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A journey on the road

It was dark on the road. The road was nothing more than a simple dirt road, now covered with thick snow. The snow covered up any hole; so you never saw the holes until it was too late. The coachman was luckily experienced enough to hold the coach on to road and maintained a steady but slow speed. In the coach, were it was surprising warm, was a small delegation of the merchants guild with Sen Gardner.

Sen Gardner is a human, sorceress of the class presto, skilled in magic and dedicated her life to the ideals of improving life for civilized people. Her piercing emerald green eyes could burn trough flesh it seemed. If she talked, people listened.

Now the journey underway was because Sen had persuaded the merchants to see the benefits of a new better road between the towns. They experienced this now at first hand. But even then they were not completely in agreement. They all saw the possibilities, but that was for them not the most important part of this journey.

The reason they had to hurry was because the council of the other town was making a final decision this evening about the plan for a better road. The decision would very likely be the disapproval of this plan. This disapproval was mostly based on a letter that came from the merchants guild. Sen Gardner found out that this letter was a fake. And the one, who supposedly had signed this, was with them and had no knowledge about this letter. They were talking about it, trying to figure out who is responsible for this. It was a difficult conversion because they blamed each other and Sen Gardner had to go to great lengths to keep the merchants from blaming each other and to get them to focus them on the main problem the possible disapproval of the plan namely the improvement of the road.

Then suddenly, the sound of wood breaking, and the coach came to a sudden stop. Luckily the coachman was able to control the horses and the coach was still standing. but both front wheels and axle were broken. The merchants and Sen Gardner were shaken but came out the coach without any serious injury. The coachman says “It seems that the journey ends here, we should stay in the couch it will be very cold soon and…”. “No! We have an obligation to both towns to do our very best no matter the obstacles.” while saying this Sen Garder magically let a glowing boll appear above her hand and sent it to the closest broken wheel.

A quick investigation revealed partially hidden under the snow, a tree almost so long as the road is wide. Sen Gardner looked around the surroundings but it was too dark to even see the trees. Faintly she heard something, a horse? The glowing boll went up about 10 feet above the coach. but the light was to faint to see anything with it. Then the light became brighter. The light became so bright, that it was easy to see the surroundings, including 2 horses and 2 men. They were hiding behind some threes. The men were blinded by this suddenly intensity of light. The coachman almost immediately went to them, followed by Sen Gardner. The man on the left raised an ax, looking defiant and ready to strike. However, when Sen Gardner creates a great fireball that was hovering above her hand, the men dropped their weapons with a look of fear on their faces and gave up the fight.

The 2 men surrender but not without a smirk on them faces: “Give it up. You’re never going to make it, you better go home where it save and warm...”. The merchants looked at them and at the couch. “Unfortunately they are right, it's all late we don't have the time to fix this, if we can fix it.“ The courage had left the merchants. The two men were laughing at them. Sen Gardner ignored everybody and grasped a piece of rope and magical tied the two men together, then blindfolded them. And said to the merchants: “have you forgotten something? We have an obligation to both towns to do our very best no matter the obstacles”. “Get the two horses! Tie the horses to the coach and tie the two men on the horses, make sure that they cannot escape.” We need them to find out who is behind this sabotage. The coachman and merchants were confused, what was she talking about? The coachman looked puzzled at Sen Gardner but did what she told. The merchants looked at each other not knowing what came next.

The glowing ball became less bright and went back to the broken wheel. It was not completely broken. Sen went to the wheel and started focusing on it. The merchants watched in amazement how wood and metal were magically bent, and slowly the wheel became whole again. “Hurray!” The merchants cheered, they were all to glad that they could continue for obvious reasons. The merchants found new courage and together they removed the tree form the road. By this time the other wheel and axle were fixed and the journey went on.

Inside the coach the merchants could not stop talking about what happened. They could not wait to be in the town council. “We shall bring justice to whoever is sabotage our plan. We have an obligation as merchants and no obstacle is gone to stop us.” A loud cheer follows.

