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That's me!

Just wrote this so it won't be red.

About time I made some more detail: I'm both a DM and a Player, the only system I know the mechanics of is 5e haven't really known it for a long time. 2 years at most, I play and DM basic D&D a bit but not as much as campaigns themed as animes, which are mostly if not all Naruto and Dragon ball.

Settings I worked or am working on so far:

Shinobi World (5e Campaign Setting) (Minor contributions. didn't really do anything on the setting itself. All I did involved the class)

Dragon Ball (5e Campaign Setting) (Major contributions. Currently still working on the setting, I mostly work on the martial artist class there and the magic items, and a little bit of everything else I find that might need editing or making. Started becoming more active with the bestiary.)

Classes I worked or am working on so far:

Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) (Minor contributions. I was really all over the place with this one. Not doing anything major just fixing or pointing out any small issues and I asked questions more than answering them)

Martial Artist (Dragon Ball Supplement) (Frequent contributions. I wouldn't call my contributions major, but I do contribute frequently.)

Hissatsu Soccer Player (5e Class) (The only and first class I made myself, and still a work in progress.)

Tools I made: Soccer Ball (5e Equipment) (Made at around the same time as Hissatsu Soccer Player (5e Class) and still working on it.)

Magic items I worked or am working on so far:

Senzu Bean (5e Equipment) (Created. Major Credits to User:Ref3rence and User:SwankyPants)

Dragon Balls (5e Equipment) (Created. Major Credits to User:Ref3rence and User:SwankyPants)

Power Pole (5e Equipment) (Created. Major Credits to User:Ref3rence)

Dragon Radar (5e Equipment) (Major contributions. It was only partially created by me, the credits go to User:Ref3rence and User:SwankyPants)

Potara Earrings (5e Equipment) (Minor contributions. Just suggested a minor change, was told what to do, and added that in. Credits go to User:Ref3rence)

Weighted Clothing (5e Equipment) (Major contributions. The page was made by me, but the item itself was Weights of Guts (5e Equipment) I carried over and added tiers to, so the real credits go to User:Ref3rence for making that.)

Monsters/NPCs I worked on: (All the below are created by me with credits to User:Ref3rence for making the descriptions)

Farmer with Shotgun (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Nappa (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Videl (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, Saiyan Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, Namek Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, Android Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, Cell Games (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, Buu Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, GT (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, God (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Vegeta, Blue Evolved (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Raditz Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Saiyan Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Namek Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Android Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Cell Games (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Buu Saga (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, GT (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Super (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Gohan, Tournament of Power (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Supplement)

Z Gogeta (Dragon Ball Supplement)

I'll make this page more organized soon...

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