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"Doc" Sy Monsoon (3.5e NPC) to 3.5e Generic NPCs ECL 30
3.5e Generic NPCs ECL 4 to 4e Diseases
4e Divine Feats to Aasimar
Aasimar, Gnoll (3.5e Race) to Adept (3.5e NPC Class)
Adept (3.5e Prestige Class) to Alexei Vorobev (DnD NPC)
Alezander Droven (3.5e NPC) to Angelic Tempest (3.5e Equipment)
Angelic Warrior (3.5e Class) to Arbiter, Variant (D20 Modern Prestige Class)
Arbiter (D20 Modern Advanced Class) to Armor Spikes
Armor check penalties to Augmented Alchemy (SRD Epic Feat)
Augmented Aura (3.5e Feat) to Bane Darkness (3.5e Feat)
Bane Darkness (DnD Feat) to Beastfolk, Sirius (3.5e Race)
Beastfolk, Slinks (3.5e Race) to Black Rock Stalker (3.5e Prestige Class)
Black Sun's Kiss (4e Power) to Bloodline, Greater (DnD Feat)
Bloodline, Improved (3.5e Feat) to Bowstring
Bowstring (3.5e Equipment) to Bwath (D20 Modern Creature)
By Venom’s Sweet Sting (novel) to Cause Sickened State (3.5e Spell)
Cause Sickened State (Dnd Spell) to Chant of the Riftworm (4e Feat)
Chaonde Eris (D20 Modern NPC) to Chosen of the Varuuts (3.5e Feat)
Chosen of the Varuuts (DnD Feat) to Clothesline (DnD Feat)
Clothing (Fallout Supplement) to Confusion
Confusion (3.5e Spell) to Create Synthetic Soul (3.5e Spell)
Create Synthetic Soul (DnD Spell) to Curse the Heretics (3.5e Feat)
Curse the Heretics (DnD Feat) to Dalanoth: The One Book
Dale Beltre (3.5e NPC) to Deaf (3.5e Flaw)
Deaf (DnD Flaw) to Demon Lord (3.5e Class)
Demon Lord (DnD Class) to Din's Fire (DnD Power)
Dinosaur, Deinonychus (3.5e Bloodline) to DnD CR 10 Creatures
DnD CR 10 Generic NPCs to Dominions of the Infernal (3.5e Feat)
Dominions of the Infernal (DnD Feat) to Dragoon Lancer
Dragoon Lancer, Variant (3.5e Class) to Dungeon Tiles V:Lost Caverns of the Underdark
Dungeon Tiles VI to Einherjar (DnD Race)
Eiren, The Middle Lands (3.5e Campaign Setting) to Elves, Half-Rage (3.5e Template)
Elves, High, 2nd Variant (3.5e Race) to Environment (SRD Creature Statistic)
Environmental Objects (3.5e Variant Rule) to Exorcist (3.5e Class)
Exotic Hunter (3.5e Class) to False Death (3.5e Spell)
False Life (SRD Spell) to Feral Might (4e Feat)
Feral Nation (Endhaven Supplement) to Fire Shield
Fire Shield (4e Power) to Follow the King (3.5e Feat)
Follow the King (3.5e Other) to Frosty Bleeding (4e Feat)
Frothing Cleric to Generating Ability Scores (3.5e Variant Rule)
Generative Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) to Gnome paragon
Gnomeling (3.5e Race) to Graveyard (Pandlechron)
Gravitist (3.5e Prestige Class) to Grievous Wounds (4e Feat)
Grievoux Raze to Half-Jinn (Racial Progression)
Half-Kobold to Head Over Heels (4e Power)
Headband of MiMi (3.5e Equipment) to Hibernate (3.5e Feat)
Hida Senzoku (3.5e Prestige Class) to Hounds of Haxan (3.5e Prestige Class)
Houou (3.5e Creature) to If You're Psychically Pinned (3.5e Variant Rule)
If You're Psychically Pinned (DnD Psychic Powers Supplement) to Improved Power Attack (DnD Feat)
Improved Power Double Weapon (3.5e Feat) to Inspiring Love (3.5e Feat)
Inspiring Love (DnD Feat) to Jamaal (3.5e NPC)
