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Soulcleaving [Soulcleaving]

Allows the user to soulcleave.
Prerequisite: Acceptance in the Church of Modroben and 4 ranks in Concentration
Benefit: Soulclaine are primarily tasked with soulcleaving, the ability to utter the High Prayer to Modroben, transform their head into a sacred vulture (most commonly) and devour a small piece of the brain of a deceased creature. Soulcleaving has the following effects:
  • The corpse and its spirit are protected from being raised as undead through any means.
  • The deceased and his/her loved ones find their grief, regret and sadness reduced. These negative emotions are channeled to the Soulclaine.
  • Soulclaine have a small chance of gaining some knowledge from the deceased individual, based on their chosen Avatar’s Ability Score.

Cleaving ordinary requires one entire round to pray and concentrate. If targeted at a corpse or stationary undead, there is no need to roll to hit. If targeted at a defensive undead, a normal to hit roll is required. It is an unarmed attack with a magical +1 to hit.

Spells that return a soul to life, rather than undeath, are not affected by cleaving.

Some magical effects Cleave on Kill, which means that they do not have any effect unless it is part of a killing blow. It does not automatically kill zombies or other mindless undead. Those whom it does kill are immediately cleaved with no saving throw, meaning that they can not be resurrected by spells like Animate Dead.

An undead creature who is hit with a Cleave Attack is killed instantly with no saving throw if it is a mindless undead, such as a zombie. Mindful creatures receive a save, functioning exactly like clerical turning.

Some high-level attacks Cleave on Impact, meaning a touch attack is all that’s necessary. Armor bonuses do not apply in these attacks. Mindful creatures still receive a Will save, which is opposed by DC (10+Claine level+Wis. modifier).
Normal: Only Soulclaine can soulcleave.
Special: Is only received as part of the Church of Modroben's training

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Priests first enter the church as Soulclaine for at least three levels. Aside from the ability to soulcleave, beginning Soulclaine do not receive any special abilities, skills or spells.
At 4th level, qualified Soulclaine may join one of the Claine Basic Classes, each of which is identical to a basic class except for a few extra bonus powers against undead.
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