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Members of this group define themselves by their alignment and their outlook on the world first, their other abilities second. Their strengths reflect their alignment choices, and roleplaying one means putting attitude first. A good guy designation doesn't mean that every such character is a hero in your campaign.

Homebrew Good Guy Prestige Classes
Name Rating1 (out of 20) Type2 Description3 Len-
Min. Level5
Adamantine Knight 14 Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Adamantine Knight sees perfection in the unyielding resilience and unequalled hardness of adamantine. By means of a strange alchemical process kept secret by the Adamantine Knights, these stalwart defenders of order actually incorporate that perfect metal into their own bodies. 3 15
Adept NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Aerial Cavalier 16.5 Good Guy, Combat Focused Expert at flying on an aerial mount. 10 6
Angel Disciple 17.25 Good Guy, Combat Focused, Skilled, Transformational Those with angelic heritage can draw on their blood to transform into a higher power of good. 10 6
Arcane devotee NR Spellcasting with a few cleric tricks Arcane devotee is a prestige class on Faerûn comprised of arcane spellcasters dedicated to the deity they worship. 7 5
Ascendant Knight 13.5 Battle-Focused, Good Guy The Ascendant Knight has achieved a new level of power derived from the five energies, a gift only possible from the celestials. They combine destructive energy powers with a rejuvinative ability to form a deadly force on the battlefield. 10 6
Assassin of the Dagger of Light NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting Good themed Assassin with some focus on spellcasting and better silent movement. 10 5
Autumneve NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting Autumneves are battle-sorcerer priests of Modroben, whose speciality in invocation allows them to blast undead hordes in great numbers. 10 7
Bard of the Secret Chord NR Good Guy, Bard Good bards that use their heavenly music to purify the souls of others. 10
Blackshirt NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting Blackshirts are ebony-clad wizard-priests of Modroben, specializing in arcane enchantment magic, especially in the creation of magical potions and objects to assist people in defense against the undead. 10 7
Bladesinger Paragon NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Blessed Emissary of Eilistraee NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting Powerful and devout worshippers of the Dark Maiden, the Blessed Emissaries of Eilistraee serve as the faces for Eilistraee's redeemed Drow followers. 10 7
Bloodshaper NR Combat focused Bloodshapers focus their talents at shifting form into direct manipulation of blood, resulting in buffing physical abilities and generating variable means of fighting. 10 4
Bonetamer NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting Bonetamers necromancers of the light, those who use their sinister magics to protect life from the ravages of undeath, specializing in the theft, and liberation, of undead from those who control them. 10 7
Brother of the Scarred Hand NR Good guy, bad guy, minor spellcasting Ascetics who learn the powers of healing and harming 10 7
Burning Soul NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Brave heroes never back down from a fight against evil, even in the face of death. And the phoenix rises from the fire of their souls. 10 8
Candlelord NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting Candlelords are wizard-priests of Modroben in his guise as god of time; they protect the world, and reality itself, from those who would abuse magic and risk catastrophe to achieves personal riches. 10 7
Cathardigan NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Cathardigan are an elite team of acrobatic gnomish paladins who slay undead in the name of their lord, Modroben, known for riding giant condor mounts. 10 7
Celestial Artist NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled The Celestial Artist uses their ability to manifest material from their paintings and their own special inks and talents to perform incredible feats of valor and strength. 10 6
Celestial Beacon NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused A beacon of light that shines even in the evil of the lower planes. 10 7
Celestial Caster NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Celestial Chorister NR Bardic, healer Bardic performer who gains powerful healing and support abilities through the guidance of Angelic patrons 10 5
Celestial Disciple NR Combat-Focused, Divine A Celestial Disciple is a warrior who through intense training forges herself into a divine weapon, spreading her faith and striking down infidels in righteous vengeance. 10 6
