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"Doc" Sy Monsoon (3.5e NPC) to 3.5e Healer Feats
3.5e Helpers Page to 4e General Feats
4e Hazard Preload to Ability Tank (3.5e Optimized Character Build)
Ability damage to Advanced Secrets of Glamour (D20 Modern Feat)
Advanced Training (3.5e Feat) to All hearing mind
All or Nothing (D20 Modern Feat) to Animate Rope (SRD Spell)
Animate Undead (4e Power) to Arcane Pistoleer (3.5e Prestige Class)
Arcane Power to Arwan (3.5e Deity)
Arwan (the Test of Time) to Avexilia-Blooded (DnD Template)
Avian (4e Race) to Base Attack Bonus (terminology)
Base Class Description to Berserker (DnD Optimized Character Build)
Berserker Blood (4e Power) to Bleeding Claws (4e Power)
Bleeding Claws BL (4e Power) to Bondo (DnD Race)
Bondsman (3.5e Feat) to Bronzewood (3.5e Material)
Bronzium Light Battle Armor (D20 Modern Equipment) to Cape Myst (Valgora Supplement)
Cape of Shadows (3.5e Equipment) to Cetra (DnD Race)
Cey'Taer (D20 Modern NPC) to Cheetion's
Cheetion (3.5e Race) to Cleave (3.5e Spell)
Cleave (D20 Modern Feat) to Commander (DnD Class)
Commanding Roar (4e Power) to Courier
Courier (DnD Prestige Class) to Cthulhu(DnD Deity)
Cthulhu (3.5e Deity) to DC
DC Universe to Daunting Assailant (3.5e Class)
Daunting Assailant (DnD Class) to Deluxe Eberron Player Character Sheets
Deluxe Monster Manual (4e) to Diaphragm Spasm (3.5e Spell)
Dibirr (4e Race) to Divine Sight (3.5e Feat)
Divine Sight (DnD Feat) to Dog, Riding (SRD Creature)
Dog (Fallout Supplement) to Dragonscribe (3.5e Prestige Class)
Dragonseye (4e Environment) to Dungeon Master (3.5e Class)
Dungeon Master (3.5e Deity) to Einherjar (3.5e Race)
Einherjar (DnD Class) to Elves, Illumil (3.5e Race)
Elves, Ivory (3.5e Race) to Epee (5e Equipment)
Epentheseans (3.5e Race) to Expansion
Expansion (SRD Power) to Family Ties (D20 Modern Feat)
Famous NPCs to Feyrin (3.5e Race)
Feyrin (DnD Race) to Firey Chains (DnD Spell)
Firey Vengence (4e Power) to Forcecage Trap
Forcecage Trap (4e Trap) to Future (4e Sourcebook)/Equipment/Consumables
Future (4e Sourcebook)/Equipment/Head to Ghost (D20 Modern Vehicle)
Ghost (Fallout Supplement) to Gods (Vaerya Supplement)
Gods Of Dwarfkind (Teoryran World Supplement) to Greater Aerial Combat (3.5e Feat)
Greater Aerial Combat (DnD Feat) to Guardian (3.5e Cleric Domain)
Guardian (3.5e Prestige Class) to Halo Reach Equipment
Halo Reach Races to Heavy horse
Heavy mace to Hobbits, LotR (3.5e Race)
Hobbling Attack (3.5e Feat) to Hungry Darkness (4e Power)
Hungry Earth (4e Power) to Improved Cleanse (DnD Feat)
Improved Combat Casting (3.5e Feat) to Infernal, Advanced (3.5e Creature)
Infernal, Advanced (DnD Creature) to Iron Skeleton (DnD Feat)
Iron Tager (3.5e Prestige Class) to Kakamas (DnD Equipment)
Kakin (DnD Race) to Kinslayer (4e Paragon Path)
Kinwaise (3.5e Deity) to Lance of Foulness (DnD Spell)
Lance of Longinus to Leyara Ruwirenemo
Leyara Ruwirenemo (3.5e Deity) to Locations on Othri (Lands of the Twin Gods Supplement)
