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"Doc" Sy Monsoon (3.5e NPC) to 3.5e Illusion (Figment) Spells
3.5e Illusion (Glamer) Spells to 4e Level 1 Creatures
4e Level 1 Toolbox to AV-14 Hornet (D20 Modern Vehicle)
AWP (3.5e Equipment) to Add a New 2.5e Race
Add a New 3.5e Bloodline to Alchemical Gunslinger (3.5e Class)
Alchemical Quiver (3.5e Equipment) to Ancient Crystal (5e Creature)
Ancient Elves, Valshock (3.5e Race) to Aquiter Kobolds (DnD Race)
Ar' Eisyyan (3.5e Race) to Armadillo (DnD Creature)
Armament Mage (3.5e Class) to Asylon (3.5e Campaign Setting)
Asylon (DnD Campaign Setting) to Bagh Nakh
Bagh Nakh (4e Weapon) to Beam Rifle (D20 Modern Equipment)
Beam Sabre (3.5e Equipment) to Bissett (Pandlechron Supplement)
Bitchfire (4e Power) to Blood Armor of Chaos (5e Equipment)
Blood Avenger to Book of Tzakarath (3.5e Equipment)
Book of Vile Darkness to Brush Machete (3.5e Equipment)
Brutal (4e Future Equipment) to Carbine, Lever-Action Repeating (3.5e Equipment)
Carbonetics Nano-Armor to Chain, Weighted (5e Equipment)
Chain, Weighted (DnD Equipment) to Child, Variant (DnD Template)
Child (3.5e Template) to Cleaving Charge (D20 Modern Feat)
Cleaving Cloud (3.5e Spell) to Command Spiders (4e Feat)
Command Undead (SRD Spell) to Couatl
Couazol (4e Race) to Cryomancer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Cryomancer (DnD Prestige Class) to D20 Modern Equipment Progress Level 5 Armors
D20 Modern Equipment Progress Level 5 FX Items to Darkfire Guild Thief (3.5e Prestige Class)
Darkfire Guild Wizard (3.5e Prestige Class) to Deer (3.5e Creature)
Defence Bonus(3.5e Variant Rule) to Detect X (3.5e Spell)
Detect chaos to Dispelling Strike (DnD Boost)
Displacement to DnD Fighter Feats, Melee Attack
DnD Fighter Feats, Other to Dragon Binder (3.5e Feat)
Dragon Blade (5e Class) to Drilthids (3.5e Creature)
Drilthids (DnD Creature) to Dwarves
Dwarves, Albion (3.5e Race) to Elemental Bender, Variant 2 (3.5e Class)
Elemental Bender (3.5e Class) to Empire of Blood (novel)
Empire of Japan (Mecha Time Cops Supplement) to Epic save bonus
Epilepsy (3.5e Flaw) to Explorer (4e Class)
Explorer (Fallout Supplement) to Far-Spawn, Variant (3.5e Template)
Far Mage to Fiend Bloodline (5e Archetype)
Fiend Cabalist (3.5e Feat) to Five Factions (Campaign Seed)
Five Factions (DnD Campaign Setting) to Force Bolt (3.5e Spell)
Force Bolt (DnD Feat) to Frozen Wastes (Stormforge Supplement)
Frozen Weapon (4e Power) to General Equipment (Fallout Supplement)
General Equipment components and tables (Fallout Supplement) to Gloves of Marking
Gloves of Marking (3.5e Equipment) to Graatel (3.5e Sourcebook)/Rounding out a Character
Grabbing Opening (4e Power) to Greatstaff (3.5e Equipment)
Greatsword to Hadozee (5e Race)
Haedue (Zyanya Supplement) to Harab (Dominaria Supplement)
Harakan (3.5e Race) to Hellforged Shadowsteel
Hellion (Fallout Supplement) to Holnstead Hammer (DnD Equipment)
Hologram (3.5e Spell) to Hunter (3.5e Class)
Hunter (3.5e Feat) to Improved Burst (3.5e Feat)
Improved Burst (DnD Feat) to Industry:Local Port (Pandlechron Supplement)
Industry:Overseas Port (Pandlechron Supplement) to Irinsians (DnD Race)
Iritok (Pathfinder Deity) to Jumping Charge (DnD Feat)
Jumping Spider (4e Creature) to Kick-Up (DnD Feat)