There is a world out there to build... where are you waiting for?
—Sen Sorcerers Sublime, Human, Presto, Prestidigitator, Sorcerers
, At a simple and badly road

Becoming a Presto[edit]

Presto's are mainly Wizards, Sorcerers sometimes a Bard, and some off them are from the prestige class Prestidigitator. These spell casters, through their travels, have come to realize that the world could be a wonderful place if they could just stop the unnecessary fighting and destroying and focus on cooperation and understanding everyone's needs. So Presto's talk to almost everybody about creation and cooperation to inspire as many people as possible especially those with influence. This is mainly done in public establishments, a favorite being taverns, were they strongly advocate for creation and cooperation instead of destruction. Or more subtly, by giving a performance with little warnings mixed in their stories and foretelling how wonderful it could be, or bad, depending on which choices are made.
Not all people are happy with this point of view, especially when more people are persuaded to follow the way of the presto. Some have nothing to gain from this, but all the more to lose. So a Presto can encounter or create situations which are not very healthy for her and those who follow her. She will be warned, but most likely would not listen. Maybe some setbacks will be orchestrated, so that she and her followers might change their mind, but the true Presto doesn’t quit at the first setback and if you don't succeed at first you try a second time... a third... a higher number is not uncommon.

Her obsession with creation also reflects in her magic. The spell Prestidigitation is the foundation of the Presto. They have mastered the spell so that they can use it with almost unlimited possibilities, by some it is also known as the “Pocket Wish" or "Small wish”.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: any.
Ability: 15+ in your primary spellcasting ability.
Skills: Diplomacy 5 ranks or Perform (any) 5 ranks, Gather Information 5 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 7 ranks and Spellcraft 7 ranks.
Feats: Parlour Tricks, Improved Prestidigitation
Spellcasting: Prestidigitation.

Table: Presto

Hit Die: d4

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spell casting
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Still Prestidigitation and Silent Prestidigitation +1 level of Existing Class
2nd +1 +1 +1 +3 Bonus Feat +1 level of Existing Class
3rd +1 +1 +1 +3 Compress +1 level of Existing Class
4th +2 +1 +1 +4 Bonus Feat +1 level of Existing Class
5th +2 +2 +2 +4 Versatile Prestidigitation as a Supernatural ability +1 level of Existing Class

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level)
Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language (n/a), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Presto.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency: A Presto gains no additional proficiencies in any weapon or armor.

Spell casting: At each level you gain new spells per day and an increase in caster level and spells known, if applicable as if you had also gained a level in a spell casting class to which you belonged before adding the prestige class level. You do not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. If you had more than one arcane spellcasting class before becoming a Presto, you must decide to which class to add each level for the purpose of determining spells per day, caster level, and spells known and to determines the perquisite ability score.

Spells: To cast a particular spell, you must have a score of at least 10+ the spells level in your primary ability score as determined by your previous class. Your bonus spells are based on this same ability score. Saves to avoid the effects of your spells have a DC of 10+ the spells level + your primary ability score bonus (if any).

Spell book: Presto's who use a spell book gain spells in it as their original casting class.

Familiars: Presto's levels stack with sorcerer and wizard levels for determining the familiars abilities.

Effect: You have reached a deeper understanding of the spell Prestidigitation. That enables you to influence a larger range, area, volume, weight and worth than normally can be accomplished with this spell alone, this grows with each level gained.

Silent Prestidigitation: The prestidigitator no longer needs a verbal component to cast prestidigitations. They can, however, make up verbal components if they wish. A Concentration check (DC 15) needs to be made when making up a verbal component. Failure can either mean spell failure or a roll on the chart available in Dragon issue 302 pg 52 (if available). If making up both a verbal and a somatic component the DC is raised to 20. (inspired eeh... copied form Prestidigitator.

Still Prestidigitation: The prestidigitator no longer needs a somatic component to cast prestidigitations. They can, however, make up somatic components if they wish. A Concentration check (DC 15) needs to be made when making up a somatic component. Failure can either mean spell failure or a roll on the chart available in Dragon issue 302 pg 52 (if available). If making up both a verbal and a somatic component DC is raised to 20. (inspired eeh... copied form Prestidigitator.