Celestial Transformer NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Cleansing Servant of Obad-Hai NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Combustioneer NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Combustioneers are clerical priests of Modroben, god of death, who serve him as masters of cremation and fire elementrics. 10 7
Corpselight NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting Corpselights are shamans who worship the nature spirits who are holy to Modroben, god of death; they derive their powers from the scavenger species that their order holds sacred. 10 7
Counter mage NR good-guy moderate spell casting these mages excel at stopping anyone else from casting spells
Court Champion NR Good Guy, Combat, Detects, reveals, and combats treason and corruption among those in high places 10 5
Creator 18 strong spellcasting, divine spellcasting A creator is a divine spellcaster who seeks to attain the most basic power of the gods, the ability to create life itself. 15 10
Dark Knight NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The Dark Knight was an attempt to duplicate the powers of the Holy and Fell Knights by the Kaladonian Empire. While it failed insofar as that objective, the lost art of the Dark Knight is still something to behold. 10 7
Darkfeather NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Priests of Modroben who worship him in his guise as god of death, Darkfeathers are highly trained archers blessed with the eyes of their patron animal, the buzzard, which they use to pick off undead targets from great distances. 10 7
Dazzling Swordsman NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Skilled, Arcane Spellcasting, Spontaneous Spellcasting If your wit is sharper than your sword, why not use it as your weapon instead? 10 5
Death Knight NR Combat-Focused, Bad Guy Combining undeath with the dark blessings of fiends, the Death Knight wields powers of both flame and death, able to raise undead servants and armies on his own through his spell-like abilities. 5 6
Deathwright NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Holy paladins enforcing the will of Modroben by destroying undead, deathwrights are vengeful defenders of life and death, and are known for seeking out the most powerful and vile kinds of necromancers. 10 7
Devoted Warsinger NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Disciple of Wulfen NR Combat focused, good guy Disciples of Wulfen are Wulfen's version of a cleric. They are primarily rangers but can heal if neccessary this class has 10 levels level 5 minimum for entry
Disciple of the Bow NR Good Guy Prestige levels unlocked by activation of the Bow of Dragons Sorrows 2 NA
Divine Knight NR Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting Blessed knights are chosen by their church, and they draw on their divinely given power to perform devastating attacks channeled through their weapon. 10 6
Divine Soldier NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Minor Spellcasting, Melee Pietous warrior with limited spellcasting 10 5
Divine Swordsman NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Dragonfire Champion NR Combat Focused, Good Guy A powerful force of draconic good, infusing breath weapons with smiting power. 12 5
Dragoon, Variant 0 Combat-focused Dragoons specialize in fighting extremely large enemies. They prefer spears for this purpose because of the simplicity of use and the reach. With a bit of natural magic and a lot of hard work, they grow to be capable of incredible maneuvers. 10 6
Dread Hunter NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Bad Guy The ultimate ranger, the most studied hunter: A Ranger prestige class that grants dreadful and baneful powers that make slaying Favored Enemies simpler than swinging a mace. 3 11
Drumblack NR Good Guy Drumblacks are highly-trained bards chosen to wield a very powerful magic, allowing them to cast spells through the intonations of percussion instruments, some of which can be heard for miles. 10 7
Easy Rider NR Good Guy A devoted Animal Companionist, that rides his Companion and marches to glory 10
Edgeripper NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting Edgerippers are sorcerer-priests of Modroben who focus on using spells of transmutation and metamorphosis to battle undeath; they serve as spies and support for large-scale attacks. 10 7
Eldrich Hag/Haggard NR Divine Casting, Arcane casting, transformational <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10 2
Enlightened Soul NR Good Guy, Combat Focused Having come to appreciate the sanctity of all life, whether pure or corrupted, the Enlightened Soul has learned to adapt her skills so that she might strike without harming. 10 20
