige Class)
Void, The (4e Environment) to Watcher (3.5e Race)
Watcher (D20 Modern Advanced Class) to Whirl of the Wind (DnD Feat)
Whirling Axes (3.5e Equipment) to Wizardry (3.5e Cleric Domain)
Wizards to Yellow Cavalry Chocobo (3.5e Creature)
Yellow Chocobo (3.5e Creature) to Īsaz
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