Bonus Feat: At 2nd and 4th level, the character may take Craftsman, Eschew Materials, Improved Eschew Materials, Double Cantrips, Magician and Toymaker (Provided they meet the prerequisites of the feats).

Compress: You can compress one or more non magical or divine items into a simple geometric shape. It may not exceed the maximum change size and weight as in above table. You can return it to it's former form at any time you wish not exceeding the maximum duration. Items can be so small as a coin or any other size of a massive gold object of the same weight. Keep in mind that the mass doesn’t change and you can only compress it into a simple geometric shape like a bar, cube, cone, cylinder, pyramid or sphere. The color doesn't change but you can change it into any color or pattern of colors you wish afterwards with the spell Prestidigitation.

1 cubic inch pure gold weigh 0.7 pounds.
1 golf ball sized sphere of pure gold weigh 2.2 pounds.
1 standard 400 oz bullion bar weigh 26.4 pounds.
1 Cubic Foot of Gold would weigh 1206 pounds

Table: Influence

Level Title Volume Change size and weight Create type item and max. gp Power Stitch/fix/heal Time
0 Basic 1 feet²/³ per round Fine size Item(s) Small crude Item(s) 10 Textiles 1 action
1 Apprentice 5 feet²/³ per round Small Item(s) Simple Item(s) 20 Leather 1 round
3 Adept 10 feet²/³ per round Medium Item(s) Typical Item(s) 40 Wood 2 rounds
5 Expert 20 feet²/³ per round Large Item(s) High quality Item(s) 80 Metal 4 rounds
7 Master 40 feet²/³ per round Very large Item(s) Complex or superior Item(s) 160 Gems 8 rounds
10 Legend 120 feet²/³ per round Huge Item(s) Permanent Item(s) 480 Living tissue 24 rounds

- Duration:
The duration, if there is need for, you must state it before the check, this cannot be changed afterwards no statement means automatically the maximum duration. Otherwise you can state it on the half hour so long it doesn't exceed the maximum duration as in the feat Improved Prestidigitation.'
You can use the chosen non basic magical effect for the duration of the spell on different items.
If you need another non basic magical effect, your have to cast this spell again.
For performing all others simple magical effects on basic level, this doesn't required a additional casting but it still takes 1 action to do so.

- Chill or warm an object:
You can chill or warm an object between freezing point of water (23°F/-5°C) and the boiling point of water (212°F/100°C) but only on non living matter and at your maximum range as in the table "Influence" above. It takes 1 round to lower or higher the current temp equal to your power in the table.
It doesn't require a concentration check to keep it warm at a steady temperature if the target is within touch range, or barely moving.
You can not heat a target that is moving unpredictable or moving faster than walking speed.
Example: You can keep your cloth or bedroll warm and comfy even in a cold environments environments.
Example: You can cook without using fire.

- Flavor an object:
You give a substance a better worse or different flavor. As in the spell Prestidigitation it has to be within the range as in the Table Influence.

- Volume:
You may clean, dampen, dry, color, sketch, Polish, soil or write to a maximum volume per round also in air.
This effect is permanent but it can get dirty, dry, clean or wet again.
Example: You can change the color of the floor at maximum volume per round.
Example: You may clean you dishes or cloth to a maximum volume per round, this is permanent but it may get dirty again. Example: A fire has started you may dampen the surrounding and give it a fire resistance equal half to your Presto Lite level rounded up + 1 modifier which will at least delay the fire and give time to others to put it out, or if it is a small fire put it out yourself.

- Polish:
Polish: You bring luster to a wood, metal, stone, leather, glass, or ceramic object. The object must be clean to start with. It remains shiny after the effect ends but can become dull again like anything else.

- Sketch:
Sketch: You create a temporary two-dimensional visual figment of whatever you desire. You can leave the image hanging in the air, in which case it is immobile, or place it on a mobile object, such as a shield.