Lochaber axe (3.5e Equipment) to M12 Warthog LRV (D20 Modern Equipment)
M12 Warthog LRV (D20 Modern Vehicle) to Magnetic Warrior (3.5e Prestige Class)
Magnificent Pride (3.5e Feat) to Master's Wand of Icy Wind (4e Equipment)
Master's Wand of Magic Stones (4e Equipment) to Mercenary Empires (Wikiworld)
Mercenary Vairant (3.5e Class) to Mirror Golem, Greater (DnD Creature)
Mirror Golem (3.5e Creature) to Morph into Toad (3.5e Spell)
Morque, the Taker of Lives (3.5e Equipment) to Mysterious Black Armor (3.5e Equipment)
Mysterious Ranger to Nekomusume (3.5e Race)
Nekomusume (DnD Race) to OGC Racial Paragon Classes
OGL to Organizations (Olyptia Supplement)
Organizations (Orion Supplement) to Papago (Fleshforge Legacy Supplement)
Paper-Folder to Phoenix Elves (3.5e Creature)
Phoenix Empire (Endhaven Supplement) to Poison Hemlock (3.5e Equipment)
Poison Kiss (3.5e Feat) to Primeval Alchemy (DnD Feat)
Primeval Conversion (3.5e Feat) to Psychic Powers: Multiple Targets (DnD Variant Rule)
Psychic Powers: No Dodge Bonus (DnD Variant Rule) to Rabbit-Man (4e Race)
Rabbit-Man (DnD Race) to Ravaging Darkness (DnD Spell)
Ravaging Darkness (Shadow Power) to Renar (Pandlechron Supplement)
Rend (3.5e Feat) to Ring of Counterspells (SRD Magic Ring)
Ring of Darkness (4e Equipment) to Ruby-Eyed Mask (3.5e Equipment)
Ruby-Eyed Mask (DnD Equipment) to Samarie Fury (DnD Feat)
Samarie Heritage (3.5e Feat) to Scrying (3.5e Feat)
Scrying (DnD Feat) to Shadow Lord (D20 Modern Prestige Class)
Shadow Manuever (DnD Spell) to Shifter Sprint (3.5e Feat)
Shifter Sprint (DnD Feat) to Sithyrr d' Zsatri'har (3.5e Equipment)
Situational Awareness (3.5e Feat) to Snatch Arrows (SRD Feat)
Sneak Attack to Soulsteel
Soulsteel (Eberron Nights Supplement) to Spider Ancient (DnD Creature)
Spider Box (4e Equipment) to Star City (DC Universe Supplement)
Star Wars Arms & Equipment Guide to Subject, Orange (3.5e Bloodline)
Subject Pheonix (D20 Modern NPC) to Swashbuckler-Artificer (DnD Character Optimization)
Swashbuckler-Artificer (DnD Optimized Character Build) to Tap Item (DnD Feat)
Tap Psionic Item (3.5e Feat) to The Bonegarden
The Book of Ages (3.5e Equipment) to The Orb of Xoriat (novel)
The Orc Flu to Thoughts and Ideas (Vaerya Supplement)
Thoughts on Sorcery (3.5e Other) to Toon (D20 Modern Race)
Toothy Grin (4e Power) to True Celestial (3.5e Creature Subtype)
True Celestial (DnD Creature Subtype) to Umbral Hand (DnD Spell)
Umbral Hand (Shadow Power) to User D20M Base Classes Combat-Focused
User D20M Base Classes Good Guy to Vehicles (RoF Supplement)
Vehicles (To the Heavens Supplement) to Wall of Stone (SRD Spell)
Wall of Thorns (SRD Spell) to Weaponized (3.5e Class)
Weaponmaster (3.5e Class) to Wind of Honor
Wind of Honor (Novel) to Wyrm Knight (DnD Prestige Class)
Wyvern's Gale (3.5e Equipment) to Zuan Codex (3.5e Sourcebook)/Corsair
Zuan Codex (3.5e Sourcebook)/Gnoll to –2 Sword, Cursed (SRD Cursed Item)
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