Epic Master Specialist NR Many wizards choose to specialize in a specific school, focusing on a particular branch of magic. The master specialist studies the very notion of specialization. Though she, too, focuses on one school above all others, she so thoroughly devotes her attention to mastering her chosen discipline that she gains insight beyond the reach of any mere specialist. If a specialist is a student of a school of magic, the master specialist is that school's teacher. 10 10
Fangbringer NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Fangbringers are powerful hyena-venerating warrior-priests of Modroben, culled from the ranks of barbarian and uncivilized peoples and trained to fly into blind, destructive frenzies at the sight of undead. 10 7
Fatemark NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting The Fatemark are sages and scholars in the Church of Modroben, wizard-priests specializing in divination and the protection of the passage of fate. 10 7
Fist of the Dragon NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Flame Crusader, Tirr NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Flame Crusader NR Chaotic, Fire Use, Sphere-focused When one has been exposed to sufficiently powerful flame for long enough, that flame takes a form within him. He becomes a living advocate for the powers of fire, a curse and blessing that follows him wherever he goes. 10 6
Foolsman/Foolswoman NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting Foolsmen are chaotic and unstable sorcerer-priests of Modroben who focus on developing skills in illusions and phantasms, especially in the distraction of large numbers of undead so they can be destroyed easily. 10 7
Forgemaster NR Exhalted, Good Guy, Craftsman, NPC Divine craftsman of good. 10 5
Fox of Sin NR Neutral, Good-Guy. The Fox of Sin walks the line of good and evil taking from both to power her abilities! 10 Levels None
Frost Knight NR Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused A gish class with a focus on ice 10 4
Ghostwyld NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting The Ghostwyld are mysterious and reclusive priests of Modroben, who wield shamanic magic and allow themselves to be possessed by dead spirits, as well as gathering totemic objects from undead prey to bolster their power. 10 7
God Of War NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Gods Of War 5 15
Gold Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The shining bastion of good that specializes in healing others. 3 14
Gold Templar NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting An escort of healers, and server of those in need of healing and protection 10 5
Gravewire NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Gravewire are dedicated rangers who focus on defending large cemeteries, tombs and similar resting places for the corpses of the deceased. 10 7
Graylimm NR Good Guy, Divine Spellcasting Graylimm are druids who study and venerate fungi, especially mushrooms, breeding pocket versions with spores that can cause anything from healing to instant death. 10 7
Grinreaper NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Arcane Spellcasting Grinreapers are black-robed, scythe-wielding rangers who serve the Church of Modroben, Grinreapers are known for teleporting to towns moments before disasters strike in order to be on-hand to soulcleave the dead. 10 7
Harrier NR ,,, Harriers are agile specialists who exploit flanking, attacks of opportunity and tripping, taking down their victims with surprise attacks and wolf pack tactics. 6 4
Heartseeker NR Arcane caster, Combat focused Anti-Dragon Arcane Archers 10
Hero of Courage NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Hidden Adept 11 Melee Support, skillmonkey A fusion of Rogue and martial adept (See Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords) 10 8
Hightombed NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled The Hightombed are scholarly priests of Modroben who serve him as masters of mummification and the elementrics of air. 10 7
Holy Knight, Andreichekov NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Domain Caster Paladin with access to domains. 5 levels. 8 levels of Paladin.
Holy Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-focused Baptized in the divine light of the Church, the Holy Knight smites foes with powerful Holy Sword techniques. 10 7
Hunter of Evil NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Hybrid Elite, Turbo NR Utilizes falling damage, Combat-Focused A warrior infused with green magic. A paragon of unnatural strength and warfare. 10 8
Illusionary Weapons Master 20 Moderate Spellcasting, Arcane Spellcasting The illusionary weapons master is a spellcaster who specializes in illusions, and can create illusions so realistic that they actually border on reality. They use this to cast superior illusion spells and create fearsome illusion weapons with which they can vanquish a large array of foes. 10 5
Iron Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Craftsmen and shock troops of Corean, iron knights are combat-capable and able to aid their comrades. 3 14