- Tie:
Tie: You magically tie a firm knot (as though taking 10 with the Use Rope skill) in a thread, string, cord, rope, or cable up to 10 feet long. You can knot together two such objects if they're within 1 foot of each other.

- Change:
You can change one or more items into one or more items. It may require an appropriate craft check, at DM discretion.
You gain a bonus on any craft check equal to your Presto Lite level +1. You don't need artisan’s tools.
Example: You can change your own clothing, while wearing it, keep in mind that the mass doesn’t change unless you add or remove some.
Example: You can transform 1 or more coins into a ring, or if you have enough coins, into a bracelet a glove or small buckler, you can change the color.
Example: You can salvage any metal out off ore but the ore total weight may not exceed what you can lift. At 5e level Presto Lite you can process ores a maximum weight of 80 lb. This will take 4 rounds if the craft check is successful. Example: You can also purify any material to make it as pure as possible using the appropriated skill craft at DC20 or alchemy also at DC20. This doesn't necessary make the material stronger or more durable but it will most likely be more valuable and smaller.
Example: You can reform a heavy mace (8 pound) into 2 long swords (4 pound), DC12 smith craft check, but as the duration has ended the swords will turn back each in a half heavy mace, even if you keep the long swords together. Only by changing them again, DC12 smith craft check, can you regain a fully functional heave mace, this last change back to it's former state is permanent.

- Gather:
You neatly collect numerous objects. The objects you gather can be no larger than what you maximum can change, no two items can be more than your half range apart. And their total weight cannot exceed your maximum weight as in table above under power. You can place the gathered objects into a container you touch, or you can form a stack or pile that you touch. You can gather selectively; for instance, you can pick up just the coins from an area.

- Create:
You can temporary create one or more of the same items out of thin air, the total worth may not exceed the limit as in table of influence and it may require an appropriate craft check, at DM discretion.
You gain a bonus on any craft check equal to your Presto Lite level +1. You don't need artisan’s tools.
It can't be used as material components or to make permanent items until you have reached Presto Lite level 5.
You may replace the missing material out of thin air not exceeding the maximum worth in gold as in above table Influence.
Example: You can create a sword but instead of iron you can made it from wood, so long it worth doesn't exceed the maximum gold worth.
Example: Sen Gardner wants to leave a big impression so she wants the most beautiful dress. Its price in worth may not exceed 240 gp.
The craft check is DC20 but she get a +6 bonus (level 5 Presto Lite) on her Craft (tailoring) check.
Example: You can create a functional tinder twig out of thin air if you succeed on a craft check alchemy at DC20.
Example: You can create usable bolts out of thin air if you succeed on a DC10 check smith craft.
Example: You can create acid if you succeed at a alchemy check DC15.

Theoretical: You can create water or food, it will look like, smell and taste like it but it could be totally inedible, at DM discretion.

A successful appropriated Craft (Int) or appraise (Int) check to determine the true nature of this creation.

Power stand for the reach you have with the spell Prestidigitation, watt as in light (for Lumen x15), dB as in sound, lb as in weight what you can move, Celsius as in temperature and GP as in gold and more...
Example: You can create a item and let it appear as far as the maximum range, if you want it on a precise location than this requires a successful ranged attack. You gain a bonus on this ranged attack check equal to half your Presto Lite level rounded up +1.
Example: You can create a glowing ball as far as the maximum range. You can control it and send it were you want it within this range. It can not pass this range. You can create a glowing ball that give as much as 480 watt (at 5e level Presto Lite) of light, you can also change color with various effects like a bullseye lamp with the same effect with a doubled range.
Examples: You can make all kind of sounds like music or other voices and let it appear form somewhere within your range. At volume of a Whisper 10 dB, low voice 40 dB, Busy restaurant 60 dB, Alarm clock 80 dB, Large diesel vehicle 90 dB, Rock concert 110 dB, a Sonic boom 120 dB (Painful. 32 times as loud as 70 dB.), 150 dB Jet take-off (at 25 meters) (Eardrum rupture).
Example: You can lift/move a object of max 480 lb at level 5 Presto Lite, but slowly not faster than walking speed.

