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Church of Modroben Prestige Classes[edit]

  • Autumneves are battle-sorcerers whose speciality in invocation allows them to blast undead hordes in great numbers.
  • Blackshirts are ebony-clad wizards, specializing in arcane enchantment magic, especially in the creation of magical potions and objects to assist people in defense against the undead.
  • Bonetamers are good necromancers who can take control of undead away from their nefarious counterparts and use their spells to protect the natural flow of life and death.
  • Candlelords are studious and hermetic wizards whose powers focus on defending time from those who would undermine it and threaten reality itself.
  • The Cathardigan are an order of gnomish paladins who seek out vile necromancers to slay them and their hordes, riding into combat on the backs of giant condors.
  • Chrysanthemasters are elite elven nobles with enough grace and class to be royal cleavers, assigned to powerful households throughout the world.
  • Combustioneers are clerical priests of Modroben, god of death, who serve him as masters of cremation and fire elementrics.
  • Corpselights are shamanic druids who worship the spirits of all the scavenger species that are holy to Modroben, gaining their unique powers, attacks and abilities in the fight against undeath.
  • Darkfeathers are archers with the eyes of their shared animal spirit, the buzzard, giving them incredible accuracy and precision.
  • Deathwrights are the most common, well-known and highly-visible paladin orders of the Church of Modroben, and journey throughout righting the wrongs laid out by necromancers and other perverters of death.
  • Drumblacks are powerful bards who specialize in percussion instruments whose tone can destroy the undead across miles.
  • Edgerippers are sorcerers with a focus on spells of transmutation and metamorphosis, and are able spies, sneaking into undead encampments in disguise.
  • Fangbringers are barbarians who fly into blind rages at the sight of undead, slaying them by the score with the strength of the patron spirit, the sacred hyena.
  • The Fatemark are sages and scholars, wizards specializing in divination and the protection of the passage of fate.
  • Foolsmen/Foolswomen are chaotic and unstable sorcerers who focus on developing skills in illusions and phantasms, especially in the distraction of large numbers of undead so they can be destroyed easily.
  • The Ghostwyld are a mysterious and reclusive order of shamans who communicate with the spirits of the dead and protect them from those who would exploit their power.
  • The Gravewire are stoic, isolated rangers who defend large cemeteries and tombs from anyone who would defile them or prey on the souls buried there.
  • The Graylimm are dark-robed druids who utilize powerful mushroom spores, which they breed and grow, to attack their foes.
  • Grinreapers are strong and dark rangers who use their sickles and black robes to teleport to disasters moments before they strike, especially undead attacks.
  • The Hightombed are scholarly priests who serve Modroben as masters of mummification and the elementrics of air.
  • Lightkeepers are defenders against spirits and demons, wizards who specialize in the art of abjuration and are known for protecting whole villages and tribes from onslaughts of the dead.
  • Loregrimmers are the highest-ranking functionaries in the Church of Modroben, and are powerful clerics and healers with advanced spellcasting and cleaving abilities.
  • Mireblacks are healing-focused, druid-like priests of Modroben with an affinity for leechmastery and a psionic bent.
  • Nightsummoners are wizards who can summon a legion of allies when they find an undead horde, specializing in the art of conjuration.
  • Orespringers are dwarven Claine who specialize in rescuing the souls of miners and others trapped in cave collapses underground.
  • The Penumbraul are ascetic monks with the ability to sneak past undead and manipulate shadow to their advantage.
  • Shadowgrippers are psychoportive psionicists who can teleport through shadows, giving them powerful abilities to strike at the heart of undead hordes.
  • Shapeflayers are powerful elementricians, who use martial arts and dance to manipulate the flow of their chosen element, allowing them to affect undead in droves from afar.
  • Silverslicers are stealthy assassins who specialize in finding elite undead liches and vampires, and the necromancers who create them, and killing them quietly.
  • The Silentgreen are entirely mute druids with a specialty in attacking undead animals and plants in order to protect nature.
  • Truthringers are psionic telepaths whose focus is on investigating crimes, especially necromantic acts, and punishing those responsible.
  • Whipblacks are fighters with finely-honed warrior skills, specializing in an advanced type of whip.
  • Winterskins are rainids, who fly, row or swim between ships and ports, specializing in protecting sailors and captains from necromancers, ghost ships and other sea-borne terrors.

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Priests first enter the church as Soulclaine for at least three levels. Aside from the ability to soulcleave, beginning Soulclaine do not receive any special abilities, skills or spells.
At 4th level, qualified Soulclaine may join one of the Claine Basic Classes, each of which is identical to a basic class except for a few extra bonus powers against undead.
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At 7th level, qualified Claine may join one of the Claine Prestige Classes
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