Iron Templar NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Good Guy Paladins who master the forge and siege warfare. 10 5
Kamahl Acolyte NR Good guy, Neutral Followers of the hero, Kamahl
Keeper of the Eternal Flame NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Holy warriors of light and fire 10 5
Kishin NR Combat-Focused A Kishin is the result of a Demon Weapon eating Good souls instead of Evil. 5
Knight of Beauty NR Combat Focused, Good Guy, Paladin Prestige Gallant Knights in love with beauty, and willing to fight for it. 10 5
Knight of the Moon NR Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting A paladin/sorcerer combination with the ability to cast spells and attack in the same round. 10 5
Knight of the Morning Sky NR Moderate Spellcasting, Good Guy Warriors who combat the undead. 10 5
Legendary Shinobi NR Special What happens when shinobi make themselves known to the world as a hero. 5 15th [Naruto Shinobi]
Liberator NR Skill, support A class with an interesting twist on rangers' "Favored Enemy" class skill that allows characters to apply it to specific, character-designated enemies. Additional focus on technical skills and support. 10 6
Lightkeeper NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting Lightkeepers are abjurers, specializing in the art of protective magic to defend civilians and the Church of Modroben against undead. 10 7
Lion Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Guardians of Mythical Lineage. 10 6
Lord Knight NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy Holy warriors, crusaders for the cause of their lords, ladies and gods, the Lord Knight fights for all that is good and orderly in this chaotic, unpredictable world 10 4
Lord of the Thundercats NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Lord of the Thundercats begins the long road of mastering his skills, perfecting them in just one unique sword. 10 5
Loreblade NR Moderate Spellcasting Loreblades use a combination of wit and weapons to overcome obstacles. 10 6
Loregrimmer NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting, Divine Spellcasting Loregrimmers are the highest-ranking functionaries in the Church of Modroben, and are powerful clerics and healers with advanced spellcasting and soulcleaving abilities. 10 7
Lunae Divine Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Lunar Divine Knight's are taciturn warriors of the Moon Goddess. They will sacrifice their to empower their attacks. 10 5
Lunar Champion 19.5 Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting Martial adepts dedicated to routing out members of Shar's church, especially Shadow Knights of Shar. 10 5
Maestro of the Arts NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Magical Girl (Arcane) NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Moderate Magic With bound focus in hand, the Magical Girl conjures her armour and throws herself into the fight for what she thinks is right. 10 5
Marquis NR Good Guy, Combat Focused Brave heroes whose noble status and upbringing grant them amazing command and potential. 10 9
Master Monk NR Combat-focused A monk, heavily devoted to their physical training, whose unarmed attacks are deadly. Their Punch Art is extremely deadly. 10 7
Mental Blade NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Mental Blade combines a strict mental discipline with natural talent to become a force to be feared. 10 7
Minddrinker NR Psion A minddriker is a psion who becomes so familiar with the minds of others that they can obtain their memories, siphon their vitality, and even absorb their foe's intelligence. 5 5
Mireblack NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Mireblacks are healing-focused, druid-like priests of Modroben with an affinity for leechmastery and a psionic bent. 10 7
Mysterious Stranger 20 Gunslinger, Assassin, Good Guy Trained in stealth, marksmanship and the dark arts; a mysterious stranger can alter the prevailing conditions of any situation at extreme range with precision. 5 5
Nightsummoner NR Good Guy, Arcane Spellcasting, Strong Spellcasting Nightsummoners are wizard-priests of Modroben who can summon a legion of allies when they find an undead horde, specializing in the art of conjuration. 10 7
Ninja, 4th Variant (3.5e Class) NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Orespringer NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Skilled Orespringers are dwarven priests in the Church of Modroben who specialize in rescuing the souls of miners trapped in cave collapses underground and destroying the undead that roam troglodytic settings. 10 7
Pact Warlock NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strong Spellcasting A warlock who has made a deal with an other worldly patron in search of even greater power. 17 3