- Stitch/fix/heal:
You can Stitch/fix/heal items back to its former form, if all pieces are present or you have spare material then this fix is permanent.
If some piece(s) are missing and you can not replace them with existing material then this change is temporary.
Example: In theory you could fix/reform a broken vial with the original content back in it, at DM discretion.
Example: You may repair a very old book but the content may be lost forever...., at DM discretion.

- Time:
It takes time and concentration to change, create, stitch, repair or fix a superior, high quality, complex, typical or even a simple item.
If you are disturbed or distracted you have to take a concentration check equal to the DC or else start over and cast the spell Prestidigitation again.

- Permanent items:
You can create permanent items at the cost of XP. There are three ways but what you make/take out of thin air, it's material worth may not exceed the limit as in above table Influence. It may require an appropriate craft check, at DM discretion.

Out of thin air:
Create complete permanent item(s) out of thin air, cost 1/2 of the item price in XP (rounding up).
Example: You can try to permanently create a heavy mace (price 12 gp) rounded up for 6 XP, DC12 smith craft check.
Create a permanent masterwork item out of thin air, cost 1/10 of the item price in XP.
Example: You can try to permanently create a masterwork heavy mace (price 312 gp)rounded up 32 XP, DC20 smith craft check.

Out of existing material:
Create a permanent changed item, cost 1/10 of the item price in XP (rounding up).
Example: You can try to permanently change something into a heavy mace (price 12 gp)rounded up 2 XP, DC12 smith craft check.
Create a permanent changed masterwork item, cost 1/50 of the item price in XP.
Example: You can try to permanently change something into a masterwork heavy mace (price 312 gp) rounded up 7 XP, DC20 smith craft check.

Partly out of thin air and existing material:
Create a permanent changed item with only half of the necessary material and partial out of thin air, cost 3/10 of the item price in XP (rounding up).
Example: You can try to permanently partial create/change something into a heavy mace (price 12 gp)rounded up 4 XP, DC12 smith craft check.
Create a permanent changed masterwork item with only half of the necessary material and partial out of thin air, cost 3/50 of the item price in XP.
Example: You can try to permanently partial create/change something into a masterwork heavy mace (price 312 gp) rounded up 19 XP, DC20 smith craft check.

Example: The dress of Sen Gardner. Making this dress out of thin air permanent instead of temporary cost her 1/2 of the price in XP, is 240 gp = 120 XP. If she had all the material she need to make this dress then it will cost her 1/10 of the price in gp = 24 XP. If she had only half the material she need than the cost would be 3/10 of the price in gp = 72 XP, (half of 120 plus half of 24 = 72 XP).

If the check fails or you lose you concentration you have wasted your XP.
Minimal cost 1 XP

Versatile Prestidigitation (Supernatural):
You have enough excess magical power to perform minor tasks and chores without needing to worry about draining your reserves of power.
1. You can use the spell Prestidigitation freely as a Swift Action on basic level.
2. Beside fire with “fire-finger” you can also use acid, air(with oxygen), cold, electricity, light, sonic and water
3. You can create glowing balls, any color and brightness not exceeding the table, and put them on any location in your range of the spell, were they will stay for the duration of the spell regardless where you later are.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Presto[edit]

Combat: Presto's do what they think is necessary to obtain their goal and are not are easy distracted from it.

Resources: As they are adept at using their magic for creation, Presto's can literately pull resources out of thin air.

Presto's in the World[edit]

Creation or destruction? must I spell it out for you... than lets talk about it...
—Sorcerers Sublime , Human, Presto Lite, Prestidigitator and Sorcerers

They are not many Presto's and even fewer who knows all the secrets. But you will recognize one if you know were to look for. Maybe one of the Presto will find you first, she or he will tell you if you want to take some time to listen to her about the virtues of creation. The Presto can often be found in city’s of village's were change is coming. For the worse or good the Presto will insist that she will be heard.

