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"Doc" Sy Monsoon (3.5e NPC) to 3.5e Legacy Feats
3.5e Legacy Preload to 4e Level 5 Toolbox
4e Level 6 Creatures to 5e SRD:Chest
5e SRD:Chill Touch to 5e SRD:Mending
5e SRD:Merfolk to 9-20 Crit spec, free hits per crit threat.
90mm High Velocity Gun (D20 Modern Equipment) to Add New Archetype Feat
Add New D20 Modern Class to Alcelt
Alchemic Cartridges to Ancient Rakshasa (4e Feat)
Ancient Remnant, Ice (3.5e Race) to Arachnida Ring of Climbing, Improved (DnD Equipment)
Arachnida Ring of Climbing (3.5e Equipment) to Armor Functions (5e Variant Rule)
Armor Fusion (3.5e Race) to Attack on Endor
Attack roll to Banded mail
Banderilla to Beastfolk, Wolfen (3.5e Race)
Beastfolk, Wolves (Farytale) (3.5e Race) to Blackfire Touch (4e Feat)
Blackflare Helm (3.5e Equipment) to Bloodtinged (3.5e Class)
Bloodwalk (novel) to Bow Mastery (3.5e Feat)
Bow Pactmaster (5e Feat) to Butterfly Ninja (3.5e Prestige Class)
Butthead (3.5e Creature) to Caustic Poison (3.5e Feat)
Cautious (D20 Modern Feat) to Chaotic Evil
Chaotic Evil (SRD Term) to Circlet of the All Seeing
Circlet of the Inner Eye (3.5e Equipment) to Cold Weather Outfit (SRD Equipment)
Cold immunity to Continual Shadow (DnD Spell)
Continual Shadow (Shadow Power) to Crimson House (3.5e Quest)
Crimson Lord Patron (5e Archetype) to D&D Wiki on Facebook
D20.00 Basics (D20.00 Decimal Rules Supplement) to Dark-Vision Goggles (3.5e Equipment)
Dark/Light Companion (DnD Feat) to Deathless Type (3.5e Creature Type)
Deathless Type (Keran) to Desmeca (3.5e Deity)
Desolater (3.5e Class) to Disease Bomb
Disease Bomb (3.5e Spell) to DnD ECL 25 NPCs
DnD ECL 2 Generic NPCs to Dragon, Variant (3.5e Race)
Dragon, Variant (DnD Race) to Drilthids (3.5e Creature)
Drilthids (DnD Creature) to Dwarves, Nordheim (DnD Race)
Dwarves, Obsidian (3.5e Race) to Elemental Plane of Air (SRD Planes)
Elemental Plane of Air (Wikiworld) to Enclave Plasma Pistol (Fallout Supplement)
Encumbrance to Escape Artist (MSRD Skill)
Escape Artist (SRD Skill) to Extra Domain Power (3.5e Feat)
Extra Familiar (3.5e Feat) to Favored Class (3.5e Feat)
Favored Class (DnD Feat) to Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Gargantuan (3.5e Creature)
Fiendish monstrous scorpion, Gargantuan (DnD Creature) to Flavor Pieces (Years of Gold)
Flawless Gem (Pathfinder Feat) to Fort Resolute (Endhaven Supplement)
Fort Resolute (Wikiworld) to Gallery of Notable People (The Golden Tower Supplement)
Gallery of Notable People (Wikiworld) to Giant Caterpillar (5e Creature)
Giant Clay Golem (5e Creature) to Gol Nokaad (3.5e Creature)
Gold-Haired Dwarves (3.5e Race) to Greater Critical (DnD Feat)
Greater Curled Backbone (3.5e Feat) to Guilds & Organizations (Merika Supplement)
Guilds (Elegy Supplement) to Halmo (3.5e Deity)
Halo: Alternate (RvB Inspired) to Heavy Mace (5e Equipment)
Heavy Metal Bard to Hit List (Sons of Anarchy Supplement)
Hit Point Booster (2.5e Variant Rule) to Humans, Taresi (3.5e Race)
Humans, Taresi (DnD Race) to Improved Aura of Despair
Improved Aura of Unluck (3.5e Feat) to Indicei (3.5e Race)