Palutena's Warrior NR Combat-Focused Palutena, goddess of light grants great power to those who show a love for life, and an affinity for her style of fighting. These warriors do not have the Paladin-like vendetta against evil, but focus more on protecting the innocent from harm. This does not mean that they are afraid to get their hands dirtied in combat, however, as Palutena grants them the ability to defend themselves and those around them. 11 5
Paraclete NR Strong Spellcasting A wizard with a cause 5 5
Penumbraul NR Good Guy, Skilled The Penumbraul are ascetic monks in service to Modroben, with the ability to sneak past their undead foes and manipulate shadow to their advantage. 10 7
Pontifex Sanctus NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Prestidigitator 20 Moderate Spellcasting Using Prestidigitation, this PrC adds flavor to their spellcasting that will impress any king, noble, or villager; and by impressing the people they are sure to get help with many things they want. 10 3
Presto NR Specialized Spell casting Specializing in the spell Prestidigitation which gives you uncanny possibilities with this spell. 5 7
Presto Lite NR Specialized Spell casting Specializing in the spell Prestidigitation which gives you uncanny possibilities with this spell. 5 7
Protector Judge NR Combat-Focused <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 10 5
Psychic Predator NR ,,, Psychic Predators are manifesters who have, by blood inheritance, begun a steady alteration into a ferocious psionic beast, blurring the lines of mental might and feral combat. Powerful in the physical and psychic sense, Psychic Predators favor claw and fang above all else, but are equally capable of concealing their primal manifesting by appearing outwardly normal for their race. Exceptionally durable and resilient, these individuals have no particular chink in their armor for their prey (and those who hunt hunters) to exploit easily. 6 6
Puppet Master NR Illusionist/Arcane Spellcaster A spellcaster focused in using puppets 10 5
Radiant One NR Combat-Focused, minor magic Glowing lightbulb or Zombie killer, you decide. 10 6th
Raging Hulk 18.5 Combat Focused The Raging Hulk is a barbarian thats anger has reached a point where he actually increases in size when he rages. 10 10
River Gypsy NR Separate Spellcasting, Good Guy Wanderers of the Waterways 10 5
Saint NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Savage Priest NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat Focused, Strong Spontaneous Divine Spellcasting The Savage Priest is a wielder of Divine beast-magics, empowering themselves and their spells to more closely resemble their animal allies. A rarity beyond comprehension, those who are Savage Priests are born to achieve such a destiny tied to the animal soul, and deviate from their clerical or other holy calling to answer their beast ties. 5 5
Secret Guardian of the Sacred Flame NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Shadowdancer NR Bad Guy, Skilled Shadowdancers are creepy guys and gals who hang out in the shadows. Occasionally, they jump out of those shadows and stab people in the face. Why? You'd have to ask the specific Shadowdancer. 15 Rogue 5th
Shadowgripper NR Good Guy, Strong Psionics Shadowgrippers are psychoportive psionicist-priests of Modroben who can teleport through shadows, giving them powerful abilities to strike at the heart of undead hordes. 10 7
Shaolin Monk NR shaolin monks emit an aura of pure awesomeness, and their Gong fu is of unparalleled quality. 10 6
Shapeflayer NR Good Guy, Skilled 'Shapeflayers are powerful elementricians and priests of Modroben, who use martial arts and dance to manipulate the flow of their chosen element, allowing them to affect undead in droves from afar. 10 7
Shield Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused, Armor bearer, Shield bearer, Fighter. A Shield Knight is meant to be the groups AC tank and his primary objective is to keep the rest alive by throwing himself in front of every blow and soak it with his armor and shield. 10 6
Silver Blood NR Good guy, Lycanthrope and vampire hunter. 10 4
Silver Knight NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused The Silver Knight (The Hunter Order of the Coreanic Knights) is responsible for finding and dispatching the most nefarious enemies of the kingdom. This order ranges far and wide, and patrols the borders of the kingdom. When called to battle, the Hunters serve as outriders, protecting the flanks and searching out the enemy. 5 8
Silverslicer NR Good Guy, Skilled Silverslicers are stealthy assassin-priests of Modroben who specialize in finding elite undead liches and vampires, and the necromancers who create them, and killing them quietly. 10 7
Smiting Avenger NR Good Guy, Combat Focused A powerful, martial champion of the gods, smiting enemies down 10 6