Jamaal (DnD NPC) to Keening (DnD Equipment)
Keening weapon crystal (3.5e Equipment) to Know Your Enemy (4e Feat)
Know direction to Lawful Good (SRD Term)
Lawful Neutral (SRD Term) to Lightinius (DnD Deity)
Lightkeeper (3.5e Prestige Class) to Lord of Magic (3.5e Prestige Class)
Lord of Nightmares (3.5e Deity) to Madness Snake (3.5e Creature)
Madness Snake (3.5e Creature): to Malachite Empire (Wikiworld)
Malady (3.5e Race) to Master Trip (3.5e Feat)
Master Trip (DnD Feat) to Meta-magic Mystic Theurge (3.5e Prestige Class)
Meta Karmic Punishment (3.5e Variant Rule) to Missile Proof (3.5e Feat)
Missile Proof (DnD Feat) to Mortuary sword (5e Equipment)
Mortuum Elf to Mystic (3.5e Prestige Class)/Becoming a Mystic of the Chalice
Mystic (3.5e Prestige Class)/Becoming a Mystic of the Coin to Nekomimi, Oreisa (3.5e Race)
Nekomimi, Oreisa (DnD Race) to Nymphspawn (DnD Race)
Nympxie (3.5e Race) to Ordinaries (MSRD)
Ordinator (3.5e Class) to Paralyzing Touch (3.5e Spell)
Paralyzing Venom (4e Power) to PhoenixBorn (3.5e Class)
Phoenix (3.5e Creature) to Point Buy, Generate Random
Point Defense Gauntlet (D20 Modern Equipment) to Price conversion
Pride (3.5e Flaw) to Psychic Ability (DnD Feat)
Psychic Archer (3.5e Prestige Class) to Quickened Summoning (3.5e Feat)
Quickened Summoning (DnD Feat) to Rapacious Hunger (4e Feat)
Rapid Assault (4e Feat) to Rejik (3.5e Deity)
Rejiksson (3.5e Deity) to Ribbon Blade (DnD Equipment)
Ribbon Dancer to Rogue Arbiter
Rogue Ideas (3.5e Optimized Character Build) to SRD3e:Swim Skill
SRD3e:System Reference Document to Scarecrow, Varient (4e Creature)
Scarecrow (3.5e Class) to Serune the Senile (DnD Deity)
Servant of Deity (3.5e Feat) to Sharp-Eyed (DnD Feat)
Sharp Claws (4e Feat) to Sight of the Owl (DnD Bodily Relic)
Sigil (Campaign Seed) to Slaying Fang (4e Power)
Slaying Strike (4e Power) to Sorcerer (SRD Class)
Sorcerer (Skraal Substitution Level) to Spell Extending (3.5e Equipment)
Spell Extending (DnD Equipment) to Spitter Homunculus (3.5e Creature)
Spitter Homunculus (DnD Creature) to Stone Body (Martial Arts Maneuver)
Stone Bolt (5e Spell) to Summon monster III
Summon monster IV to Swordmaster (BD) (3.5e Class)
Swordmaster (DnD Class) to Telepath (4e Future Origin)
Telepath (DnD Class) to The Dragon Hunter (3.5e Class)
The Dragon Isles (novel) to The Sea Devil's Eye (novel)
The Sea of Grass (The Test of Time Supplement) to Thunder Shower (4e Power)
Thunder Step (Martial Arts Maneuver) to Tower Shield Bash (3.5e Feat)
Tower Shield Bash (DnD Feat) to Trynnie (3.5e Creature)
Trynnie (4e Creature) to Unconscious (SRD Term)
Uncontrollable Rage (3.5e Flaw) to User LotR Feats
User LotR Flaws to Vengeance Taker (4e Paragon Path)
Vengeance of the Kitsune (4e Power) to Wanderer (3.5e Class)
Wanderer (3.5e Feat) to Weapons and Armor (MSRD)
Weapons of Legacy to Wind Walk (SRD Spell)
Wind Wall (SRD Spell) to Wriggle Intestine (3.5e Spell)
Wright's Touch (3.5e Sacrifice) to Zonder Sense (3.5e Feat)
Zonder Sense (DnD Feat) to Īsaz
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