Kick 'Em While They're Down (3.5e Feat) to Kukri, Heavy (DnD Equipment)
Kukri (5e Equipment) to Legendary Template (3.5e Template)
Legendary Tracker (SRD Epic Feat) to Lion's Tornado BL (4e Power)
Lion's Volley (4e Power) to Low Kick (4e Power)
Low Level Nova (3.5e Optimized Build) to Magic (Marvel Universe Supplement)
Magic (Orizon Supplement) to Manifest Bloodline (3.5e Feat)
Manifest Gate (3.5e Feat) to Master of the North (DnD Prestige Class)
Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries (3.5e Prestige Class) to Metal Plate (3.5e Equipment)
Metal Plate (DnD Equipment) to Mists (Patronage Supplement)
Mistshore (novel) to Motor (5e Equipment)
Motor Function to Myconids (DnD Race)
Myillz (3.5e Deity) to Negate Psionics (DnD Power)
Negati (5e Subrace) to Novels Published by Wizards of the Coast
Novus (4e Race) to Orb of Storming Sands (3.5e Spell)
Orb of the Future (3.5e Equipment) to Paludia (DnD Campaign Setting)
Paludian lizardfolk biology to Perfect Senses (3.5e Feat)
Perfect Senses (DnD Feat) to Planar binding
Plane Descriptions (SRD Rules) to Pouncing Kitty (4e Feat)
Pouncing Kitty (DnD Feat) to Prominent Leaders of the Forgotten (Tiberium Rising Supplement)
Promise of the Witch-King (novel) to Pulse Pistol (Fallout Supplement)
Pulse Rifle (D20 Modern Equipment) to Races of Teoryran
Races of Teoryran (Teoryran World Supplement) to Reactive Stance (DnD Feat)
Read/Write Language (MSRD Skill) to Replicator, Sentinel (3.5e Creature)
Replicator, Sentinel (DnD Creature) to Ring of Gore
Ring of Gore (3.5e Equipment) to Roundhouse Kick (Martial Arts Maneuver)
Roundhouse kick (4e Power) to Saber Card (4e Power)
Saber Fangs (4e Equipment) to Scarecrow, Variant (4e Creature)
Scarecrow, Varient (4e Creature) to Sentinel Major (D20 Modern Creature)
Sentinelspire (novel) to Shaman (3.5e Class)
Shaman (3.5e Template) to Shouter Homunculus (DnD Creature)
Shovel, Military (3.5e Equipment) to Skills (MSRD)
Skills (Orion Supplement) to Sohei (Ki Variant) (3.5e Class)
Sojourn (novel) to Space Marine (5e Class)
Space Marines (Black Templar Chapter) to Spider Dodge (4e Power)
Spider Domain (5e Archetype) to Stamely (3.5e Deity)
Stamely (DnD Deity) to Strike of Elemental Invocation (4e Power)
Strike of Elemental Prowess (4e Power) to Surefire Flame (4e Power)
Surefooted (3.5e Feat) to Tainted Wretch (3.5e Class)
Taintwolf to Teraul Stouthoof (DnD NPC)
Terennas to The Growing Maw (3.5e Feat)
The Growing Maw (DnD Feat) to The Unapprochable East (3.5e Sourcebook)
The Under people (3.5e Race) to Time Mage (3.5e Class)
Time Mage (3.5e Prestige Class) to Transmute Stone to Lava (3.5e Spell)
Transmute Water to Steam (3.5e Spell) to Twilight Artificer (DnD Prestige Class)
Twilight Dancer (4e Paragon Path) to Undying Assassin (3.5e Class)
Undying Minion (Keran Supplement) to VF-25 Messiah (D20 Modern Vehicle)
VIP list (Andu Supplement) to Vicious Feint (3.5e Feat)
Vicious Impulse (4e Power) to Warbringer (3.5e Creature)
Warcane to Weaponmaster (4e Epic Destiny)
Weaponry (Ricasa Supplement) to Wind Blade (3.5e Prestige Class)
Wind Blade (DnD Prestige Class) to Wraith's Hood
Wraith (3.5e Template) to Zerka (5e Equipment)
Zero (3.5e Deity) to Ōtsuchi (5e Equipment)
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