Soul Reaver NR Vengeful, Good/Bad Guy, Transformed. An unholy warrior whom was betrayed by those he trusted and killed as a result of jealousy or some other emotion. Now raised, they serve a new master in death, and in the process seek revenge, and are permitted to do so, as long as during and after they continue to serve. 10 10
Speaker for the Dead NR Good Guy, Strong Spellcasting A guardian of the souls of the dead, their voices, and their memories 10 6
Spirit Artist NR Strong Spellcasting Inspired to make works of art through the use of memetic images, the Spirit Artist manifests magic through his copy/pasted doodles. 10 6
Stage Illusionist NR Caster, Stealth, Illusions Performers who master distraction for fun and profit. 10 6
Stormbringer NR Good Guy, Spellcasting-Focused An 'enhancement' class usually used by paladins which allows them to learn damaging spells as spell-like abilities WITHOUT losing their ability to gain further levels as paladins. 5 5
Sworn Slayer NR Combat Focused. <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description! 5
Tattooed Monk (3.5e Class) NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Templer of Lock 17.5 "Good Guy, Combat-Focused" An arch-type dwarven warrior priest / Fusion of proto-cleric and dwarven defender. The ToL is excels at protecting others with both spell and shield. He is hardy and able to hold the line casting spells in full battle regalia. That is with both hammer and shield in hand. 10 5
Terminator NR Combat Focused An unstoppable warrior who specializes in killing those who would be prepared for ordinary assassins. 10 6
The Blade NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Skilled, Stealthy The Blade is a very skilled hunter, a hunter of 2–legged prey. They utilize daggers, small swords and stealth to strike their targets. 15 5
Thunder Cleaves NR Good Guy, Divine Spellcasting, Combat Focused Sevants of the Thunder 10 2
Tideturner NR Good Guy, Bad Guy, Combat-oriented A class of adventurers who turns the tide of war, for good or ill. 5 10
Titan Blade NR Combat Focused Wield enoumous weapons, and utilize them to their fullest potential. 10
Transcendent Fist NR Good Guy, Moderate Spellcasting, Combat Focused You know that old guy in all those Kung Fu movies with the long beard, eyebrows, fingernails, etc. that can totally kick everybody's ass, even though he's older than dirt? Yeah that guy took levels in Transcendent Fist. 5 5th level Monk
True Necromancer Hot Fix NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Truthringer NR Good Guy, Strong Psionics Truthringers are psionic telepaths whose focus is on investigating crimes, especially necromantic acts, and punishing those responsible. 10 7
Tusker NR Combat-Focused, Mounted Combat Boar riding cavalry that charges over and gores their enemies. 10 6
Uthgardt Totem Berseker 18 Meele Combat, Wild Life Uthgardt Barbarian dedicated to his tribe way of life 10 4
Vengeance Sworn NR Combat Focused, The vengeance sworn are relentless, implacable foes, hurling themselves against their draconic enemies armed only with steel weapons and bitter fury. 10
Vigilante NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy, Skilled Similar to the Assassin, but with a Good alignment. The Vigilante has a strong sense of justice and seeks to hunt down and destroy the wicked so that the innocent may live in peace. 10 5
Vizard Shinigami NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Warrior of the Soul NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Warriors of the Soul are extremely good persons, who have dedicated themselves to serving the cause of Heaven in the afterlife. Rather than have a peaceful and easy afterlife, they have sacrificed their eternal bliss to protect Good for all eternity. In other words, they have chosen to have a worse afterlife than they deserve. 5 5
Weapon Meister NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting, Tag Team A fighter that transforms another person into a weapon to wield. 10
Weeping Knight NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting Weeping Knights are holy warriors who disavow killing. 10 5
Whipblack NR Skilled, Good Guy, Combat-Focused Undead-slaying fighters occupying an important role in the Church of Modroben, Whipblacks are a martial clan of whip-specialized warriors who use a type of knout (a multiple-tipped whip) to wade into hordes of zombies or skeletons. 10 7
Winterborn NR Combat-Focused, Good Guy A Winterborn is the ultimate defensive character, willing to lay down his life for his allies. 10 10
Winterskin NR Good Guy, Combat-Focused Winterskins are rainid warrior-Claine, battle-priests of the god of death Modroben, known for enforcing his will on ships, most famously by serving as soulcleaver to navies and pirate fleets alike as well as ridding the seas of ghost ships. 10 7
Word of Life NR Good Guy, Combat Focused, Moderate Spellcasting The Word of Life uses word magic for good and healing purposes. 3 5
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