NPC Reactions: Most NPC's will react to a Presto as they would to any magic user. The Presto can be troublesome, not to mention bothersome, if she has to urge to tell about creation and act to it. Sometimes the Presto is advising craftsman, about their work, regardless if it is appreciated. But not all Presto's are so, some are more subtle and noticing there agenda takes a high effort of time and skill. They all strive for improvement the method how to obtain this may differ.

Presto Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (arcana) can research Presto's to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (arcana)
DC Result
11 Presto's can come from any arcane spell casting class.
16 Presto's are specialized in the spell Prestidigitation, it's all about creation.
21 Presto's can create and change more items with the spell Prestidigitation than any other class.
26 Presto's have no(not yet at least) a official guide but there is one who invented this and is teaching those who she find worthy of it.
31 Sen (Gardner) Sorcerers Sublime, has invented this class, to find her is tricky, but she is still busy with the spell Prestidigitation and searching all information she can to improve it even further.

Presto's in the Game[edit]

Presto's slip handily into the spell caster slot of any adventuring party. Her ability to create items out of thin air will come in handy.
Adaptation: Presto's need no real adaptation to fit into a campaign world.

Sample Encounter: A visit to a town meeting especially if the subject is about building or creating, search for the one advocate strongly in favor, he or she could be a Presto. But you can also find them as artist's telling stories with a entrain morale in it.

EL 9: In any city were they have a great knowledge about spells, specially about Prestidigitation or other creation spells there is a change you meet a red haired woman with sparkling green eyes who talks much about her study. She wears preferable tight soft red leather clothing and has a very distinguished golden ring with red colors, on in are SSS, these are her initials. If you are from a arcana spell casting class and for some reason she notices you. She shall ask you about your motivation and you opinion what a spell caster should be. She will tell that she has little time to elaborate for she has a great plan for a another city were they are about to do something wonderful and she thinks that her ideas will be "very" useful. She speaks passionate about her “calling” and if your interested, capable and lucky she will tell you about her discovery over the wonders that can be achieved with some inspiration and a lot of guts.

Sen Gardner[edit]

Woman, Human, Sorcerers 3, Prestidigitator 1, Presto lite 5.
Chaotic good, Medium humanoid
Int./senses +6/Listen +6, Spot +2
AC: Touch 12, flat-footed 10, (+2 dec)
hp:(9 HD)
Fort/ref/will 5/5/10
Weakness: Obsessed with creation, if there is something to gain for this purpose she will find it and protect it.
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Base Atk/gr.6

Spells per day (CL14th)
4th (4/day)
3rd (6/day)
2nd (6/day)
1th (6/day)
0 (6/day)

Abilities: Str 11, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 17

SQ: Compress, Metamagic Specialist(PHB2 p61), Magical Performance, Still Prestidigitation, Silent Prestidigitation and Versatile Prestidigitation.

Feats: Eschew Materials, Extend spell, Enlarge spell, Toymaker, Parlour Tricks, Improved Prestidigitation, Improved Eschew Materials and Concentration Spell.

Appraise +8, Bluff +8, Concentration +10, Craft(alchemy) +11,Craft(bookcraft) +11, Craft(cooking) +11, Craft(Herbalist) +11, Craft(Smith craft) +11, Craft(Stonecraft) +11, Craft(Tailor) +11, Craft(Woodcraft) +11, Decipher Script +3, Disguise +5, Diplomacy +12 Gather Information +10, Intimidate +5, Knowledge(arcana) +11, Knowledge(Geography) +4, Knowledge(History) +4, Listen +1, Move Silently +2, Perform(oratory) +10, Search +3, Sense motive +9, Sleight of Hand +9, Spellcraft +13, Spot +1, Use Magic Device +6.


Burning Hands, Comprehend Languages, Darkvision, Detect Disease), Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Thoughts, Lesser Telepathic Bond, Lightning Bolt, Mage Armor, Moment to Think, Party Cracker, Prestidigitation, Protection from Arrows, Protection from Evil, Read Magic, Shackles of Air, Shocking Grasp, Teleport, Lesser, Tongues, Touch of Idiocy, Summon Harem and Truesight

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