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Party Cracker
Conjuration (Creation)
Level: Brd 0, Sor/Wiz 0
Components: S, M
Casting time: 1 action
Range: See text
Effect: A small prize within a wooden tube
Duration: One day

This spell instantly creates a thin tube of wood with a desirable item within. The prize is activated by breaking the tube with a strength check (dc:5).

With the feat Improved Prestidigitation you can make slight alterations and or improvements at DM approval.

Instead by chance you can select one of the prizes, except number 100.
Instead a celestial bat, a celestial dog.
Instead chalks in 20 different colors, all in red.
Instead of a duration of 1 round or minute, 1d4 rounds or minutes.
Instead of duration of one day, the item is permanent.
Or a combination of above...

Material Component: A gold piece.

Random Party Cracker Prizes
D100 Roll What it gives
1-5 1d12x10+5 fake copper pieces
6-10 2d10 fake silver pieces
11-15 3d8 fake, coin-sized candies worth 1sp each
16-20 A puff of powder exploding from the tube that turns everything within range (1d6: 1 white 2 yellow 3 green 4 blue 5 pink 6 red 7 brown 8 black)unless they succeed at a reflex save. This power can be removed by washing with a gallon of water and 1/4 lb. of soap, or by a prestidigitation-clean effect.
21-25 A wave of perfume touches everybody within range. Smell: d12, 1 rotten eggs, 2 garlic, 3 summer breeze, 4 strawberry's, 5 melted chocolate, 6 fresh baked bread, 7 warm cookies, 8 rainy day 9 lavender 10 early misty morning 11 honey and 12 roses. This perfume can be removed by washing with a gallon of water and 1/4 lb. of soap, or by a prestidigitation-clean effect.
26-35 A brightly colored butterfly that flutters about in the surrounding 5 feet for 1d12+2 rounds before flying away
36-40 A illusory celestial bat that vanishes within 1 round.
41-50 A bar of chocolate
51-55 A cloud of bubbles that gives all creatures within 5ft 1/2 concealment for 1 round.
56-60 A flash of light dazzling (-1 on attack rolls) all within 5ft for 1 round unless they make a fortitude save.
61-65 A cloud of confetti that gives all within 5 ft 1/4 concealment for 1 round.
66-70 A burst of light and a light popping noise that deafens those within 5ft for 1 round unless they make a Fortitude save.
71-75 A glowing ball of quasi-corporeal light that illuminates the same area as a candle and can orbit a person like a dull grey Ioun Stone. This light lasts for 1 minute.
76-80 A shimmering 5ft by 5ft rainbow glow appears, lasting for one minute. Those within the area of the glow suffer a -1 penalty to Spot and Search checks, but also have 1/4 concealment.
81-85 A dove appears flutters the opener in a circle for 1 round before flying away and disappearing within 1d8+1 rounds
86-90 Simple but well performed music for the duration of 1 minute. d4: 1 children's music, 2 harmony, 3 religious, 4 Lullaby.
91-95 A simple but sturdy toy appears, worth 1gp, d20: 1 doll princess, 2 doll knight, 3 doll horse, 4 doll castle, 5 doll queen, 6 doll king, 7 doll hound, 8 doll troll, 9 doll farm, 10 doll farmer 11 doll farmer's wife, 12 doll sheep, 13 doll cow, 14 doll chicken, 15 doll citizens man, 16 doll citizens woman, 17 doll boy, 18 doll girl, 19 doll house, 20 doll donkey.
96-99 A usable item appears, d20: 1: bedroll, 2: bell, 3: (winter)blanket 4: 2d4 candles, 5: 20 chalks (different colors), 6: canvas 1m2, 7: 2d4 flasks (empty), 8: ink pen, 9: lamp (common), 10: 1d4 mugs, 11: oil (1d4 pint flask), 12: paper (sheet), 13: pitcher's clay, 14: 2d4 sacks, 15: soap (1 lb), 16: a towel, 17: 2d4 torches, 18: Parchment (sheet), 19: 1d4 wet stones, 20: 1d4 cutlery's.
100 Super Party Cracker you get 1d3 extra prizes, by a 100 you re roll again. You cannot pre-select this price it's only available by luck.

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