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Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Arcane Adept

Arcane Admixture 3e Prerequisite Feat::Arcane Power (3.5e Feat) You can modify a spell that inflicts energy damage to mix in an equal amount of arcane damage.

Arcane Cantata You can boost the power of your spells with the sound of music.

Arcane Power You can infuse your damaging arcane spells with raw magical energy.

Arcane Understanding You increase the number of spells learned automatically with each new level.

Believable You make all the spells from the School of Illusions more real.

Blood Painter 3e Prerequisite Feat::The Path of Blood (3.5e Feat) By painting magical diagrams out of your own blood, you can spontaneously cast spells using only your own life energy. This is especial use to casters who prepare spells, or to casters who have run out of spells.

Cantrip Allows you to use 0-level arcane spells.

Cantrip Mastery You have mastered cantrips in a way that allows you to use them more freely.

Class Pet You learned that your winning personalty and good looks can get you passing grades in magic school. You slowly have learned magic and can cast using your force of personality.

Devoted Magi Your devotion to the righteous path harmonizes with your innate arcane abilities.

Earth Lore

General Recharge Spell You can cast a spell repeatedly.

Improved Mana Regeneration 3e Prerequisite Feat::Mana Regeneration (3.5e Feat) Character regenerates mana.

Mana Regeneration 3e Prerequisite Feat::Mana-based Casting (3.5e Feat) Character regenerates mana.

Mana-based Casting Character may memorize "Mana" instead of any spell slot. "Mana" can be expended to spontaneously cast a spell.

Multiply Spell Cast many copies of a spell at a very high spell level.

OGC:Arcane Ley Lines Your arcane power can be used to attune to ley lines.

OGC:Brew Epic Potion Your potions are three times as powerful as those from most other alchemists.

OGC:Brew Greater Potion Your potions are twice as powerful as those from most other alchemists.

OGC:Brew Unstable Potion You've learned to mix multiple potions together to create something unique and very powerful.

OGC:Sorcerous Past A magical energy resides in your soul, a power that transcends time and across lives.

OGC:Suppress Spell Energy You have learned to minimize the mystical disruption caused when a spell is cast, making it difficult for others to detect your spells.

Song of Overwhelming Valor Even when all hope seems lost, facing overwhelming odds, your music can summon the deep wells of pride and valor in your allies, giving them the courage to fight on, and fight harder still.

Unprecocious Apprentice You were a nightmare for your mentor. Even though you showed considerable talent, you never seemed to bother with studies and loved to pull pranks instead.

Wizard's Grace The tricky hand gestures that are an integral part of your spellcasting have helped you to improve other skills.
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