Indigo Coat of Tears(5e Equipment) to Iroic (3.5e Race)
Iron to Jutte(3.5e Equipment)
Jutte, Variant (3.5e Equipment) to Killer Instinct (4e Feat)
Killer Instinct (DnD Feat) to LA 4 Races
LA 5 Races to Lesser Balefire
Lesser Balefire (3.5e Spell) to Living Dimension (5e Creature)
Living Epic Spell (3.5e Template) to Lunar Paragon (DnD Racial Paragon Class)
Lunar Skin (3.5e Feat) to Magic Weapon Enchantments (3.5e Variant Rule)
Magic Weapon Enchantments (DnD Variant Rule) to Martial Artist (MSRD Class)
Martial Arts Maneuver Preload to Medium Ice Elemental (3.5e Creature)
Medium Ice Elemental (DnD Creature) to Mind-Affecting
Mind-Affecting Effect to Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn
Monster Compendium (3.5e Sourcebook) to MyArchetypeFeat (3.5e Feat)
MyArchetype (5e Archetype) to Natural Leader (3.5e Feat)
Natural Leader (DnD Feat) to No Holding Back (4e Power)
No Retreat (4e Power) to One Class (3.5e Variant Rule)
One Class (DnD Variant Rule) to PLEM (6 Homebrew Supplement)
PPK12 Gauss Pistol (Fallout Supplement) to Pearl Harden (DnD Spell)
Pearl Shape (3.5e Spell) to Pitchfork (5e Equipment)
Pixie to Potent Ancestry (3.5e Feat)
Potent Divination (3.5e Feat) to Professional Worder (3.5e Feat)
Professor (3.5e Feat) to Pugilist (DnD Feat)
Pull Blow (3.5e Feat) to Races of War (3.5e Sourcebook)/War in D&D
Races of War (3.5e Sourcebook)/Warriors with Class to Realms of Norrath: Everfrost Peaks
Realms of Norrath: Forests of Faydark to Requests for Adminship/Mkill
Requests for Adminship/Preload to Ring of The Rat (3.5e Equipment)
Ring of The Rat (DnD Equipment) to Rune Shifter (3.5e Class)
Rune Shifter (DnD Class) to Salesman (5e Background)
Salt Factory (3.5e Class) to Scribe (3.5e Feat)
Scribe (5e Class) to Shadow Dancer Variant (3.5e Prestige Class
Shadow Dancer Variant (3.5e Prestige Class) to Shield Cover (DnD Feat)
Shield Defender (3.5e Feat) to Silver Kitsune
Silver Kitsune (3.5e Race) to Slow Spell (DnD Feat)
Slow Taint (4e Equipment) to Soul Eater (4e Power)
Soul Enfeeblement (3.5e Spell) to Spell Weaver
Spell Weaver (5e Class) to Spynkazaka (5e Race)
Spynkoriithi (5e Creature) to Storm Paraelemental (5e Creature)
Storm Prison (3.5e Spell) to Sunrod
Sunsinger (5e Archetype) to Sōwilō
T'Klithit (D20 Modern Race) to Temple Raider
Temple Raider (5e Feat) to The Gauntlets of Zerthimon (5e Equipment)
The Ghost King (novel) to The True Warrior
The True Warrior (5e Class) to Time Shade (3.5e Prestige Class)
Time Spiral (novel) to Transport via Plants (SRD Spell)
Trap Challenges (Dungeon Dash Supplement) to Twinborn (DnD Creature)
Twinborn (DnD Race) to United Attack (4e Power)
United Soviet League (Mecha Time Cops Supplement) to Valkyrie (3.5e Class)
Valkyrie (5e Class/Race) to Viridanai (3.5e Race)
Viridian Imitator (3.5e Alternate Class Feature) to Warped Skeleton (4e Creature)
Warper, Truenamer (3.5e Prestige Class) to Werewolf Lord (SRD Creature)
Werewolf cure (5e Equipment) to Witcher (5e Class)
Witcher (5e Race) to Yaguran Deities (3.5e Pantheon)
Yaguran Deities (DnD Deities) to Ōtsuchi (5e Equipment)
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